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荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第1张图片

Architects: Aedas
Location: London, UK
Client: The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Area: 20,000 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Aedas

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第2张图片

结构工程师:Buro Happold
机电顾问:: Buro Happold
工料测量师:Gardiner 和 Theobald
景观: The Landscape Partnership
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
M&E Consultant: Buro Happold
Quantity Surveyor: Gardiner And Theobald
Landscape: The Landscape Partnership

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第3张图片

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第4张图片

When it opened in 1958, Holland Park became the country’s first comprehensive and was lauded for ushering in a new era of education but in the decades that followed the school became the byword for all the ills of the education system. In the last decade however, thanks to the leadership and commitment of the staff and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, there has been a remarkable transformation in the education standards and the grades obtained, to the extent that the school is now regarded as one of the best state schools in London.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第5张图片

One of the biggest threats to maintaining these high standards was posed by the old school buildings. The existing buildings, spread over a large area by central London standards, were separated by a public walkway and joined by a footbridge. This not only meant that valuable teaching time was lost every time there was a class changeover, but the spaces themselves had become unfit for purpose characterized by narrow corridors, insufficient and cramped classrooms, and a layout that was unsuited to the needs of modern ICT learning. Add into the mix the fact that the 1950’s design took little account of the needs of the disabled, plus the creaking plant, heating and ventilation systems that were in desperate need of replacement, and hard decisions had to be faced.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第6张图片

Repair and refurbishment were considered but the cost involved, the disruption to the school and the fact that both options would still not solve the fundamental space and layout issues, ruled them out. With a new build on the cards, it made sense to consolidate all the facilities within a more compact footprint within one single building, freeing up land to the south that could be sold. Importantly, with the high land values in the area, the subsequent sale paid for the cost of the new school without drawing on any taxpayer involvement.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第7张图片

With the brief to create a building that ‘neither looks nor feels like a school’ Aedas’s design sought to maintain the equivalent amount of external play space while consolidating the internal space and providing a modern flexible teaching environment. The design comprises a large single structure arranged over six levels, oriented north-south and incorporating a full-length central atrium which provides the social hub with teaching wings on either side, as well as enabling natural light to stream deep into the interior. The general classrooms are located on the quieter east side of the building while the larger specialist classrooms and noisier sports facilities are located on the west side of the building facing the neighbouring park.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第8张图片

Shepherd Construction建筑公司于2010年2月开始施工建造这座17,000平方米的学校。面临的主要挑战之一是尽量少地破坏学校环境。这就需要对于学校拆除采取四个施工阶段,包括拆除旧教学楼、主建筑,在造景和建造操场与地下停车场前拆除剩余建筑。1500名学生和100名工作人员搬迁到四层楼高的高标准临时安置地,提供156个单位的教室和两层楼14个单位的接收地。这可以保证在早期拆除一些教学区。此外,紧张的后勤,特别是到西侧面的限制和住宅楼与该地的距离之近都为该项目团队带来了挑战。
Shepherd Construction began work on the17,000 m2 school in February 2010. One of the main challenges was the need to minimise disruption to the school environment necessitating a four-phase construction programme comprising demolition of the old teaching block, main build, demolition of the remaining buildings before landscaping and creating the playing fields and basement car park. The 1,500 pupils and 100 staff were relocated into high standard temporary accommodation comprising a four-storey fully fitted out 156-module classroom block and two-storey 14-module reception unit. This enabled early demolition of some of the teaching areas. Tight logistics, particularly with restricted access to the western elevation, and the proximity of residential housing close to the site also presented challenges to the site team.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第9张图片

第一阶段拆迁完成后,打桩阶段开始。绕场一周打咬合桩,适当安置承载桩,然后打地锚以支撑25×10米的游泳池。场地定位和存储在这一阶段至关重要,需要分包商Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering与后续经销商之间的密切沟通,以确保信息的准确传递。大约有4000吨从拆迁阶段拆除的砖头和混凝土被重新利用,为打桩提供了瓦砾磨砂消光。如果这些材料要转移出现场将多用400车次的货车运送。
After completing the first demolition phase, the piling programme commenced with secant piles around the perimeter of the site and strategically-placed load bearing piles being put in place before ground anchors were installed to support the 25 x 10-metre swimming pool. Plant positioning and storage were critical at this stage and required close communication between the subcontractor Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering and the follow-on trades to ensure accurate information was relayed. Around 4,000 tonnes of bricks and concrete from the demolition phase were re-used to form a rubble matting for the piling rigs, which saved 400 lorry movements having to be made if the material had been transported off-site.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第10张图片

