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峡谷住宅 / Studio Hagen Hall
Canyon House / Studio Hagen Hall


Studio Hagen Hall 将这座位于北伦敦的曾被改为合租房的联排别墅,改造成了具有70年代加州明亮风格质感的住宅,并为这对年轻的音乐家夫妇客户配备了录音室。录音艺术家 Ben Garrett 和 Rae Morris非常中意这座联排别墅的构筑、区位和精美花园,他们在网上了解到Studio Hagen Hall的作品后立刻进行联系来获得专业帮助。对最具代表性的建筑案例进行参考在任务书阶段发挥了关键作用。客户借鉴了Eames住宅的主题和设计,以及现代主义建筑师 John Lautner 的作品。任务书将 Canyon House 设想为一个70年代氛围的住宅、一个可以灵活适应私密或社交场合的空间,并同时具有强烈​​的视觉联系。

Text description provided by the architects. Studio Hagen Hall has transformed a North London townhouse-turned-bedsit into a bright and textural 1970’s California-inspired home complete with a recording studio for a young musical couple. Recording artists Ben Garrett and Rae Morris fell in love with the bones, location, and well-established garden of the townhouse and immediately sought the expertise of Studio Hagen Hall after discovering their work online. Iconic architecture has played a key role in the brief. The clients drew on themes and designs from the Eames House and the work of modernist architect John Lautner. The brief envisioned Canyon House as a home with a feel-good 1970’s atmosphere and a space that would be flexible to suit both intimate and sociable occasions, with strong visual connections throughout.



为了使住宅充满活力,建筑师做了很多工作。原本位于两处楼梯的简陋、笨拙的隔断将合租房分成三间独立卧室。因此首先需要打通内部空间,才能让Studio Hagen Hall 能够发挥他们作为细致空间规划师的专业本领,重新设计住宅的功能空间与视觉效果。为了体验设计效果,Studio Hagen Hall对峡谷住宅进行了数字建模,这样客户就可以使用 VR来切实体验设计理念并进行更改。

Much work was needed to enliven the house. Poorly built, awkward partitioning covered two staircases that split the bedsit into three separate dwellings. Work began with stripping and gutting the interiors, which allowed Studio Hagen Hall to flex their expertise as meticulous space planners and reimagine the physical and visual movement around the house. To understand the experience of their future home, Studio Hagen Hall modeled Canyon House digitally so the clients could walk through using a VR headset to understand the design ideas and make alterations.





核心设计手段之一是改造底层楼梯,通过赋予水平上的变化,将其转化为休息区域。这看似简单的设计理念让 Studio Hagen Hall 创造了一个舒适的社交平台——一个带有隐藏式存储空间的定制天鹅绒沙发——可以从定制榆树凹槽中拉出厚实的亚麻软垫连接到用餐空间,也可以收回去。Studio Hagen Hall 在底层置入了一个专业级的录音室和写作室,这是最具挑战性的设计空间,因为它需要在结构上与住宅其他部分隔开,才能实现隔音效果。

One of the core design interventions was re-configuring the original stair on the ground floor by creating a level change to unlock a large section of the lounge area. This seemingly simple design idea allowed Studio Hagen Hall to create an elevated conversation platform and snug - fitted with bespoke velvet sofa with hidden storage - that could be connected and removed from the dining space by heavy linen curtains drawn from custom elm recesses. On the lower ground floor, Studio Hagen Hall inserted a professional-grade recording studio and writing room, one of the most challenging spaces to design due to its need to be structurally separate from the rest of the house to achieve acoustic isolation.




录音室位于地下一层的独立房间,配有定制的隔音门窗和独立通风系统,因此在隔音室内进行录音的时候可以保证新鲜空气。Studio Hagen Hall为休息室精心搭配了材质及纹理,达成一种恰到好处的摩登风格。未上漆的黄铜硬件将与原建筑自带的中世纪复古灯饰及家具相得益彰。休息室中纹理丰富、色调温暖的地毯和室内装潢营造出舒适又奢华的氛围,而烟熏棕色镜框、浴室的软木地板、甚至浴室外墙,都是在向70 年代的风格致敬。

The studio sits as its own room within the lower ground floor, fitted with custom-made acoustically insulated doors and windows, and with a separate ventilation system so recording can take place in the soundproof space with access to fresh air. Studio Hagen Hall carefully selected a combination of materials and textures to create a modern yet Modernist balance. The brass unlacquered hardware will patina beautifully alongside the original vintage mid-century lighting and furniture. The richly textured and warm-toned carpet and upholstery in the lounge creates a cosy, luxurious feel while the brown smoked mirror architraves and cork bathroom flooring and bath façade all nod to the 1970’s style.




