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Since its establishment in 2015, Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, as a young brand dedicated to upholding quality and brimming with vitality and individuality, has swiftly ascended to become a widely acclaimed restaurant in the culinary realm, particularly celebrated for its popular sour fish dishes.





通透的玻璃立面营造了一个敞开式的“鱼市场”用餐空间,餐厅入口还原了仿古的拉闸门,制造传统鱼市场的临场感。 在餐厅外部,放大化的品牌符号透过玻璃幕墙得到更直观的呈现,让每位食客在进入这个空间时都能够感受到品牌所传递的故事和情感。

In the era of personal branding, brand labels have become the cornerstone of recognition. Building upon the distinctive image and attributes of Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish as the "Charming Fishmonger," INGROUP will employ spatial design language to concretely manifest the owner's "trendy and amusing" image. This approach aims to enhance the three-dimensional richness of the brand persona, thereby enriching the overall expression of Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish.
Diverging from the conventional and uninteresting image of traditional stores, INGROUP has introduced a series of spatial symbols with strong brand recognition. These symbols establish a "trendy and amusing" label imbued with Chinese pop culture attributes, setting the brand apart and highlighting its unique charm in the competitive dining market.
Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, renowned for its signature sauerkraut fish, originates from Chongqing fishing boats. The sauerkraut fish, born from the vibrant grassroots culture and the collision of traditional Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, inherently carries a picturesque quality brimming with vitality.
The transparent glass facade creates an open "fish market" dining space, while the restaurant entrance faithfully reproduces an antique sliding door, evoking the immersive atmosphere of a traditional fish market. Outside the restaurant, enlarged brand symbols, visible through the glass curtain wall, provide a more explicit representation, allowing each diner to sense the brand's narrative and emotions upon entering this space.





INGROUP has chosen the stable and understated combination of black and wooden yellow as the primary color scheme for the overall spatial design. The brand's intellectual property posters are presented in the form of advertising posters, resembling a canvas covered with historical traces. This infusion of a light retro vibe enhances the restaurant's simple and authentic brand attributes, creating a space that exudes a genuine sense of quality.




The distinctive trait of Boss Er's "focused fish-slaying" has been distilled and transformed into a brand intellectual property wall. Through clever design techniques of "cutting" and piecing together, it presents a visually dramatic and unique effect. These expressions, rich in contemporary style, continually deepen the brand's differentiation in terms of "imagination" and "obsession." Simultaneously, they attract waves of "adolescent" enthusiasts to experience the brand atmosphere, injecting new vitality into the brand's communication and expansion.



The partition design in the space ingeniously incorporates the comic elements of the brand intellectual property (IP). The brand IP is projected onto the screen through a projector, creating a ritualistic and immersive multi-dimensional scene experience. By utilizing multimedia in the space, this clever integration stimulates visual and sensory experiences. Not only does this enhance the brand's spatial atmosphere, but it also effectively communicates dynamic brand advertising, creating a more enriched dining experience for customers.




The terrazzo element not only runs through the floor but also cleverly adorns the seats. The irregular texture presents a rough and textured feel, adding the beauty of mottled aging to the space. In the lighting design, INGROUP introduces fishing net elements and draws inspiration from the lotus leaf, a regional symbol. This is not only a tribute to the local culture but also injects a unique narrative and emotion into the space, giving the overall design a deeper significance.





Under the minimalist spatial treatment, INGROUP does not shy away from the objective presence of columns. Instead, they use artistic expression to merge the substantial spirit inherent in the columns with the brand concept of "focused fish-slaying." This fusion creates an authentic imagery of ingredients and simultaneously constructs a visual focal point in line with the brand's ideology, making the brand's spatial image symbols resonate deeply with individuals.





The trendy and cool spatial environment design has brought the brand more exposure and popularity, turning it into a hot and trendy destination for social media check-ins. In the era of internet celebrities, INGROUP and Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish join forces to "create trends," making the specific lifestyle represented by the brand a trend in itself. This not only brings about the "internet celebrity effect" for the brand but also reinforces the brand's cultural label as a trendsetter, creating more enduring brand value.


建筑面积:182㎡ / 375㎡
项目名称:上海外滩白玉兰广场店 / 湖滨银泰旗舰店
设计总监:Raven Wang
项目总监:Hummer Zheng

Project Information:
Design Period: June 2019
Built Area: 182 square meters / 375 square meters
Project Names: Shanghai Bund Baiyulan Square Store / Hubin Yintai Flagship Store
Project Type: Catering
Design Firm: INGROUP
Design Director: Raven Wang
Project Director: Hummer Zheng
Design Team: Guojia, Mengqing





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