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Six English hotels with striking interiors



A wave of hotels have opened, or been recently revamped across England. From an upscale roadside diner in Oxfordshire, to a listed Georgian manor in Hampshire, here are six of the best.


Photo courtesy of Heckfield Place

汉普郡/Heckfield Place酒店/Spratley & Partners

Heckfield Place酒店位于汉普郡(Hampshire)郊外,是一栋属于二级保护建筑的格鲁吉亚豪宅,旨在为客人带来“绝对自然”的体验。


Heckfield Place, Hampshire, by Spratley & Partners
Occupying a Grade II-listed Georgian mansion in rural Hampshire, Heckfield Place has been designed to offer a "resolutely natural" experience to its guests.
The hotel's 400-acre grounds are dotted with lakes, walled gardens, and even a farm that supplies fresh fruit, vegetables, and honey to the two restaurants on site. Wildflowers and straw bags serve as decor in the earth-toned bedroom suites.


剑桥/University Arms酒店/John Simpson and Martin Brudnizki

位于剑桥的University Arms酒店最初建于1834年,但最近经由建筑师John Simpson和室内设计师Martin Brudnizki进行了改造,花销约8000万英镑。


University Arms, Cambridge, by John Simpson and Martin Brudnizki
The University Arms hotel in Cambridge was originally constructed back in 1834, but has recently reopened its doors following an £80 million revamp by architect John Simpson and interior designer Martin Brudnizki.
Drawing on the city's academic history, Brudnizki has created "quintessentially English" rooms with literary details – guest suites are named after famous authors, while the bar features patterned wallpaper that recalls antique book covers. There's also a library with leather armchairs and a wood-burning fireplace.


Photo by Taran Wilkhu

Mollie's Motel and Diner酒店/牛津郡/Soho House

酒店拥有冷色调客房,其中配有豪华特大床,项目由Soho House团队设计,旨在推翻路边汽车旅馆的传统概念。


Mollie's Motel and Diner, Oxfordshire, by Soho House
Host to a series of cool-tone guest rooms complete with luxurious king-size beds, Mollie's has been designed by the Soho House team to overturn typical notions of the roadside motel.
It's located just off a motorway in Oxfordshire and includes a general store, workspace, and drive-thru American diner serving classics like burgers, milkshakes and nachos.


Photo by Rich Stapleton

The Stratford酒店/伦敦/Space Copenhagen

丹麦设计工作室Space Copenhagen将酒店的内部装潢赋予简约的斯坎地美学。这家新酒店共7层,位于伦敦东部奥林匹克公园的塔楼之中,这座塔楼由SOM建筑事务所设计。


The Stratford, London, by Space Copenhagen
Danish design studio Space Copenhagen has lent its pared-back Scandi aesthetic to the interiors of The Stratford, a new hotel that occupies seven floors of a SOM-designed tower in east London's Olympic Park.
In the light-filled guest suites, sand-coloured walls are complemented by warm copper light fixtures and natural wood furnishings. Similar tones appear in the dramatic triple-height entrance lobby and ground level brasserie.


Photo by Jack Hobhouse

My Chelsea酒店/伦敦/DH Liberty

最近DH Liberty改造了My Chelsea酒店,设计了一些蜂蜜金色的装置,意喻屋顶上的蜂箱,卧室里的植物印花也反映了酒店老板对园艺的喜爱。


My Chelsea, London, by DH Liberty
DH Liberty recently revamped My Chelsea to feature a handful of honey-gold fixtures, hinting at the beehive kept on the roof – botanical prints in the bedrooms also reflect the hotel owner's penchant for gardening.
The focal point of the building is its conservatory-style drinks bar, which is dressed with plush green velvet seats and huge Birds of Paradise plants intended to create "coves of intimacy" amongst guests.


Photo by Nicholas Worley

Whitworth Locke酒店/曼彻斯特/Grzywinski + Pons

Whitworth Locke酒店具有温暖色调的套房,其设计灵感来自于宣传热带国家贸易的复古海报,该酒店的前身是19世纪的棉纺厂。


Whitworth Locke, Manchester, by Grzywinski + Pons
Vintage posters that advertised trade with tropical countries inspired the warm-hued guest suites of the Whitworth Locke, which takes over a trio of 19th-century cotton mills.
Colours take a moodier turn in the hotel's ground floor, where surfaces have been painted various shades of grey to reflect Manchester's typically overcast skies. This level also plays host to a cafe, co-working space, and greenery-lined cocktail bar.




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