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In and between boxes: Atelier Peter Fong

在广州天河区的一个老住宅楼下,芝作室将空置的城市边角改头换面成为Atelier Peter Fong: 一个工作室与咖啡馆。一系列的白色体块将原本凌乱的场地净化,创造出引人驻足的宁静空间。

Located in a residential neighborhood next to the Tianhe district in central Guangzhou, Atelier Peter Fong by Lukstudio revives an empty corner lot into both an office and a cafe. Through a series of clean white volumes, the design purifies the existing chaotic site to create a calm yet inviting atmosphere.

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From the outside, a floating aluminum canopy connects the volumes together, while delineating between the old and the new. Three boxes stick out from the interior, composing a coherent façade while creating areas in-between like urban alleys that draw people in from the street. Each box contains a distinct program; café, brainstorming area, meeting room and a break-out lounge. In contrast to the pristine forms, the voids are painted gray and left with the original structural ceiling.

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Following a process of meticulous spatial carving, openings and niches are shaped within the volumes. Large cut-outs connect the café to the exterior and frame the surrounding greenery. On the inside, white ceiling pockets and wooden niches create a sense of intimacy. The office entry is also carved at its edge to feature a peaceful Zen garden, which becomes a focal point and visually connects the different parts of the office together.

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The selection of materials further enhances the pure definition of the spaces. Smooth surfaces such as white walls and terrazzo flooring dominate the main space, serving as a canvas to capture light and shadow. The brainstorming box is lined with polycarbonate panels that form a subtle visual connection between the café and the workplace.  Intimate areas are characterized by organic elements; such as continuous timber panels in the brainstorming zone and remnants of an existing brick wall in the lounge.

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通过咖啡文化与联合办公相结合的模式,Atelier Peter Fong将一个现代概念的社交模式融入到寻常邻里中。一个被遗忘的城市边角通过设计成为社交热点,这脱胎换骨的转变诠释了建筑的介入可以如何为城市注入新活力,激活社区再发展。 

Combining artisanal café culture with a collaborative co-working space, Atelier Peter Fong adapts a contemporary social model to a local Chinese neighborhood. The complete transformation of a forgotten site into a destination demonstrates how architectural interventions can activate the streetscape and enhance nearby communities.

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改造前 室内

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改造前 西立面

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建筑与室内设计团队:Lukstudio芝作室 (
项目团队:陆颕芝, Alba Beroiz Blazquez,区智维,蔡金红,黄珊芸
平面设计:Evelyn Chiu
家具:Emeco, Hay, Muuto, Paustian, Peixin
灯具:Bentu, Flos, Tons
室内面积:250 平方米
设计期: 2015年7月-11月
摄影:Dirk Weiblen

Architecture and Interior Design: LUKSTUDIO (
Design team: Christina Luk, Alba Beroiz Blazquez, Ray Ou, Jin Hong Cai, Shanyun Huang
Graphic design: Evelyn Chiu
Furniture: Emeco, Hay, Muuto, Paustian, Peixin
Lighting: Bentu, Flos, Tons
Net area: 250 sqm
Location: No. 42 Huakang Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Design: July – November 2015
Construction: Feb -September 2016
Photography: Dirk Weiblen





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