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Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第1张图片

Vietnamese Đạo Mẫu Museum  


Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第2张图片

Xuân Hinh是一名越南民间艺术家,希望通过这个项目来保持Đạo Mẫu的持久价值,这是越南人民代代相传的固有信仰。

Through this project, artist Xuân Hinh as a Vietnamese folk artist wishes to preserve the enduring values of Đạo Mẫu, which is an inherent belief of the Vietnamese people throughout generations and has remained resilient to this day.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第3张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第4张图片


The project is nestled within the enchanting embrace of a quaint village near the capital city of Hanoi. Spanning across an expansive area of approximately 5,000 square metres, the site is filled with a 50-year-old orchard including various fruit trees, pine trees, and bonsai trees. Currently, there is a humble house on the site where the owner used to seek solace for weekends getaway.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第5张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第6张图片

建筑师团队和业主一致同意保留目前场地上的一切,包括花园中的所有树木、老房子、栅栏和门柱。而那些不接触地面的元素,如大门双翼得以替换,种植在盆栽中的盆景树卖给了盆景爱好者。此外,旧房子拆除了中间层,将空间改造成更大的区域用来专门展出描绘Đạo Mẫu的油画。

Both, the team of architects and the homeowner, unanimously agreed to preserve everything that is currently “presence on the ground”, including all the trees rooted in the garden, the old house, the fence, and the gate pillars. However, elements that are “not touching the ground”, such as the gate wings, were replaced, and the bonsai trees planted in pots were sold to bonsai enthusiasts. Additionally, the mezzanine of the old house was dismantled to transform the space into a larger area dedicated to exhibiting paintings depicting Đạo Mẫu.
Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第7张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第8张图片

新增的住宿、画廊和厨房等功能区被改造成展示区域,展出与Đạo Mẫu相关的艺术品,这些功能区都精心布置在老房子周围,目的是尽量减少对现有树木的重新安置。从邻近的街道看古老的果园区域似乎得以限定,小心地隐藏在大门后面,创造出既独立又与周围环境和谐的建筑。

New functional blocks, comprising accommodation areas, gallery and kitchen, are thoughtfully arranged around the old house, which has been transformed into a display area for artefacts related to Đạo Mẫu. The aim is to minimise the need to relocate the existing trees. From the neighbouring street, the ancient orchard seems to be framed and carefully concealed behind the gate, creating an architecture that is both separate and harmonious with the local surroundings.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第9张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第10张图片


The dominant material used in this project is traditional clay tiles, which the homeowner had collected from hundreds of old and historic houses in the nearby areas. The ongoing urbanisation has significantly impacted the rural villages, resulting in a new appearance of village architecture. Many families no longer wish to maintain the traditional tiled roof structures of the past. Instead, they opt for more modern and durable constructions. This very phenomenon has influenced the desire to preserve the old form through contemporary architecture by the design team and project investor.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第11张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第12张图片

ARB建筑事务所建筑师Nguyen Ha说:“使用旧瓦片的想法来自于每次观看祈愿舞蹈仪式的记忆。记得那神圣的感觉,目光透过熏香的烟雾和午后的光线看到寺庙瓦片屋顶的内部。远远地站着可以欣赏由低矮屋顶形成的建筑线条,像一个优雅的悬挂景框,乐器声音、舞蹈动作、服装手势和谐地融合在框架内。”

"The idea of using old tiles comes from my memories every time I watch a votive dance ceremony. I remember the sacred feeling through the smoke of incense, through the afternoon light that penetrates deeply into the interiors of the tiled roofs of the temples. Standing from a distance, I can fully admire the architectural lines formed by the low-pitched roofs, resembling a gracefully hanging curtain where the sounds of musical instruments, dance movements, the garments of mediums, and the gestures of offering converge harmoniously within a frame." - Nguyễn Hà / ARB Architects.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第13张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第14张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆保存了来自数百座老房子的泥瓦片,这些瓦片没有被丢弃而是改造融入进了新的生活。这些材料踏上新的旅程,并拥有凝聚着民族固有信仰的使命。

Through the Đạo Mẫu museum, the clay tiles from hundreds of old houses are preserved and transformed in a new life instead of being discarded. The material continues to embark on a new journey, a journey that cohesively preserves the inherent beliefs of the nation.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第15张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第16张图片

关于Đạo Mẫu


About Đạo Mẫu
The worship of mother goddesses is purely a Vietnamese belief system, venerating female deities, honouring Mother Nature, and culminating in the mystical art of serving the reflections. It encompasses profound faith and the intense longing for life within the Vietnamese people. Beyond the personal devotion expressed through individual beliefs, the lên đồng ritual serves as a means for each medium (shaman) to transcend the boundaries of the physical world and immerse themselves in that wondrous realm of faith.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第17张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第18张图片


These sacred ceremonies often take place in shrines and ancestral halls. From an artistic perspective, “hầu đồng” is a form of performance art deeply intertwined with everyday life. While many traditional art forms are gradually fading away, “hầu đồng” maintains its own vibrant existence. It is a performing art that lacks a backstage, without intermissions. The subsequent scenes seamlessly flow from one gia hầu (medium) to another, resembling distinct chapters in a unique performance art. This is in contrast to other performance genres where the backstage area is typically utilised for scene transitions.

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第19张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第20张图片

Đạo Mẫu博物馆是用旧的泥瓦片搭建的,而这些泥瓦片是从数百座...第21张图片


Architect: ARB Architects
Location: Soc sdn, Hanoi,Vietnam
Project year: 2023
Category: Museuns




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