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Dezeen's top 10 Mexican architecture projects of 2018


美国记者Eleanor Gibson挑选出年度10佳墨西哥建筑项目。今年,墨西哥建筑项目逐渐崭露头角,变得越来越强大。例如热带美术馆,阿兹特克风格的海滨别墅,还有白色的食品市场。

From a tropical art gallery and an Aztec-influenced beach house to an all-white food market, Mexico's architecture went from strength to strength this year. US reporter Eleanor Gibson selects 10 highlights for our review of 2018.


Zicatela住宅/Ludwig Godefroy和Emmanuel Picault

古老的阿兹特克神庙邀请建筑师Ludwig Godefroy设计了这座非传统的海滨别墅,整体结构由混凝土筑成,通过着台阶,水池和桥梁点缀了这座建筑。

黑暗的木门,窗户和百叶窗穿破好似坚不可破的混凝土外壳,设计师Emmanuel Picault设计的家具贯穿了整座空间,补充了屋内的色调。

Zicatela House by Ludwig Godefroy and Emmanuel Picault
Ancient Aztec temples informed architect Ludwig Godefroy's design of this unconventional beach house, comprising monolithic concrete volumes interspersed with steps, pools and bridges.
Dark wooden doors, windows and shutters puncture the robust, seemingly impenetrable exterior, and are complemented by the tones of designer Emmanuel Picault's furnishings throughout.





Morelia Market by HW-Studio
Architecture practice HW-Studio ripped out an abandoned warehouse to make way for this white food market in historic Mexican city Morelia.
The white volumes that form vendor stalls provide a stark contrast to the stone buildings on either side, and existing architectural details, like stone steps, arched openings and iron gates, which were all preserved.


Casa Bruma住宅/Fernanda Canales与Claudia Rodríguez


这座建筑由墨西哥建筑师Fernanda Canales与Claudia Rodríguez“操刀”,这座“爆炸屋”位于墨西哥城西南部的一片森林空地上。黑色的体量通过人行道链接起来,形成主要的部分,其它部分还囊括了客房和私人公寓。

Casa Bruma by Fernanda Canales and Claudia Rodríguez
Scattered and twisted board-marked concrete blocks are arranged to make the most of views and sunlight, and preserve existing vegetation, in this family retreat.
Designed by Mexican architects Fernanda Canales and Claudia Rodríguez, the "exploded house" is located in a forest clearing southwest of Mexico City. A cluster of the black volumes are linked by covered walkways to form the main property, while others contain guest rooms and a private apartment.


Portico Palmeto公寓/TACO事务所



Portico Palmeto by TACO
TACO designed itself this architecture studio in Mérida – a historic city on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula – with a homey and unconventional workplace that take cues from its tropical setting.
Features include stuccoed walls tinted pink with earth from the site, and folding bamboo panels, which were sourced locally. Palm trees on the site were incorporated into the building, puncturing through circular holes in the roof.


IK Lab画廊/Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel


IK Lab画廊与典型的白盒子艺术空间截然不同,设计师使用波浪形水泥墙和起伏的藤蔓地板,为艺术品提供了一个更不同寻常的背景。同时,画廊内的长凳、椅子和桌子也是由水泥制作的。

IK Lab by Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel
This year saw the opening a contemporary art gallery at the luxurious eco-friendly Azulik resort, in the popular vacation town Tulum.
A far cry from typical white-box arts spaces, IK Lab features wave-like cement walls and undulating, wavy vine floors that offer a more unusual backdrop for artworks. Benches, chairs and tables in the gallery are also made of cement.


LC710公寓/Taller Hector Barroso

Taller Hector Barroso建筑事务所将彩色骨料掺加到混凝土之中,完成了这座位于墨西哥城的焦糖色调的住宅综合体。


LC710 by Taller Hector Barroso
To create this caramel-hued housing complex in Mexico City, architecture firm Taller Hector Barroso mixed concrete with a coloured aggregate.
Residences in LC710 are located in three towers, with views to a pair of courtyards slotted in between. Concrete walls are also exposed throughout the inside, where they are complemented with terracotta-toned details, brassy metalwork and dark wooden floors, as well as plenty of greenery.


Casa La Quinta住宅/Pérez Palacios与Alfonso de la Concha Rojas



Casa La Quinta by Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojas
A hammock is suspended above a secluded swimming pool in one of three patios at this getaway for a retired couple. The others include a gravelled seating area planted with a tree, and a much smaller outdoor space.
Materials in the yards draw on those traditionally used in San Miguel de Allende – a city in the central Guanajuato state. Walls bear a cream-hued finish to mimic traditional artisanal stucco, while rough stone typically used for streets in the area forms the floor – although it is cut and piled it in a different way for the house.


墨西哥音乐宫/Alejandro Medina Arquitectura, Reyes Rios Larrain Arquitectos, Muñoz Arquitectos与Quesnel



Palace for Mexican Music by Alejandro Medina Arquitectura, Reyes Rios Larrain Arquitectos, Muñoz Arquitectos and Quesnel
Wavy, black steel ribs flank a central plaza – aptly named Patio of Strings – at the Palace for Mexican Music in Mérida, while the rest of the walls comprise local limestone peppered with coloured-glass windows.
The cultural centre was commissioned by the Mexican state of Yucatán's ministry of culture and the arts to help revitalise the city's historic downtown area. Inside it hosts a concert hall, a museum dedicated to Mexican music and a library.



木板标记的彩色混凝土墙、砖砌台阶和木框窗,将这座位于华雷斯山山脚下小村庄—Teotitlán del Valle的考古学和纺织品博物馆及图书馆内装饰的别具一格。


Community Cultural Centre by Productora

Board-marked pigmented concrete walls, brickwork steps and timber-framed windows feature in this archeology and textiles museum and library in Teotitlán del Valle – a small village at the foothills of the Sierra Juárez mountains.
Mexican firm Productora chose the materials to complement the hues of reddish buildings and stone-paved public plazas in the surrounding area, as well as to help maintain a comfortable temperature in Mexico's warm climate.


Casa Once住宅/Espacio 18 and Cueto建筑事务所

一座种植着树木的庭院隐藏在Casa Once住宅朴素的外墙后面,这座住宅的下半部分用木材包裹,顶部涂着黑色的灰泥。

墨西哥Espacio 18 and Cueto建筑事务所在墨西哥普埃布拉的一片紧凑型场地上,为一对夫妇设计了这座住宅,这对夫妇想远离城市的喧闹生活。住宅内建有明亮的内部庭院和一座屋顶露台,形成了与世隔绝的清净之地。

Casa Once by Espacio 18 and Cueto
A tree-planted courtyard is hidden behind the austere exterior of Casa Once, which is wrapped in wood on the lower half and covered in black stucco at the top.
Mexican architecture firms Espacio 18 and Cueto designed the property on a tight site in Puebla for a couple who wanted respite from the city. They included the bright internal patio, and a rooftop terrace, to create small retreats inside.




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