钢和玻璃栏杆保持了现代式开放布局的感觉,无缝连接上下楼空间。地板、台面、水槽和浴室都使用微水泥,连续的同一元素创造出流动感。使用定制榆木的厨房看上去如同房间内的又一个房间。工艺的美体现在橱柜、凹槽玻璃和黄铜硬件的触感上。橱柜由 Studio Hagen Hall 设计,由木匠 Tim Gaudin 建造,他们将很快会合作推出定制厨房用具品牌Bysse。内置的靠窗座位让客户既可远望花园,又可回首客厅。

The steel and glass balustrade maintains a modern open-plan feel and seamlessly connects upstairs and downstairs. Consistency and continuity help create the sense of flow, with micro cement used for the flooring, worktops, sinks, and baths. The bespoke elm kitchen looks and feels like a room within a room. The beauty in the craftsmanship comes through in the tactility of the cabinetry, fluted glass, and brass hardware. It was designed by Studio Hagen Hall and built by joiner Tim Gaudin, who will soon be launching their new bespoke kitchen company, Bysse, together. A built-in window seat gives the clients views out onto the established garden and back through the living area.




Quality is at the heart of Canyon House. From the spatial planning to the materials and finishes, the care and consideration taken with each design choice have resulted in an artistic, convivial townhouse of versatile spaces, natural light, and original styling.



Studio Hagen Hall 总监 Louis Hagen Hall描述道:“这座房子蕴含了很多东西。它在技术上很复杂,但你在空间中体验的感受实际上非常简单。这是一个很适合坐下来待在里面的地方。总体感觉就是,任何人去了就不想再走了。我们让自然日光洒落在窗外的树上,投下美丽的阴影。投影在黄昏、在夜晚皆有不同。日光让这座房子随着时间变化而呈现不同的个性。我们喜欢挑战,总是在困难的任务取得成就。从技术角度来看,音乐工作室的施工非常复杂。这个房间需要足够大,同时必须在内外墙不接触的情况下建造它,这要求我们与声学工程师合作并整合许多专业产品和细节。在设计空间时,虽然我们成功地创造出一个密闭的环境,但这也意味着我们必须设计独立的通风系统。”

Louis Hagen Hall, Director, Studio Hagen Hall: “This house is so many things at once. It is technically complex but actually feels incredibly simple when you experience the space. It’s a wonderful place to just sit and to be in. The general feeling that has come from anyone who has spent time there is that nobody wants to leave.” “The natural daylight we brought in creates amazing shadows from the established trees outside.
It changes character in the twilight, and then at night time, it becomes a whole different house again. The light gives the house different personalities throughout the day.” “We love design challenges, and work very well on difficult briefs. From a technical point of view, it was very complicated getting the music studio to work. The amount of space that we needed to accommodate this room coupled with the fact that you have to build it without the inner and outer walls touching required us to work with an acoustic engineer and integrate a lot of specialised details and products. In designing the space, we effectively created an airtight room, which meant we also had to design in its own separate ventilation system.”














• 建筑设计:Studio Hagen Hall
• 类型:住宅
• 时间:2021年
• 摄影:Mariell Lind Hansen
• 制造商:Aston Matthews、Balsan、Ikea、Schoolhouse Electric、Velfac、1960's'unknown'、Bonderup、Bysse、CERáMICA CIELO、Carpet、FLOS、Faro、Jess Kanda、Knoll、Kroft、Matri、Studio Hagen Hall、Tapwell、The Cloth Shop,Thorup for Gubi,+4
• 地点:伦敦
• 国家:英国

Curated by Paula Pintos
Architects: Studio Hagen Hall
Year: 2021
Photographs: Mariell Lind Hansen
Manufacturers: Aston Matthews, Balsan, Ikea, Schoolhouse Electric, Velfac, 1960's ‘unknown', Bonderup, Bysse, CERáMICA CIELO, Carpet, FLOS, Faro, Jess Kanda, Knoll, Kroft, Matri, Studio Hagen Hall, Tapwell, The Cloth Shop, Thorup for Gubi, +4
Country:United Kingdom




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