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Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第1张图片


Spanish studio MX_SI added vertical wooden mullions to the exterior of this museum extension in Mänttä, Finland, to evoke the trunks of trees in the surrounding park .

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MX_SI事务所以木结构和木包层的设计概念赢得了2011年Gösta Serlachius当代艺术博物馆扩建项目的竞标,由于博物馆位于一个森林公园中,这样设计的目的是为了将建筑更好地融入周围环境。

MX_SI won a competition in 2011 to design a new wing for the Contemporary Art Museum Gösta Serlachius with a proposal for abuilding with a timber frame and wooden cladding, intended to blend in with its setting in a forested park.

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Related  story: Controversial Helsinki Guggenheim competition attracts record number of entrants Situated next to the Joennimei Manor, a residence constructed in 1935 that previously housedthe museum, the extension provides additional spacefor the expanding collection and for temporary exhibitions.

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Thebuilding's long and narrow plan isarranged parallel to the axis between the existing house, its garden and a nearby lake. This frames a new plaza at one end, providing accessto the houseand the extension.

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A curving roofline dips down soasnot to obstruct views to and from the manor, but sweeps upwards to form a more prominent facade at one end, where the landscape descendstowards the lake.
Locally sourced spruce was laminated to create a structural framework that issurrounded by vertical mullions, with strips of twisted spruce placed in between them. This provides a textural surface that varies over the length of the facades.

Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第6张图片


"The project isconceptualised asan abstract and denseforest,"said the architects in a statement, "a forest that represents  and translates  into  a series  of  parallel  wooden  frames  that  define  the  geometry  and structure  of  the  new building."

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Various openings and angular incisions interrupt the elongated elevations, featuring reflective glazing to break up the otherwise homogenous wooden facades and increase the connection with the surrounding landscape.

Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第9张图片

“为了减少建筑对这个优美环境里的视觉影响,我们争取将这个建筑分解为一些更小的碎片” 建筑师说。

"To reduce the visual impact of a building in sucha sensitive environment, the building seeksto decompose into smaller fragments,"said the architects.
"The result of these incisions isthe perception of spacesof infinite mirrors – doors or forest walkways optically subdividing the building transversely."

Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第10张图片


Theincisions into the facades introduce variety to the route through the building, allowing natural light to enter and offering views from the galleries, foyer and cafeteria.
"These invasions transform what would have been a linear path into an emotional one, thanks to the rhythm of the constant repetition of the structural frames and interruptions that allow external spacesto penetrate inside the building,"added the architects.

Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第11张图片


Ceiling beams have been left exposed inside the galleries and public spacesto emphasise the curving form of the roof and to highlight the useof wood throughout the entire project.

Serlachius Museum Gösta森林般的博物馆/MX_SI事务所第12张图片

MX_SI事务所同时也负责改善建筑周边的景观,以提供一个适合放置艺术品的室外场地,包括芬兰艺术家Harry Kivijärvi的雕塑。

MX_SI was also responsible for improvements to the landscape around the buildings, which provides a site for outdoor artworks including sculptures by Finnish artist Harry Kivijärvi.
Part of the task involved the introduction of a bridge linking the park with a small island on the site of a crossing that had collapsed decadespreviously.

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Thenew structure connects the gently sloping shore of the park with a higher bank on the island and istherefore angled slightly.
Thelower end emerges from the ground before ascending to a narrower point that appears to balance on the island's rocky shore.

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Thebridge ismade from weathered steel sheeting. This material was bent in four places to create a structural section that supports a balustrade on one side and a larch wood surface on the other, which alters along its length to form a bench in the centre.

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