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9款来源于Villa Widlund项目的产品
Claesson Koivisto Rune creates nine objects that reference its Villa Widlund


Claesson Koivisto Rune建筑事务所与日本制造商合作,为东京Time & Style生活商店设计了9款产品,这些产品的设计灵感来源于他们在波罗的海的一座别墅项目。

Architecture studio Claesson Koivisto Rune has worked with Japanese makers to create nine pieces for Tokyo lifestyle store Time & Style, which are based on a house it built overlooking the Baltic Sea.


该系列包括三个装饰框架、一个花瓶和一个书立/The collection of items include three ornamental frames, a vase and a book end

Villa Widlund项目由一位艺术收藏家委托,该项目在7年前由瑞典斯德哥尔摩的一个建筑事务所设计完成,该项目主要致力于设计产品。

Ola Rune 是Claesson Koivisto Rune建筑事务所三位创始人之一,他说:“我们构思了一个想法,就是从一个有7年历史的项目中寻找灵感。我们想知道这个项目的来源,所以我们开始不停地探究。”

他们最初计划只是出版一本书,后来受邀参加了今年的东京设计展(Designart Tokyo),于是就诞生了更多作品。

Villa Widlund, which was commissioned by an art collector and completed seven years ago by the Stockholm-based architecture studio, was focused on to create the objects.
"We came up with this idea of finding inspiration from a seven-year old project," said Ola Rune, one of the three founding architects at Claesson Koivisto Rune. "How could objects come from that, we wondered. So we started playing around."
They had initially been planning to just produce a book, but decided to expand their remit when invited to be part of this year's Designart Tokyo.


在东京设计展上展出的俱乐部椅/Displayed at Designart Tokyo the collection includes a club chair



The resulting set of objects comprises an ornamental frame, set of plates, another of trays, a chopstick rest, paperweight, bookends, vase, club chair and a book stand on which to place the book.
"The first thing we did was the bookstand because we needed somewhere to place the book, and then we just carried on," said Rune.


筷子架与盘子/The collection includes a chopstick stand and stacking set of plates

最初,设计师想到了10个与别墅建筑有关的创意,日本家居和生活用品品牌Time & Style的老板Ryutaro Yoshida决定将其中的7种设计方案投产。



花瓶、筷子架和盘子都由Hizen Yoshida器皿制作而成,它们使用了日本天草瓷石,这种瓷石常被用来制作瓷器,所造陶瓷表面光滑白润。

From an initial ten ideas of useful designs that related to the architecture of the villa, Ryutaro Yoshida, the owner of the Japanese homeware and lifestyle brand Time & Style, decided on seven to put into production.
"He said he wanted to do seven. From start to finish the process took just two months! You couldn’t do that anywhere else. Then he decided he wanted to do the chair as well, and the vase," continued Rune.
All the products were produced by Japanese regional makers. The 15 centimetre long bookends are made from marble in Sekigahara in central Japan. Each piece of marble takes an hour each to cut, and is polished by hand.
The vase, chopstick rest and plate set are made from Hizen Yoshida ware, using Amakusa pottery stone, a material often used to make porcelain, which gives them a smooth off-white finish.


Claesson Koivisto Rune事务所在Time & Style商店展出的9件作品/Claesson Koivisto Rune's nine objects were on display at the Time & Style shop during Designart Tokyo



There are three plates in the set, each a geometric form that slot together to form a rectangle, and can be stacked. "I think these are so Japanese, the way you can play with it," said Rune, who pointed out that a Japanese meal is often served on multiple small plates.
The frame is made in Yokohama from finely cut stainless steel sheets welded together and plated with 24 carat gold in Tsubame-sanjo, the famous cutlery-producing region in Japan. The club chair is acrylic, and made in Hamamatsu.


一套北海道木做的盘子/A set of trays made from Hokkaido wood is included in the collection

盘子与书夹都从日本北海道的本土木头中取材,北海道是日本最北端的岛屿,也是Time & Style品牌的生产基地。金属镇纸在高冈使用失蜡法(lost wax technique)铸造。

Time & Style品牌表示:“每种产品的形式不一定遵循日本风格。但是每一件经过仔细考虑和认真创造的产品中都有日本的工匠精神。”

The tray set is cut from native Japanese wood in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan, where the Time & Style factory is based, as is the book stand. The paperweight is cast in metal in Takaoka, using the lost wax technique.
"The form of each product does not necessarily follow the Japanese style. However, there is a certain presence in a product that was carefully considered and seriously created," said Time & Style.


Tokyo Midtown展出的九件作品/All nine objects were on display in Tokyo Midtown

在东京设计节期间,这些产品将会在东京中城的Time & Style商店展出,展览日期为10月19日至28日,另外,这些产品也很快会在东京、上海和阿姆斯特丹的门店面市。

The pieces were on show at the Time & Style shop in the Tokyo Midtown building during Designart Tokyo, which took place from 19 –28 October, and will soon be available from the brand's stores in Tokyo, Shanghai and Amsterdam.












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