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镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第1张图片

Central China Movie Town Exhibition Area


The year 1895 at the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, the city of lights, marks a particular milestone in time and space: the historic start of cinema. Time is like a dynamic long shot, projecting a narrative line between past, present and future. Classic movies keep viewers immersed in a carefully choreographed atmosphere, waiting for the answer to be revealed right at the end of the line. It can be said then that cinema and time share something in common, there’s something magical about them.

▽ 总体平面布局/Overall Layout
镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第2张图片


With a total area of more than 330 acres, the project is located in the city of Zhengzhou, Zhongmu County, Henan Province. The area presents unparalleled geographical advantages, and has been chosen by the real estate giant Central China Real Estate, and the cinema and television international heavyweight Huayi Brothers, to portray the characteristics of a unique artistic project, promote regional development and cultural construction.

▽ 概念过程图/Pictures of the conceptual process
镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第3张图片



Design Concept:
The designer features “cinematic” elements as the main theme on public spaces of the exhibition area. The entire zone is connected through the continuous use of a symbolic language that represents time, allowing the visitor to experience story-like scenes of profound humanistic significance in international production scenarios. Analyzing the theory of the evolution of cinema from a macro perspective, we observe three major developments that form a harmonic resonance between people and space: classics from the past, modern trend, and vision of the future. Furthermore, these developments explore from a micro perspective the spiritual connection between people and cinema.

▽ 实景图/On-site pictures
镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第4张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第5张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第6张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第7张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第8张图片

默剧大师卓别林说过:“ 时间是伟大的作者,她能写出未来的结局”。只有时间,才能证明经典。


Charles Chaplin, the master of pantomime, once said: “Time is a great author, it can write the outcome of the future.” And indeed, only time can define a classic.
From the first artwork within sight “Silent Applause”, to the “Projector” of the Golden Age, film elements are portrayed in an abstract form throughout the project. With a click sound, the spotlights of an old-fashioned movie projector are turned on. Then, a yellow glow is reflected on the façade of the building. Such a scene feels far away in the distance, yet remains so close at hand. Classic symbols are further used to interpret the essence of film, fitting into the atmosphere of the space, and creating a refined and elegant language. At night, the LED lights on the sides of the artwork are lit to create a flowing scene, bringing to mind beautiful dreams from the past.

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第9张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第10张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第11张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第12张图片


Time flows in reverse, sound becomes matter… these feelings are conveyed as if the beautiful music of a gramophone was playing around us. “The Gramophone of Youth” consists of two art installations that bring to mind the multiple changes in people through an effect of visual interlacing. The gramophone gently plays, and a halo of light glows up and down, flowing with the rhythm of time. The classic repertoire of Audrey Hepburn can almost be heard, as classic movies come to mind: “Roman Holiday”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” …

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第13张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第14张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第15张图片

镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第16张图片


The design of “Eternal Time” is based on the concept of eternity from the movie “Titanic.” The loop of the Mobius Strip extends, flows and blends in a never-ending three-dimensional space, to portray the infinite reach of perpetuity. Normally water is a simple element, yet in this case, through the use of modern technology, it is transformed into a curtain coming out from the sculpture. Digital texts constantly flash and swirl in “time”, making of this brilliant moment a pleasant memory to be cherished.

▽ 匠心独运/Unique Craftsmanship
镜头下的空间导演——时光凝固 时间不止第17张图片



The designers carefully plan every aspect of the project, while the sculptors work thoroughly on every detail of the artworks, adhering to a spirit of excellence, in search for artistic perfection and uniqueness. Each line of design is creative, every sculptural model is a technological breakthrough. All of this is achieved through a combination of hard work and tempered human emotion that produces an artistic charm out of this world.
Today, after more than one hundred and twenty years of cinema history, the spatial and temporal montage at Central China Movie Town blends the classic with the contemporary to produce new ideas and thoughts. Visual and auditory interactions allow visitors to experience scenes from the placid times of the golden age to the trendy mood of contemporary cinema, and projects them into the future, conveying their own aesthetics and emotions.



A Word From the Designer
Modern art appreciation involves more than just visual perception. True appreciation demands emotional resonance with an audience, allowing people to experience and interact with works of art, feeding their imagination to further explore the alluring qualities of creativity. Thus, artworks are placed as carriers of creativity, to assist functionality, and make spaces less reserved and quiet. The area of the project has been divided with careful consideration to maintain the relationship of the architectural landscape. The artistic forms of both closed and open spaces match the environment, a feature not easily achieved in design. A macro analysis of the logical story of the space highlights key points and minimizes small spaces (depending on how much people take part in the action line). The theme of the story is a spiritual international production and the artworks that match such concept. Regarding aesthetics, I believe they are extremely valuable, as they improve people and society and encourage us to cherish life. Aesthetics are more than just theories about appreciation, but the integration of the individual into a larger community. Indeed, contemporary aesthetics go beyond the simple study of artistic media, to become a whole philosophical culture.


Location: Zhengzhou, Henan province
Function: Sales Hall
Design Firm: Chongqing Basic Element Architecture
Design Director: Yanjun Chen
Designer: Wei Zhong
Design Manager: Zhichao Deng
Project Manager: Kexin Chen
Photography: Xin Na
Year of Design: 2018





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