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总部设在纽约市的Grzywinski + Pons事务所将英国曼彻斯特一座19世纪历史建筑Whitworth Locke改造为酒店。

New York City-based practice Grzywinski+Pons awakens an historic, 19th-century structure in Manchester, England, with Whitworth Locke – an adaptive reuse hotel project.


Grzywinski + Pons事务所的建筑师们经过深思熟虑,对这座拥有160个房间的建筑进行了改造。设计方案保留原始结构和维多利亚时代的元素,同时创造了一种全新、温暖明亮的视觉语言。酒店还设有酒吧、咖啡厅、休息室和公用办公区,把老客户、新客户、当地人和游客用多种方式汇聚到一起。

Architonic的记者有幸与项目负责人Matthew Grzywinski讨论了该项目。

The 160-room Whitworth Locke Manchester hotel came into being through Grzywinski+Pons's thoughtful transformation of a group of three interlinked buildings. The design celebrates the original structure, preserving Victorian elements, while creating a new visual language with a warmer and brighter colour palette. Also home to a bar, café, lounge and co-working space, the hotel brings together old and new, locals and visitors, in more ways than one.
Architonic had the opportunity to speak to principal Matthew Grzywinski about the project.



将Whitworth Locke大楼改造成酒店时,您遇到的最大挑战是什么?


What was the biggest challenge you faced when adapting Whitworth Locke into a hotel?
Our gut rehabilitation was an adaptive reuse of a previous adaptive reuse and as we were working around some pretty quirky features and spaces previously suited for purpose, we had to create many different room types. In a project this size in hospitality (or residential or commercial for that matter) as architects we can often create an efficient and uniform plan. In this project of the 160 rooms, there were upwards of 75 unique room typologies so, in many ways, it was exponentially more work than a similarly scoped hotel would otherwise be.





由于这家酒店拥有一系列不同类型的单元,其中许多适合长期住宿,我们真的希望它成为客人的“在家办公点” ,一个可以工作、吃、喝、社交和睡眠的地点。更重要的是,由于我们不希望建筑变成曼彻斯特这座充满活力的城市的一座孤岛,同时还希望工作区能够吸引本地人,可能是在这里工作、或者只是路过的曼彻斯特人,以此来进一步促进酒店融入城市,并且能够让城市体验变成酒店体验的一部分。

What was the rationale for including a co-working space in the project?
As this hotel has a range of unit typologies, many of which are suitable for extended stays, we really hoped it would become a guest's “home base” – a setting from which to work, eat, drink, socialise as well as sleep. Importantly, as we wanted the property not to be an island within the vibrant city that is Manchester, we also wanted the workspace to bring in native Mancunians who might choose to work there (or just hang out) to further the intention of the hotel catalysing the integration of guests into the city and the city into the hotel experience.





In the past couple of years you have completed several hotel projects. Is there a common denominator here with regard to what they attempt to deliver?
This kind of ties in with the rationale for putting co-working into Whitworth Locke. It’s certainly an aspiration of ours to align design, art, and culture with a hotel’s overall ethos. We like to walk the line where it is still an inclusive experience for guests and ideally does something simultaneously for the neighbourhood. I think good hotels do that well – they aren’t just a tap draining the soul out of a place for people to come and consume. In a modest sense, at least they can be places for cultural exchange, a two-way street where the community can benefit from the travellers as well. Sometimes a hotel – like a cultural institution – can be a lightning rod to crystallise the creative output of a place, so that it’s available for visitors to appreciate and, in effect, that process deepens the sense of identity in a place from both perspectives.



我最喜欢的酒店是在于它有着家里所没有的感受,一个既让人兴奋又让人感到舒适的地方, 像一个让你保持警觉的绿洲。我必须承认,我也非常渴望有一个短时间不用自己收拾房间的空挡。

图片版权:Nicholas Worley

What’s your favourite part of a hotel stay?
My favourite part of a hotel stay is to have a new launch pad into an environment that isn’t home. A place that is both exciting and comforting. An oasis that still keeps you on your toes. I must confess I also really like the opportunity to not have to pick up after myself for a short period of time.

© Architonic
Photo credits: Nicholas Worley





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