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David Thulstrup工作室为哥本哈根Noma餐厅设计家具
Studio David Thulstrup designs furniture for Copenhagen restaurant Noma


David Thulstrup工作室为哥本哈根的Noma餐厅精心设计了餐桌与餐椅。

拥有米其林二星的Noma餐厅在2010年、2011年、2012年、2014年都被《Restaurant Magazine》评为最佳餐厅,该餐厅在今年搬至哥本哈根Christianshavn街区。

Noma餐厅的主要负责人兼创始人René Redzepi委托David Thulstrup工作室为餐厅进行室内设计,同时他希望工作室能为餐厅量身定制一系列家具。

工作室与当地制造商Brdr Krüger合作,设计建造了Arv系列的桌椅。Arv系列家具表达了丹麦的文化特色,它是结合了传统的丹麦手工艺的现代化作品。

Studio David Thulstrup has designed a highly crafted chair and tables for the revamped Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.
The two-Michelin-star Noma – named best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 – reopened earlier this year, after moving to a new location in the city's Christianshavn neighbourhood.
When Noma head chef and founder René Redzepi commissioned Studio David Thulstrup to design the restaurant's interior at its new location, he also asked that the studio create a series of bespoke furniture pieces to complement the space.
Working with local manufacturers Brdr Krüger, the studio created the Arv chair and table. Meaning heritage in Danish, the Arv collection is a contemporary design that references traditional Danish craftsmanship through its complex design details.




椅子的框架由橡木制作,座垫和椅背则由丹麦传统的纸绳编制而成,这一细部设计对于René Redzepi来说至关重要,因为这能“深刻地表达设计背后的传统工艺”。

The chair, which has high armrests, has a hand-woven cord seat. The backrest is sculpted to form a fluid curve designed to support natural human movement and provide optimal seating comfort.
Meanwhile the back leg of the chair has a gentle curve that smoothly connects to the backrest and armrest with delicate and precise joinery.
The frame of the chair is made from oak, and the seat and backrest are woven using classic Danish paper cord – a detail which was important to René Redzepi as it "further emphasises the craftsmanship behind the design".




座椅的生产过程将Brdr Krüger团队的木工技艺和现代科技相结合,例如高精度的计算机数控切割技术。

Redzepi wanted to make the chairs as comfortable as possible, stating that his wish was for guests to be able to "sit in an armchair without having the impression of sitting on a throne."
As a result, the angle of the Arv chair sits somewhere between a dining and desk chair with an armrest that was designed to bring an "understated formality".
The production process combined the Brdr Krüger team's highly skilled joinery techniques with modern technology, such as high-precision computer numerical control (CNC) milling.


David Thulstrup工作室的创始人David Thulstrup说:“我们很高兴能够在Noma项目中与这个当地设计品牌进行合作。虽然项目周期短暂,但是Brdr Krüger仍然投入了极大的热情,目的就是要把Arv系列家具圆满制作完成,同时也能满足设计师对这个项目的一些理念。”

“Brdr Krüger是丹麦领先的制造商,并且在这个领域有着超过130年的经验,同时对传统工艺也有着巨大热情,他们为这个家具系列带来了灵魂。”


"We were delighted to work with a native design brand on this special project for Noma," said David Thulstrup, founder of Studio David Thulstrup. "Despite the short timeframe and complex design, Brdr Krüger put all their strengths and efforts into making the Arv pieces and our vision for the designs possible."
"The furniture collection that Brdr Krüger has brought to life is a testament to their immense passion for craftsmanship and more than 130-years' experience as leading Danish makers," continued Thulstrup.
"The Arv collection reflects this legacy in Danish design whilst remaining true to the quality and progressive values of Noma."



Brdr Krüger的创意总监Jonas Krüger说:“Arv系列既精致又复杂,其中充分利用了丹麦设计的文化遗产,同时也表达了精益求精的现代精神。”

“本次与David Thulstrup工作室的合作非常愉快,既有协同创意,又有多学科的专业交流。我相信通过这个过程,我们都成长了许多。”


在丹麦家具品牌与设计师Rasmus Bækkel Fex 去年的合作款推出之后,Avr系列作品也紧随其后。他们合作设计了有着编织坐垫的摇椅。

The Arv table, which comes in both a round and square version, follows the design cues of the Arv chair, with the chair's armrest designed to slide perfectly under the table top.
"The Arv collection has a subtle complexity; it draws on our solidity of Danish design heritage but strives forward with a lean contemporary spirit," said Jonas Krüger, creative director of Brdr Krüger.
"This project with David Thulstrup is a good example of creative synergy and added value across disciplines. I believe we made each other better throughout the process," he continued.
"We can as a self-producing design brand, connect the dots between the values of Noma, the vision of the architect and present solutions that create a synergy between these two elements."
The Avr collection follows on from the Danish furniture brand's partnership with designer Rasmus Bækkel Fex last year. Together they created a Shaker-influenced chair with a woven seat.



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