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Fio House / Studio MK27. Image © Fernando Guerra

17 Contemporary Brazilian Landscape Architects



Roberto Burle Marx, Rosa Kliass和Miranda Magnoli无疑是巴西现代景观建筑学中的佼佼者。在过去的几年,他们逐渐得到了认可。关于更多景观设计师的了解,请阅读易下文:

Landscape architecture is responsible for the transformation and resignification of the landscape, either by enriching architecture or by bringing forth the history of the site. As with buildings, when we design with vegetation it allows us to work a series of stimuli, qualities, and functions.  
Roberto Burle Marx, Rosa Kliass, and Miranda Magnoli are certainly some of the most notable figures in Brazilian modern landscape architecture. However, when it comes to the contemporary, these are the names that have been gaining recognition in the last couple years. Check them out below:

Alex Hanazaki


TG Ilhabela / Alex Hanazaki Paisagismo. Image © Demian Golovaty

Alex Hanazaki精心设计的花园简约而细致,融合了巴西热带地区和日本的精华。Alex Hanazaki是Hanazaki Paisagismo工作室的领导,他是唯一一位在2014年和2017年两次获得ASLA(美国景观设计师协会)专业奖项的巴西人。

Minimal and detailed oriented, Alex Hanazaki's meticulously designed gardens blend Brazilian tropicality with a Japanese essence. Leading the practice Hanazaki Paisagismo, he is the only Brazilian to have won the Professional Awards by ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) twice, in 2014 and 2017.


BT House / Studio Guilherme Torres. Image © Denilson Machado



Hanazaki’s projects can be understood by the word “contemporaneity.” As living works of art, they adopt a varied number of native species and materials that harmonize with external architectural elements.
Thriving in the hinterland of Sao Paulo state, he has worked with renowned architecture practices for 18 years.  
Learn more about his work here.((

André Paoliello


Fidalga 727 / Triptyque. Image © Fran Parente

Andre Paoliello专业从事景观设计和施工管理,他的团队由景观设计师、生物学家和农学家等多学科组成,主要从事住宅、商业和工业项目。通常,他在项目地点和环境之间创建联系。拥有十多年工作经验的Paoliello同时也是美国景观设计师协会和巴西景观设计师协会的成员。

Specialized in landscape design and construction management, André Paoliello works with a multidisciplinary team of landscape architects, biologists, and agronomists in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. As a rule, he creates a dialogue between the site and its environment. With more than a decade in the business, Paoliello is also a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and of its Brazilian counterpart.
Learn more about his work here.

Benedito Abbud


Praça Victor Civita / Levisky Arquitetos and Anna Julia Dietzsch. Image © Nelson Kon

Benedito Abbud于1981年创立了他的景观设计公司。完成了5000多个不同规模的项目,从广场到公园,从企业到商业项目。


Benedito Abbud founded his landscape design practice in 1981 and has completed over 5,000 projects in differing scales, from squares to parks and corporate to commercial projects.
Each design promotes functionality, creating areas designed for different uses, from social interaction to public spaces. He is also the author of “Paisagens,” which was edited by Senac.
Learn more about his work here.

Daniel Nunes


OF House / Studio Otto Felix. Image © Denilson Machado

Daniel Nunes擅长在他的项目中使用的本地物种。他设计了超过750个不同规模和类型的项目:住宅、商业、农场、水疗中心、企业等等。他认为景观设计是建筑的延伸,试图将建筑的物质性转化为园林。

Daniel Nunes is interested in the use of native species in his projects. He has designed more than 750 projects in differing scales and typologies: residential, commercial, farms, spas, corporate, among others. Believing that landscape design is an extension of architecture, he tries to translate the materiality of structures into his gardens.


OF House / Studio Otto Felix. Image © Denilson Machado


Another characteristic of his work is the variety of the chosen materials, such as stones, floorings, and species.
Learn more about his work here.

Gabriella Ornaghi


Jardim Paulistano Rooftop / Gabriella Ornaghi Arquitetura da Paisagem. Image © Rodrigo Bordigoni

作为Gabriella Ornaghi Arquitetura da Paisagem办公室的负责人,这位景观设计师于2004年毕业于FAU/Mackenzie,自2007年以来一直独立工作,进行技术开发、环境和创意项目。

通过重视纹理和视觉的设计,Gabriella Ornaghi的作品寻求和谐,以功能性的方式整合建筑元素。

Leading the Office Gabriella Ornaghi Arquitetura da Paisagem, the landscape architect graduated from FAU/Mackenzie in 2004 and has worked independently since 2007, developing technical, environmental and creative projects.
With designs that value texture and the visual, Gabriella Ornaghi's work seeks harmony to integrate architectural elements in a functional way.
Learn more about her work here.

