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鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第1张图片

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A spectacular horse shoe-shaped arch will rise from the Binnenrotte just a five minute walk from the Koopgoot, in the up-and-coming Laurens district. The market hall has 96 fresh produce units that are 20 m2, 15 food shops, and 8 restaurants.

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Above the floor, there are 10 storeys with 228 unique apartments for sale or hire; under the floor, there is a supermarket, a closed-off logistical heart for entrepreneurs, and underneath that some 1,200 parking places. In the lower ground floor lies the logistical heart of Markthal Rotterdam. An ultra-modern despatch centre, with refrigeration, storage and preparation areas.


鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第5张图片

这个壮观的设计来自于鹿特丹建筑事务所MVRDV。该事务所与房地产开发商ProVast、建筑师Winy Maas通力合作,一起完成了这个Markthal项目。

A spectacular design from the Rotterdam architectural firm MVRDV. Together with property developer ProVast, architect Winy Maas successfully combined all the functions of the Markthal without them getting in each other's way.

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A forty-metre high arch made of natural stone with windows with apartments along both sides of the arch (7.8 metres). Half of the apartments overlook the market. Sealed end façades prevent the wind and cold from getting in. Inside the arch, panes of glass are suspended between a framework of steel cables.


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The Markthal will be built in the middle of the lively Laurens district, the area around the Meent, Hoogstraat, Pannekoekstraat, Delftsevaart and the Grotekerkplein. It is right in the middle of Rotterdam, walking distance from Blaak station.

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With a library, an outdoor market, two public schools and the distinctive stilt houses just around the corner, it is an extremely attractive area for residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. There is a direct train connection to the central train stations of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden from Blaak station (train, tram and metro).

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Easy parking in the centre of Rotterdam will be possible in the Markthal car park. The car park will be directly below the hall, around the corner from the Koopgoot and the Hoogstraat. It will have 1,200 parking spaces and luxury toilets. Large lifts and escalators will take you straight to the market hall from the basement.


鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第11张图片

鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第12张图片

荷兰艺术家Arno Coenen和Iris Roskam同另外一组设计师和动画家在鹿特丹市的markthal大型拱廊市场一同完成了“丰饶之角”的创作。此画作目前是荷兰最大的艺术作品。整个鹿特丹在2014年都在翘首以待这个国内首个室内市场的开市。

Horn of Plenty
Dutch artist Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam — along with a team of designers and animators — have completed “horn of plenty” within the much anticipated markthal in Rotterdam, making it the largest artwork in the Netherlands. the city anxiously awaits the October 2014 opening the country’s first indoor market.
“You could just look at the wonderful, almost psychedelic picture for its beauty, but the reference to the ‘horn of plenty’ points out the miracle that food is there for you.” Coenen said, “It is a work with a spiritual, religious feel to it. However, its larger-than-life size is not a tale of religion; it’s about nature. in the scientific way, more an ode to Stephen Hawking’s atheist way of looking at the origin of life.’ for those unable to visit in person, you can take a look at a 360° interior panorama here.”
The inside of the arched hall will be the canvas of an impressive 11,000 m2 piece of art. The artwork is by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam and consists of larger-than-life images of fresh produce which will be sold in the Markthal. It is the largest artwork in the Netherlands.


鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第13张图片


102 apartments to buy varying from 80 to 140 m2, 24 penthouses varying from 140 to 300 m2 and 102 apartments to rent.

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The apartments follow strict Dutch laws regarding natural day-light: all rooms that require natural light are situated on the outside. Kitchens, dining rooms and storage are positioned at the market side, establishing a connection to the market. The front and backside are covered with a flexible suspended glass façade, allowing for maximum transparency and a minimum of structure, which will be the largest of its kind in Europe.

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鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第26张图片

鹿特丹markthal大型拱廊市场/ MVRDV第27张图片

建筑设计事务所:MVRDV. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries
参赛团队: Marc Joubert, Anet Schurink, Jeroen Zuidgeest and Michele Olcese, Laura Grillo, Ivo van Capelleveen
设计团队:Renske van der Stoep, Anton Wubben, Laura Grillo, Joeri Horstink, Marc Joubert, Diana Lopez , Gijs Rikken, Elsbeth Ronner, Anet Schurink, Yvo Thijssen, Johnny Tsang, Sven Thorissen, Jeroen Zuidgeest
合作建筑师:INBO, Netherlands
建筑结构:D3BN/ DHV, The Hague, Netherlands: Maurice Hermens
音响效果:Peutz & Associes Zoetermeer, Netherlands: Peter Wapenaar
Project Credits:
Architects: MVRDV. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries
Competition Team: Marc Joubert, Anet Schurink, Jeroen Zuidgeest and Michele Olcese, Laura Grillo, Ivo van Capelleveen
Design Team: Renske van der Stoep, Anton Wubben, Laura Grillo, Joeri Horstink, Marc Joubert, Diana Lopez , Gijs Rikken, Elsbeth Ronner, Anet Schurink, Yvo Thijssen, Johnny Tsang, Sven Thorissen, Jeroen Zuidgeest
Co-architect: INBO, Netherlands
Structure: D3BN/ DHV, The Hague, Netherlands: Maurice Hermens
Acoustics: Peutz & Associes Zoetermeer, Netherlands: Peter Wapenaar



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