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社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第1张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

以下文字来自事务所的描述。对于这座沿Vence河边布置的青年设施来说,最大的挑战就是要明显的放大l’Aiguille de Quaix 和 col de la Charmette群山的雄伟的尺度。因此,在这样的环境下,建筑没有别的选择,只能将其部分埋到地下。因而这栋建筑从地面“长出”以其屋顶为中心盘旋,覆盖着毛茸茸的植物whig。然后,该项目便显示出两个不同的面孔。从街道上看,它给人的印象是与起伏的地形融为一体,而从公园角度来看则拔地而起呈现出不同的层次。如果前者是故意要给人造成谨慎的感觉,后者则是以多彩的外表呈现出一个活跃的状态。它作为一个显示器,以其立面上的不同框架随着四季的节奏而变化的不同涂层展现着景观。

From the architect. The main challenge for the conception of this youth facility located along the river Vence, was obviously to magnify the imposing perspective on the surrounding mountains: l’Aiguille de Quaix and the col de la Charmette. So in order to reveal this scenery the building had no other option but to be discreet and the choice was made to bury it partially into the ground.
And thus this building arises from the ground and coils up around its roof, covered with a shaggy vegetal whig.
The project then displays two different faces. From the street, it gives the impression of merging into the undulations of the site, whereas from the park it reads like a detachment from the ground revealing its various stratifications. If the first façade is deliberately meant to be discreet, the second one is clad in its colorfully striped dress, animated with playful openings. It stands as a revealing machine, displaying the landscape with its varied framings on the façade; as many paintings changing to the rhythm of the four seasons.

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第2张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第3张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture



Built at street-level, it gives the impression of a smooth integration between the outside and the inside, as if one was almost sliding.
In spite of appearances this building seems bigger from the inside than its silhouette might let us think

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第4张图片
floor plan/平面图


It is composed of two wings, one devoted to work and the other one to leisure; the multipurpose reception hall is naturally integrated in the middle and extended by the exterior space: the patio. Standing at the very heart of the edifice, this courtyard recalls a green theatre, an agora, a stage for young people to communicate and socialize: an empty space they can use and accommodate at will.

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第5张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第6张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第7张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第8张图片



Environmental approach
On the green roof, the vegetation is 1 meter deep and the rainwater is collected to supply the bathroom installation while the air is treated with a balanced ventilation system.
The building is entirely made of concrete (local product): raw and mineral at first sight, it then turns into a colored skin made of Nordic pine ( with wood stain).

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第9张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第10张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第11张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第12张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第13张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第14张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第15张图片
Courtesy of Mas Architecture

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第16张图片
Site Plan 场地平面图

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第17张图片
Diagram 图解

社区艺术中心和青年俱乐部/ Mas Architecture第18张图片

建筑设计:Mas Architecture
地点:法国 圣埃格雷夫 德拉蒙塔7大道38120
图片:Courtesy of Mas Architecture

Architects: Mas Architecture
Location: 7 Avenue de la Monta, 38120 Saint-Egrève, France
Area: 740.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Mas Architecture





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