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圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第1张图片

Overlapping cylindrical and log-covered blocks form Danish holiday home by Jan Henrik Jansen



Nine cylindrical volumes interlock to form this holiday home on the Danish island Møn, which is covered in thousands of spruce logs and lined with beach pebbles (+ slideshow).

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第2张图片

在过去的五年里,丹麦哥本哈根的建筑师Jan Henrik Jansen设计和建造了名为Birkedal的建筑。

Jansen 拥有这座建筑的所有权,但他选择通过Urlaubs Architektur假日租赁公司租出去。

Copenhagen-based architect Jan Henrik Jansen designed and built the property named Birkedal over the course of five years.
While Jansen owns the property, he choses to rent it out through the holiday lettings company Urlaubs Architektur.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第3张图片


The house is set on top of a small mound surrounded by birch trees. It is just 300 metres from the coast, offering holiday makers easy access to the beach.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第4张图片

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第5张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第6张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen



Each of the rooms is contained within a log-covered cylinder and features large bay windows.
These are surrounded by deep pre-rusted Corten steel frames, and host furniture like beds and window seats that aim to bring visitors closer to their rural environment.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第7张图片



Jansen created a series of huge tubular plywood structures in a nearby barn that were used as formwork for the house's stepped concrete foundations.
"When people saw all that circular concrete shuttering, I was asked whether this was to be a new sewage treatment plant!" he said.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第8张图片

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第9张图片

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第10张图片




Each of the volumes has a different height and diameter, depending on its use. Rainwater collected in guttering around the flat roof of each block is directed out into a pond in the grounds.
Inside the walls are lined with white-painted panelling and the floors covered in small white pebbles collected from the beach.
Integrated oak furniture and doors offset the all-white decor, and brass fittings add unexpected touches of luxury to the bathroom and kitchen.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第11张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen



"The range of different diameters of the individual cylinders presented a major challenge, as the combination of their rounded shapes and different room heights gave rise to a very complicated roof pattern," explained the architect.
"I had to become a fully-fledged roofer."

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第12张图片

Birkedal度假屋位于Jansen为Urlaubs Architektur设计的第二个项目的空地上,而第三个项目Langelinie也位于这座岛上。

Birkedal stands in the grounds of a second property designed by Jansen for Urlaubs Architektur, while a third named Langelinie is also located on the island.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第13张图片



"At first glance, the three houses are so different that architect colleagues have commented that they find it rather uncanny, as though there must be some kind of architectural multiple personality at play," said the architect.
"But once you get to know the houses more closely and inhabit them, the details clearly reveal the unifying thread that binds these three houses despite all their differences."

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第14张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

Jan Henrik Jansen为Birkedal度假屋设计的相互重叠的圆柱体形式令人联想到一个迷宫般的展示馆,是由智力公司Birkedal设计的作为今年威尼斯双年展的展馆。

如无特殊说明,摄影师为Lene K Fotografi。

The overlapping cylindrical forms used in Jan Henrik Jansen's Birkedal holiday home are reminiscent of a maze-like pavilion created by Chilean firm Pezo Von Ellrichshausen for this year's Venice Biennale.
Photography is by Lene K Fotografi, unless stated otherwise.

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第15张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第16张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第17张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第18张图片

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第19张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第20张图片
Photograph by Hausaufmoen

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第21张图片

圆柱体原木堆叠而成的丹麦度假屋/ Jan Henrik Jansen第22张图片
Site plan/场地平面图





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