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The project is located in Qingyuan Community, Supo Block, Chengdu, adjacent to Supo Park, located in the green belt of Qingyuan Park, surrounded by many schools. The names of "Supo" in Chengdu all come from an ancient bridge -- Supo Bridge.

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The Supo Bridge, built in the Ming Dynasty, is a bluestone arch bridge with four holes and three piers and a long corridor. The writer Su shi of Song Dynasty as academician, had given lectures at the bank of Yangliu in the south of Chengdu. Out of respect for Su Dongpo (Su shi), the bridge he traveled over was renamed as Su Po Bridge. Today, although the Supo Bridge no longer exists, but the reverence of Mr. Dongpo from citizens of Chengdu has continued to this day. Chengdu has a lot of places named after Supo, such as Supo Street Office, Supo Road, Supo Park, Supo Overpass and so on. For example, in the "Wenjiang County Records", poem the ancient people lamented Supo Bridge: "Where the visitors, where the pavilion, the bridge is empty and the water still runs ".

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The architectural image of the project originates from the disappeared Supo Bridge. We take the "corridor" of Supo Bridge as the architectural image, and try to redraw the shape of Supo Bridge with modern architectural language, bringing the memory of the bridge back.

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The project is located in a densely populated area in the west of Chengdu, functioning as a sales exhibition center in the early stage. Most buildings around within a mile are residential buildings developed in recent years. Besides, the project forms a complete set of the three kindergartens, two primary schools and secondary schools within 500 meters, together with the cultural history of "Su Po lecture", it’s a community with strong artistic atmosphere. However, the surrounding buildings lack public space for cultural extension outside the school. In the later stage, our architecture will be opened to the public as a small public art exhibition area in Qingyuan Community, so as to increase the cultural atmosphere of the community, but also form a medium-sized garden that can be static and energetic by supporting the surrounding parks.

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Following the design principle of economy, environmental protection, the transformation of functions before and after the project of conversion is not allowed to changes of space structure and high construction price, so our team think the spatial organization carefully at the beginning of the design stage. “Corridor Bridge” Concept satisfying the function requirements of art and sales exhibitions at the same time comes out, not only reasonable planning for current and future circulations, but also combining with the image architectural theory we insist. The architectural image of "Corridor Bridge" makes this building less of an "architecture" visually as well. It is more like the Jade Belt crossing over the site, connecting the green spaces of the block in an interesting way.

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Because the function of the later use is an open public building, which is different from the common closed courtyard-type sales & Exhibition center, the building is concentrated as a whole and integrates the surrounding park and street space in an embracing attitude. The wide part is private, which integrates various functional space requirements in one place; the narrow part is a corridor with open public space. While creating a sense of entering into the home in the early stage, it also gives consideration to the "sense of friendly distance" between the building and the surrounding park, which is also a sense of ceremony shaping the cultural exhibition space.

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The whole building is like several layers of corridors stacked together, the image of "Corridor Bridge" arises spontaneously. The image of "covered bridge" is also continued in the facade and interior space of the building adjacent to the park on the east side. The building has a total of two floors. In addition to the interlocking stairs and elevators in the interior, two other staircases are placed outside on the east side, forming an aerial corridor bridge as well. The four large transparent and open glazing also echo the "four holes and three piers" of the Supo Bridge in history to a certain extent. Distributed multiple staircases not only solve the evacuation issue of each space, but also provide necessary access and different access methods for each function division and operation management of the building.

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The interior "Corridor Bridge" forms a certain height difference on the second floor according to the height changes of different spaces on the first floor. We use the suspended ramp to solve the height difference and provide some rhythmic pleasure for the building without affecting the accessibility.

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The 50-meter semi-outdoor corridor at the entrance and the white louvers at the main interface facing roads on the west side strengthen the integrity of the building while weakening the sense of mass. The soft sunlight through the louvers and the sparkling light reflected from the water interweave into an elegant picture scroll. Light and shadow are also exhibits, but also the flowing spirit crossing through the space. A 150-meter long exhibition corridor is formed through the combination of indoor and outdoor, which can carry a variety of small art exhibition activities and provide a place for the surrounding residents to relax. Full floor-to-ceiling glazing on the east side of the space adjacent to the park green space introduce nature into the interior. A certain artistic commercial space can be formed by combining book bar, cafe and tearoom, and "self-hematopoietic" can supply the daily operation of art exhibition space in order to solve the commercial problems of most public buildings at present.

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主创设计师:肖波 王轶



摄影:存在建筑    inVIEW|影喻影像——肖波

Site Location: Qingbo Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Area: 1420 sqm
Design Period: 2020. 1 - 2020. 4
Materials: White cement fibrolite plate, aluminum panel, aluminum alloy louver, artistic coating、grey waterstone plate

Architecture Firm: Archermit
Principal Architects: Youcai Pan, Zhe Yang, Renzhen Chen
Structural Engineer: Xu Du
Design Team: Qinmei Hu, Yi He, Yuanjun Gou,Xiangxin Ge, Xinyue Liu, Guisheng Liang
Architecture Construction Cooperation Company: Sichuan Huasheng Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd

Interior Design: LID (Chengdu)
Principal Designers: Bo Xiao, Yi Wang

Decoration Design: Chengdu Casarovic Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Principal Designer: Guangping Tang

Landscape Design: Chengdu Senna Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd
Principal designer: Fanliang Meng

Proprietor company: Chengdu XingchengJian Estates Co., Ltd
Construction company: Chengdu Construction Co., Ltd
Photography: Arch-exist,inVIEW-Bo Xiao





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