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Cecilie Manz与Bang&Olufsen合作设计的便携式音箱
Cecilie Manz and Bang & Olufsen design portable speaker


丹麦设计师Cecilie Manz与Bang&Olufsen合作设计了一款360度立体声环绕的便携式音箱。

这款名为“Beoplay P6”的音箱将在在米兰设计周期间发布,由 Manz与Bang&Olufsen合作设计,它外形美观,同时音质清晰。

自此,Bang & Olufsen这个专业耳机和扬声器品牌旗下又多了一款音箱产品。

Dezeen promotion: Danish designer Cecilie Manz has collaborated with Bang & Olufsen to design a portable speaker that offers 360 degrees of sound.
Unveiled at Milan design week, the Beoplay P6 was designed by Manz and Bang & Olufsen to be beautiful, while also offering a rich quality of sound.
It forms part of the collection of products offered by B&O Play, Bang & Olufsen's specialist headphone and speaker brand.


B&O的概念与设计经理Kalle Nordbo告诉Dezeen的记者:“我们希望设计一款小音箱,它拥有强度较大的声音系统,由于人们在家里听音乐时难免来回走动,所以我们希望这款音箱还能360度发声。”


"We wanted really powerful sound in a very small package, and we wanted a 360 degree array of sound because we knew that people move around their homes in their daily activities," Kalle Nordbo concept and design manager of B&O Play told Dezeen.
"People like music, it lifts up people's lives," continued Nordbo. "This compact form can be placed anywhere. Cecilie had some interesting ideas about two aluminium shells coming together, but we also wanted to challenge aluminium as a material."


音箱的铝制外壳表面经过阳极氧化和喷砂工艺处理,并且上面加工了Bang & Olufsen的典型孔洞。



The speaker's shell is constructed from anodised and pearl-blasted aluminium, which is perforated with Bang & Olufsen's characteristic hole pattern.
The biggest challenge was creating a form that allowed for this pattern, but which could also be gripped from any angle.
"With Beoplay P6, we really pushed the physical limits of the material by punching holes into a three-dimensional aluminium shell," Manz told Dezeen.




The speaker blends technological innovation with a retro twist, explained Manz. "The buttons are very old-school. You get this tactile feedback from them and that's really comforting."
"There has been lots of talk about technology versus craftsmanship lately, but craftsmanship is actually very heavily involved in the technological world too. We just need to be careful that craftsmanship doesn't get so trendy that people forget the whole point of it."



Manz说:“Beoplay P6的外形方便客户的使用,既可以放在家里,又可以随身携带。”

BeoPlay P6有两种颜色,即黑色和铝合金色,一次充电可持续播放16小时。

Designed so that it is stable when standing, the speaker is splash- and dust-resistant, meaning that it can be used in any room. A leather strap, which contrasts with the aluminium shell, can be used to carry it.
"The shape caters to the two main ways Beoplay P6 can be used – standing in that special spot in your home, and portability when bringing it with you," said Manz.
The Beoplay P6 comes in two colours – black and "natural" – and offers up to 16 hours of play time for a single charge.


Bang & Olufsen在2012年创立了B&O Play品牌,这个有着90年历史的公司希望在生产高端电子产品上再创辉煌。

Bang & Olufsen公司推出的其它产品有去年米兰设计周的模块式声形(BeoSound Shape)面板音箱,还有锥形Beosound 1无线音箱。

在BeoPlay P6之中,该公司借鉴了Bang&Olufsen 公司70年代的标志性产品Beomaster 6000音响系统。因此,音箱的控件安装在顶部,并以柔性按钮的形式集成到机壳中。

Bang & Olufsen started the B&O Play brand in 2012, aiming to build on the company's 90-year history of producing high-end electronic products.
Other products launched by Bang & Olufsen include the modular BeoSound Shape speaker panels, launched at last year's Milan design week, and the cone-shaped Beosound 1 wireless speaker.
With the Beoplay P6, the company aimed to reference one of Bang & Olufsen's iconic products from the 1970s – the Beomaster 6000 sound system. As a result, controls can be found on the top of the product, in the form of flex buttons integrated into the casing.



前段时间,BeoPlay P6首次在位于Corso Garibaldi的Bang&Olufsen米兰展厅亮相,本次展览名为“My Sound, My Space”。

The speaker also includes a OneTouch button that enables smart features, allowing users to Access Siri or Google Assistant.
The Beoplay P6 was unveiled this week for the first time at Bang & Olufsen's Milan showroom on Corso Garibaldi, as part of an exhibition called My Sound, My Space.




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