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Perforated-brick school created from hospital test facade in Senegal


瑞士Manuel Herz Architects事务所为塞内加尔东部地区的一座医院设计了砖石外墙,而当地承包商Magueye Ba则将其改造为一座学校。

这座学校位于塞内加尔东部地区Tambacounda的一座村庄里,其周围环绕着一系列立面,这些立面是Manuel Herz Architects事务所专为测试而设计,该项目的合作方有Josef与Anni Albers基金会。

Swiss studio Manuel Herz Architects has designed a brick facade for a hospital in eastern Senegal that has been turned into a school by local contractor Magueye Ba.
The school, in a village south of the city of Tambacounda in eastern Senegal, is enclosed by a series of facades that were created as tests for a hospital that Manuel Herz Architects is designing in the city for the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.


这座建筑是Manuel Herz Architects事务所针对医院项目的研究部分,其目的是研究砖石结构在当地气候下的反应与作用,为了达到目标,建筑师委托当地承包商Ba制作了全尺寸立面模型。

承包商Ba也是医学专家,其长时间和Josef、Anni Albers基金会、当地慈善组织Le Korsa合作,相较于设计独立的立面,并且在测试之后就会被拆除,他们决定将其扩大为一座小学。

The building began as part of Manuel Herz Architects' research for its hospital project to examine how the bricks structures function in the local climate. As part of the process, the studio instructed local contractor Ba to create a full-size mock-up of the facades.
Rather than create a standalone facade that would be demolished after testing, Ba – a medical doctor who is a long-time collaborator of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and local charity Le Korsa – decided to expand the remit and build a small school.


Manuel Herz Architects工作室创始人Herz 说:“我们受邀为医院设计测试立面。”


"We asked Magueye Ba to construct a test facade for the hospital," said Manuel Herz Architects founder Herz.
"Knowing that a small village, approximately an hour south of Tambacounda, needed a school, he constructed the test-facade in that village and extended it into a school," he told Dezeen.




"It translates the Western logic of a test-facade – that would have otherwise not served any additional purpose after observing it for a short moment – into 'local logic' where resources are precious," continued Herz.
"It took us by surprise, but I think there is an incredible cunningness and intelligence to the move."




The architecture studio designed the perforated brick facades for the hospital and its circulation spaces as it wanted to create a building that could moderate its own climate without the need for air-conditioning.
These aims translated into the small school, which is built from two walls each made from four brick panels, connected by a barrel-vaulted roof.




"I had the chance of visiting the school twice – once during the rainy season and once during the dry season – since its completion and each time saw it in use," said Herz.
"Compared to other village schools, it has much better ventilation, much better light and a lower temperature within the room. Ventilation is extremely important for eastern Senegal, as temperatures easily reach more than 40 degrees Celsius during the dry season and we need to make sure that the hot air doesn't get trapped in the space."


Photo is by Manuel Herz Architects




At the school, three variants of the perforated facade were tested, with six panels whitewashed and two coated in iron oxide. The results of the testing will now be incorporated into the hospital project.
"We were very happy with the results," said Herz. "The test-facade-turned-school allowed us to finalize the geometry of the brick, to improve the ratio of open versus closed parts of each brick, and to see how the bricks perform in the rainy season," he continued.
"We were also able to improve the process of brick production and curing."


Photo is by Manuel Herz Architects



Manuel Herz Architects事务所由Herz主要领导负责,在瑞士巴塞尔和德国科隆都设置有工作室。该事务所曾经完成了苏黎世的住宅项目,建筑有着动态的立面形态,甚至能够转换为阳台而使用。

摄影:Iwan Baan(除非另有说明)

Herz also took away a personal lesson in utilising resources to their fullest potential from the process.
"I learned a lot from this small test-facade-school," he said. "Even if that is maybe stating the obvious: we become aware of the waste of resources, that happens so much in buildings and construction process in the western world. And we can observe the potential for hybrid-use, and hybrid-design with the school."
Manuel Herz Architects is a Swiss studio led by Herz that has offices in Basel, Switzerland as well as Cologne, Germany. The studio previously completed a housing block in Zurich, which has dynamic facades that transform into balconies.
Photography is by Iwan Baan unless stated.


Photo is by Manuel Herz Architects


Photo is by Manuel Herz Architects


Photo is by Manuel Herz Architects



客户:Josef、 Anni Albers Foundation / Le Korsa
建筑设计:Manuel Her、Magueye Ba
项目团队:Magueye Ba, Manuel Herz, Alexis Schulman
承包商:Magueye Ba

Project credits:
Client: Josef and Anni Albers Foundation / Le Korsa
Architect: Manuel Herz in collaboration with Magueye Ba
Project team: Magueye Ba, Manuel Herz, Alexis Schulman
Contractor: Magueye Ba




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