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Résidence Roy-LawrenceSutton, Quebec, CanadaChevalier Morales ArchitectesResidential ArchitectureMountain side single family residenceMontreal, Canada, 2014-08-12 -


Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, the Roy-Lawrence Residence is set in a vast estate very much impregnated withthe legacy of a Swiss immigrant family that came to Canada in the 1930’s. To this date, the surroundings of the residence are still defined by bucolic landscapes, iconic Swiss chalets and other buildings of similar nature that were erected along the years, always with a consistent touch of nostalgia.


Naturally, the icon of the Swiss chalet, - somehow representing a lost ideal of country living - became the starting point for the conceptualdevelopment of the residence. Its traditional tripartite composition consisting of a robust stone base, a solid-wood frame and of a strongprotective roof was studied and analyzed in details. Aiming to reinterpret in a contemporary manner these traditional elements, the final version of residence could be read as a composition of three distinct formal elements stacked on top of each other: a solid concrete base anchored to the rocky ground, a post and beam frame allowing total fenestration on the panorama, and a large protective roof which projectsitself into an important cantilever over the garage entrance.



The layout of the interiors were conceived following very simple geographical orientation principles and relied mainly on natural lighting control, dominant wind management and on panoramic views of the scenery on the south west side. On the north east side, a long wooden wall follows thepath leading the visitor to the main entrance which has been recessed towards the middle of the residence, thus creating a compression effect at theentry point. This longitudinal access participates to the discovery and entry processes, orchestrated with the intent of slowly revealing the exceptional qualities of the site. Like a bite taken in the layout, the totally glazed interior courtyard allows transversal transparency and is giving to the ownersthe opportunity to fully experience a privileged contact with the mountain. This connection between built space and exterior space contributes to enhance the spatial quality of the main living area by integrating within the house a fragment of the mountain.

该设计的目标是在住宅中融入东部城镇的自然风景和建筑景观 ,以合适的方式及负责任的态度将住宅嵌入乡村文脉中。该住宅的高度很低,四周向外延展,其外形、颜色和用材的灵感直接取自本土元素。设计的初衷就是利用当地材料创造一个看起来从地面升起的建筑体。住宅三大结构的组合和材料的运用在视觉上形成了连贯性,同时很好地保护了周围风景。

The design aimed to bring the qualities of the eastern township’s natural and built landscape into the architecture of the house in order to create an appropriate and responsible insertion of the project in its actual context. The residence is low and outspread, its shapes, colors and its materiality are directly inspired by the site. From the beginning, the objectives were to create a residence that seems to emerge from the ground and that wasbuilt with materials found on site. Ultimately, the volumetric and material integration of the residence relies on visual integration and trying topreserve the quality of the surrounding landscapes.  

Official project name: Résidence Roy-LawrenceLocalisation: Sutton, QuébecClient's name: Jean Roy / Marthe LawrenceArchitect: Chevalier Morales Architecteswww.chevaliermorales.comProject leaders: S. Chevalier / S. MoralesDesign team: S Chevalier / S. Morales / J. Rondeau / P. LittéeEngineer: Structure Pierre GosselinLandscape architect: ClientContractor: Self-Construction / ClientPhotography: Chevalier Morales ArchitectesArea: 276 m2Budget: N/DCompletion date: Winter 2014




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