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城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第1张图片

10 palace in Shenyang city, China
A city within a city  Garden of gardens


A light and transparent white wall separates the city from its neighbors,
The formation of a distinct independent personality of small cities, large buildings.
The new building embraces and respects the old building's past, and awakens his life through the contrast of color and texture and the weight of space.
Ambiguous and fuzzy boundaries generate outgoing tension from the highly complex and tense internal functions, and generate a new dialogue with cities outside the region through the open space.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第2张图片

位于沈阳市沈河区青年大街215号 河畔花园的10 palace是以潮牌服饰、咖啡简餐、展馆、会议等多功能复合空间。河畔花园处于沈阳市钻石地段,美丽的沈阳母亲河环绕,是沈阳当时公认的第一富人区。花园建于上世纪90年代,园内有57栋别墅,苍老高大的几棵老树见证了花园当时的风华与巨变。小品教父赵本山、歌后那英等演艺名流也都曾在此居住生活过。

Located in the riverside garden, no. 215, Youth Street, Shenhe district, Shenyang city, 10 palace is a multi-functional compound space with popular logo clothing, coffee, casual dining, exhibition hall, conference and so on.
Riverside garden is located in the diamond section of Shenyang city, surrounded by the beautiful Shenyang mother river, which was recognized as the first rich area in Shenyang at that time. The garden was built in the 1990s.There are 57 villas in the garden, and several old and tall trees witness the elegance and great changes of the garden at that time. Sketch godfather Zhao Benshan, song queen Na Ying and other celebrities have also lived here.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第3张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第4张图片

新建筑与老建筑的对话,似乎在谈一场世纪之恋/The dialogue between the new building and the old one seems to be a love of the century

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第5张图片

新与旧的对比,通向后花园的通道/Contrast the old with the new, access to the back garden

别墅内院长满了花草,有的变成了菜园。随着城市大开发,沈阳的城市中心移向了浑南以青年大街为中心的城市中心。相对周边环境的“突变”与河畔花园的 “自然”回归,形成了时间的回流。E29号别墅是二层坡顶的建筑,从建造初期直到现在没有改变,改变的只是建筑物好像穿上了一层长满爬藤的‘外衣’。

The villa is full of flowers and plants, some become a vegetable garden.With the development of the city, the city center of Shenyang moved to Hunan city center with Youth Street as the center.The "abrupt change" of relative circumjacent environment and the "natural" regression of riverside garden formed the reflux of time. Villa E29 is a two-story building with a sloping roof, which has not changed since the early days of construction. What has changed is that the building seems to wear a 'coat' covered with vines.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第6张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第7张图片

二楼木质屋顶协调了白墙的冰冷感/The wooden roof on the second floor harmonizes the cold feeling of the white walls

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第8张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第9张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第10张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第11张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第12张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第13张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第14张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第15张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第16张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第17张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第18张图片

对比的廊道/Contrasting corridors

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第19张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第20张图片


The design concept comes from the climbing vines on the external walls and the "wall" of high-rise buildings outside the park, which symbolizes the city.that rearranges and defines the relationship with the abrupt change of the city.Two textured street Spaces are formed between the new building and the original.The white enclosure is separated from the neighborhood buildings, and through the hole in the wall, the dialogue with the city outside the city and the neighborhood is formed into another city in the city, a garden in the garden.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第21张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第22张图片

空间界面的转换,城市、花园、城市/Transformation of space interface, city, garden, city

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第23张图片

改造前后对比/Before and after modification        

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第24张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第25张图片

保留了两颗大树的后花园/A back garden with two big trees

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第26张图片
似乎在唱响《阿尔罕布拉宫的回忆》名曲/He seemed to be singing the memory of the Alhambra


A touch of sadness and warmth continues, leading to an understanding and nostalgia for architecture.The colour line of warmth, fine broken misty memory, feeling the mood of myriad, the past of bit by bit all circles the heart.The twilight lent a romantic tinge to the old Shenyang city.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第27张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第28张图片


The stones, street lamps, rain bags, red bricks and old trees with traces of time flow, these elements wake up slowly like the sleeping tree to arouse his life.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第29张图片

二层户外平台与框景外的对话/Dialogue between outdoor platform and outdoor scenery on the second floor

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第30张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第31张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第32张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第33张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第34张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第35张图片


The contrast and change of the texture on both sides, coupled with the intervention of light, have another kind of music composition in this corridor. Time is singing and space is dancing.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第36张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第37张图片


Such a gentle micro-urban complex with temperature and texture is bound to give this fierce northern industrial metropolis another interface revelation.

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第38张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第39张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第40张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第41张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第42张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第43张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第44张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第45张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第46张图片

城市里的城市,花园里的花园:10 palace第47张图片


Design: Yuanxiuwan Architect & Associates  
Project location: Youth Street, Shenhe district, ShenYang
Leader designer: Sooman
Design team: Sooman, Zouhe, kuanyong
Gross built area (square meters): 540 sqm
Floor area: 1000 sqm
Design time: 2018
Built time: 2018
Photo credits: Sooman





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