Gilberto Elkis


Tempo House / Gisele Taranto Arquitetura. Image © Denilson Machado

Gilberto Elkis在景观设计方面拥有超过35年的设计经验,他以不同的尺度和类型设计了许多项目,他总是在寻求空间的和谐,各种颜色、形状和纹理。作为一名研究人员,使用不同物种是他工作的特点。

他的项目多为私人的城市住宅、乡村住宅和沿海住宅组成。他的书《Degustacao de Paisagens》于2012年由Tempo Design出版。

Having more than 35 years of experience in landscape architecture, Gilberto Elkis has designed projects in differing scales and typologies, always seeking spatial wellbeing, a myriad of colors, shapes, and textures. As a researcher, the use of varied species is characteristic of his work.
Most of his portfolio is composed of private urban, country, and coastal homes. His book “Degustação de Paisagens” was published by Tempo Design in 2012.
Learn more about his work here.

Gil Fialho


SW House / Jacobsen Arquitetura . Image © Leonardo Finotti

Gil Fialho有着20多年的园林设计经验,他的实践注重于花园元素与周围建筑之间的联系。通过对植物群的研究,他将特定的物种融入到他的项目环境中。

Fialho与MK27工作室、Jacobsen Arquitetura工作室、Bernardes Arquitetura工作室、Aflalo Gasperini工作室和Arthur Casas工作室合作过。他还获得了许多奖项,包括叶奖和国际房地产奖。

With more than 20 years of experience in landscape architecture, Gil Fialho's practice values the harmony between the elements of a garden and the architecture that surrounds it. A researched of flora, he incorporates specific species into the environments he works in.
Fialho has worked with Studio MK27, Jacobsen Arquitetura, Bernardes Arquitetura, Aflalo Gasperini, and Studio Arthur Casas. He also has received numerous awards, including the Leaf Award and the International Properties Award.
Learn more about his work here.

Isabel Duprat


JH House / Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura. Image © Leonardo Finotti

Isabel Duprat的专业为建筑学,后来专攻风景园林。在她的领域没有太多工作之后,她开了一家植物店。她总是在自己的设计中寻找幸福,她是1900年出版的《女性花园设计师》一书中唯一一个巴西人。

Isabel Duprat graduated in architecture and later specialized in landscape architecture. After not having much work in her field, she opened up a plant store. Always searching for the wellbeing in her designs, she was the only Brazilian portrayed in the book Woman Garden designers – 1900 to Present.
Learn more about her work here.

Isabela Ono, Julio Ono and Gustavo Leivas


Tropical Island (Alemanha). Image Cortesia de Burle Marx Paisagismo

Isabela Ono, Julio Ono, Gustavo Leivas师从Burle Marx学院的Haruyoshi Ono。他们目前与Ruy Othake、Paulo Jacobsen、Bernardes等建筑师一起在巴西和海外开发项目。目前,这项活动由Isabela Ono领导(她在公司有20多年的经验),和合作伙伴Julio Ono和Gustavo Leivas一起协调。  

Isabela Ono, Julio Ono, and Gustavo Leivas studied under Haruyoshi Ono at Burle Marx. They currently develop projects in Brazil and abroad with architects such as Ruy Othake, Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardes, among others. The practice is currently led by Isabela Ono (having more than 20 years of experience in the company) and coordinated by partners Julio Ono and Gustavo Leivas.


Unique Garden Hotel &Spa (SP - Arquitetura Ruy Othake). Image Cortesia de Burle Marx Paisagismo

除住宅的工作,他们也设计热带岛屿(柏林),明日博物馆(里约热内卢),比斯坎湾大道(迈阿密),Praca da Revolucao(英亩),吉隆坡城市中心公园(马来西亚),Parque Vila dos Atletas(里约热内卢),Eixo Monumental(巴西联邦区),独特的花园酒店& Spa(圣保罗),和Belmond Copacabana Palace(里约热内卢)。

Along with their residential work, they have also designed Tropical Island (Berlin), Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro), Biscayne Boulevard (Miami), Praça da Revolução (Acre), Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park (Malaysia), Parque Vila dos Atletas (Rio de Janeiro), Eixo Monumental (Brazil Federal District), Unique Garden Hotel & Spa (Sao Paulo), and Belmond Copacabana Palace (Rio de Janeiro).


Residência Alto Humaitá (RJ). Image Cortesia de Burle Marx Paisagismo

Learn more about their work here.

Koiti Mori and Klara Kaiser


Luciana Brito Gallery / Piratininga Arquitetos Associados. Image © André Scarpa

Klara Kaiser毕业于圣保罗大学(University of Sao Paulo)建筑学和城市规划专业,同时也是一名教授。她还是Sítio Burle Marx咨询委员会的成员。


Klara Kaiser graduated in architecture and urbanism at the University of São Paulo, where she also works as a professor. She is also a member of the Sítio Burle Marx consulting board.
The firm’s works are characterized by a harmony created between the landscape and the architecture, with gardens that take the human scale into consideration.
Learn more about their work here.

