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河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第1张图片

Tom Patterson Theatre / Hariri Pontarini Architects


在Stratford艺术节上全新的Tom Patterson剧院成为加拿大文化景观中备受期待的一员,该项目由Hariri Pontarini建筑事务所的创始人Siamak Hariri设计,这座闪闪发光的高科技建筑融入了河畔公园。

Text description provided by the architects. The new Tom Patterson Theatre at the Stratford Festival is a highly anticipated addition to the Canadian cultural landscape. Designed by Siamak Hariri, founding partner with Hariri Pontarini Architects, this shimmering, state-of-the-art venue embraces its riverside park setting.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第2张图片


Hariri said the festival’s ambitions set a high bar for the project, which the Toronto-based practice won in an international design competition. “They wanted an exceptional building with new programs that would enhance the festival and this community for decades to come,” said Hariri. “We sought to create an emotional experience through architecture that complements the magic of transcendent works of theatrical performance.”

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第3张图片

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第4张图片


The 7,150sm (77,000sf) theatre is situated on the banks of the Avon River in Stratford, Ontario. Vibrant transparency runs its entire length with a lustrous façade that ebbs and flows in step with the river. This organic, curvilinear form creates quiet folds and eddies of encounter across a sequence of carefully considered spaces that flow from one to another. Panoramic garden and river views dissolve the line between indoors and out in this LEED Gold registered design.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第5张图片

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第6张图片


Set against the sinuous veil of the bronze mullioned curtain wall that defines the public rooms, the horseshoe-shaped theatre is wrapped in gently curving walls of sand cast brick with mortar smooth to the surface to resemble stone. Inside the wood-lined auditorium, 600 custom seats surround an elongated thrust stage, creating a theatrical setting of unparalleled intimacy and acoustic excellence.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第7张图片


Close collaboration with the festival’s set and technical designers optimized the versatile performance space to meet the demands of a repertory schedule where different shows can run on the same day. Curved walls and reflectors beneath catwalks support the finely-tuned acoustics in a room that can achieve total sound isolation as well as total darkness.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第8张图片


The public rooms include Lazaridis Hall, a versatile space for up to 250 people that can be configured for cabaret-style performances, screenings, and panel discussions. Two 4.9-metre-high (16ft) custom walnut acoustic doors open onto the lobby or acoustically separate the space for concurrent events.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第9张图片

全系的游乐发展和教育功能目前在Dinner Rooney工作坊中拥有了永久的席位,对于捐赠者而言,Spriet会员休息区的特点则在于一个吸引人的空间,这里设置有现代化的壁炉,其周围逐渐变得轻薄的玻璃上方是木材天花板。

New play development and education programs now have permanent homes at the festival in the Dinner Rooney Workshop. For donor patrons, the Spriet Members’ Lounge features a contemporary fireplace in a dramatic space with wraparound glazing that gently tapers beneath a wood-clad ceiling.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第10张图片


Three distinctive bars crafted from red, yellow, and white patterned marble anchor meeting points with exceptional views reinforce the connection between the theatre design and its natural setting. Adjacent to the lobby is a skylighted café that opens onto a riverfront terrace.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第11张图片


Amenity spaces are fully accessible throughout, offering a range of viewing options in the auditorium for people with disabilities. Back-of-house there is a dedicated rehearsal hall, accessible dressing rooms, a green room and a company lounge.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第12张图片


Sustainability initiatives include locally-sourced materials, low-energy lighting, and radiant in-floor heating, all part of a comprehensive design approach for LEED Gold designation, which is a rarity among performing arts buildings. The stage lighting is one of the first all-LED systems in use.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第13张图片


New community gardens provide riverside vistas and strolls through plantings layered with indigenous species for the spring-through-fall performance schedule of North America’s largest repertory theatre company. The new theatre is one of four festival venues and replaces a previous and inadequate Tom Patterson Theatre on the same site.

河畔公园的高科技建筑——加拿大Tom Patterson剧院第14张图片

建筑设计:Hariri Pontarini Architects
面积:7150 m2
摄影:Scott Norsworthy, doublespace photography, Ann Baggley

Architects: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Area: 7150 m2
Year: 2022
Photographs: Scott Norsworthy, doublespace photography, Ann Baggley




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