为了保证居民密切了解施工方案的下一个步骤,建筑团队多次组织会议、下发业务通讯。这在大块挖掘地下室时特别重要,这一阶段移除了2000多车的淤泥以建造游泳池、体育馆和用餐区。施工单位还采用了严格的交通管理系统以保持道路清洁,此外还应用了一个车轮清洗设施和道路清扫车。为了为该项目增加优势,机电专家SES在该项目中充分利用了公司的预制设施,SES PRISM。预制模块25000多米的服务范围内和完全模块化的机房,垫木和立管SES能显着地减少施工时间,并提高施工确定性。
To keep the residents closely informed about the next steps in the construction programme the team organised frequent newsletter drops and meetings. This was particularly important during the bulk excavation of the basement to create the swimming pool, sports hall and dining area, when more than 2000 loads of muck were removed. A rigid traffic management system was devised and to keep the roads clean a wheel wash facility and the services of a road sweeper were employed. To provide additional benefits to the programme, M&E specialist SES used the company’s prefabrication facility, SES PRISM to full effect on the project. With more than 25,000m of services within the prefabricated modules, and completely modularised plant rooms, skids and risers SES was able to significantly reduce the number of hours spent on-site as well as enhance commissioning certainty.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第11张图片

The design of the building incorporates a steel frame on the west elevation to facilitate the long column-free spans for the sports hall, and a concrete frame on the east side. Given the school’s location within a conservation area and adjacent to the borough’s largest park, Aedas’s design focussed on creating a sympathetic relationship with local residential buildings and accentuating the connections with the park. This was achieved, in part, through the addition of a striking façade made up of copper, brass and bronze which adds character to the building and integrates with the heavily wooded nature of the site. A curved brise soleil softens the impact of the large building and also fulfils its primary function of substantially reducing solar gain and glare.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第12张图片

The environmental performance of the building was a major consideration and resulted in the installation of low carbon technologies such as a ground source heating exchange system, CHP boiler and rainwater harvesting tank. The building’s orientation, massing and iconic louvres prevent excessive heat gain into the classrooms and atrium, while a high thermal mass and BMS controlled night purge ventilation reduces the need for cooling. Construction of the new facilities completed in September 2012 and despite standing on a smaller site the new school is larger than its predecessor as a result of a more efficient design and innovative use of space. Together with the atrium, the glazed interior walls and open spaces have created the transparency that the school was looking for, and sufficient informal areas for social interaction.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第13张图片

The basement houses the four-court sports hall, swimming pool, fitness suite, dance studios, food technology workshop, dining area and changing facilities. The ground floor layout includes the main entrance, administrative and meeting rooms and assembly hall while the first floor houses the learning and resource centre with ICT facilities, flexible classrooms with dedicated storage, science laboratories and sixth form area. The remainder of the 36 classrooms are housed on levels two to four together with specialist teaching areas for science, art, drama, design and technology, ICT and music, and social areas.  The staff room and outdoor terrace are located on the fifth floor. To match the needs of modern tech-savvy students, IT connectivity has also been built into the fabric of the building enabling meeting points and quiet study areas to be located throughout the school.

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第14张图片

施工现已到剩余建筑物的拆迁和室外空间的建造阶段。通过高效的布局,室外空间将于2013年完工时有所增加。没有采用柏油碎石室外球场,而是建造了四个网球场大小的多功能运动场加上人造草皮全天候运动场和非正式覆盖娱乐和教学区。开学以来,新学校深受工作人员和学生的一致好评。荷兰公园的负责人,Colin Hall说:“我们认为我们的新建筑是‘标志性’的、富有活力的、原创的、施工精细的建筑。这将成为伦敦的新地标,为类似的公共建筑设定新的标准。我们有信心,我们的学生将吸取学校的辉煌,并以持续的成功回报学校的这份投资。这是一个开启荷兰公园学校崭新的历史篇章的辉煌时刻。”
Construction has now turned to the demolition of the remaining buildings and the creation of the external spaces, which will actually increase when work completes in 2013, again through a more efficient layout. Instead of the areas of tarmac that used to form the outdoor pitches, a multi-use games area the size of four tennis courts will be created together with a synthetic turf all-weather sports pitch and informal covered play and teaching areas. Since opening the new school has been well received by staff and students alike. Colin Hall, Head of Holland Park, said: “We think our new building is ‘iconic’, dynamic, original and wonderfully constructed. It is a new London landmark, setting a new standard for such public buildings. “We have every confidence that our students will imbibe its splendour and repay the investment by continuing to succeed so spectacularly. It is a splendid moment in time to begin a new chapter of history in the new Holland Park School.”

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第15张图片

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第16张图片

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第17张图片

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第18张图片

荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第19张图片

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荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第21张图片

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First Floor Plan 一楼平面图
荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第26张图片

Ground Floor Plan 底层平面图
荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第27张图片

Plan 平面图
荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第28张图片

Second Floor Plan 二楼平面图
荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第29张图片

Thirth Floor Plan 三楼平面图
荷兰公园学校Aedas/Holland Park School / Aedas第30张图片

Fourth Floor Plan 四楼平面图

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