Luiz Carlos Orsini

Luiz Carlos Orsini于1984年毕业于马德里的风景园林专业,并在这一领域工作了30多年。Orsini是当代巴西的大师。在中国完成了数百个项目后,同时还是一名树木移植专家,监督了1万多例移植手术。在2017年,他出版了《Luiz Carlos Orsini- 30 anos de Paisagismo》一书。

Luiz Carlos Orsini graduated in landscape architecture in Madrid in 1984 and spent over 30 years working in the field. Orsini is a contemporary master of Brazil. Having completed hundreds of projects in the country, he is also a specialist in tree transplanting, having overseen more than 10 thousand transplants. In 2017, he launched the book Luiz Carlos Orsini – 30 anos de Paisagismo.
Learn more about his work here.

Marcelo Faisal


AM House / Drucker Arquitetura. Image © Leonardo Finotti

Marcelo Faisal是一名建筑师、农学家兼景观设计师。他将作品赋予了物种和体验,其作品运用纹理、叶子、设计和材料,从而大胆地赋予了景观新的意义。

Marcelo Faisal is an architect, agronomist, and landscape architect. Designing to valorize species and experiences, the use of textures, foliages, designs, and materials are characteristic of his work, resulting in bold projects that give new meaning to the landscape.

Learn more about his work here.

Mariana Siqueira


Casa das Praças / Bloco Arquitetos. Image © Haruo Mikami

Mariana Siquiera是巴西利亚“Jardins do Cerrado”项目的发起人,该项目将巴西大草原上的植物引入城市景观设计。该项目与ICMBio (Chico Mendes生物多样性保护研究所)、巴西利亚大学(UNB)、EMBRAPA Recursos Geneticos e Biotecnologia、EMBRAPA Cerrados和Jardim Botanico de Brasilia (Brasilia植物园)合作创建的。

Located in Brasília, Mariana Siquiera is the person behind “Jardins do Cerrado,” a project that introduces flora from the Brazilian savannah into urban landscape designs. This project was created in partnership with the ICMBio (Chico Mendes Biodiversity Conservation Institute), Brasília University (UNB), EMBRAPA Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnologia, EMBRAPA Cerrados and Jardim Botanico de Brasília (Brasília Botanical Garden).
Learn more about her work here.



House in Gonçalves / André Vainer Arquitetos. Image © Tuca Reinés


Transitioning between scales, the practice develops projects that value the relationship between man and the built environment. Oficina2mais' researches extensively in botanic species and textures to create transitions in spaces.
Learn more about their work here.

Plantar Ideias


MADE 2016. Image © Julia Ribeiro


MADE 2016. Image © Julia Ribeiro

Plantar Ideias由Felipe Stracci和Luciana Pitombo(都是Escola da Cidade的毕业生)领导,他们的开发的项目专注于风景园林。

Lead by Felipe Stracci and Luciana Pitombo (both graduates of Escola da Cidade), Plantar Ideias develops projects focused on landscape architecture.
Learn more about their work here.

Renata Tilli


RT House / Jacobsen Arquitetura. Image © Pedro Kok

Renata Till领导着一个致力于植物、景观设计、水生森林恢复和保护景观设计师的团队。她专门从事园艺,负责一系列尊重当地环境的私人花园。她还设计了用于百年咖啡种植园重建和重新发现的项目。

Leading a team of landscape architects, Renata Till comes from a family dedicated to plants, landscape design, and the recovery and preservation of aquatic forests. Specialized in horticulture, she is responsible for a series of private gardens that pay respect to the local environment. She has also designed projects dedicated to the reconstruction and rediscovery of centenary coffee plantations.
Learn more about her work here.

Rodrigo Oliveira


Lara House / Felipe Hess. Image © Ricardo Bassetti

Rodrigo Oliveira是一位农学家兼景观设计师,他的设计灵感来自巴西的森林。他在巴拉那长大,学了植物学,毕业于维克萨联邦大学。后来,他在佛罗里达国际树木学会专攻风景园林。

Oliveira与MK27工作室、IsayWeinfeld和Felipe Hess合作完成了几十个景观设计项目。

An agronomist and landscape designer, Rodrigo Oliveira brings inspiration from the woods of Brazil into his projects. Raised in Paraná, he acquired the knowledge of botany and graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa. Later, he specialized in landscape architecture at Florida's International Society of Arboriculture.
Oliveira has completed dozens of landscape design projects in partnership with Studio MK27, Isay Weinfeld, and Felipe Hess.
Learn more about his work here.




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