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Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第1张图片

The Renzo Piano Foundation has selected the winner of the first edition prize reserved for Italian Architects under 40. The studio Iotti + Pavarani Architetti in Reggio Emilia was awarded the first prize for their project Domus Technica. The award, promoted by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism directed by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, received more than seventy entries screened by a single juror: Renzo Piano.  The Renzo Piano Foundation selected the project Domus Technica: the new Immmergas Center for Advanced Training by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti as the winner of the first edition of the prize, promoted by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (AIAC) and chaired by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, which is awarded to up-and-coming architects under 40.

伦佐·皮亚诺基金会已经选出了意大利40岁以下建筑师竞赛一等奖。来自Reggio Emilia的Iotti + Pavarani Architetti事务所凭借着他们的作品Domus Technica荣获一等奖。这个奖由Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi领导的意大利建筑和批判协会发起,一共收到了70多份的参赛作品。这个竞赛是专门为40岁以下的青年建筑师设立的。
Architect: Iotti + Pavarani Architetti (Paolo Iotti, Marco Pavarani)
Location: Brescello, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Project Area: 900 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Roland Halbe
建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani Architetti (Paolo Iotti, Marco Pavarani)
地  点:意大利Brescello, Reggio Emilia
摄影师:Roland Halbe

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Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第2张图片
Courtesy of The Renzo Piano Foundation Approximately seventy applications from all over Italy were examined, and evaluated by a single judge, who is one of the greatest professionals in the field: Renzo Piano. At the awards ceremony, that took place in Genova at the Foundation’s headquarters, Renzo Piano stated, “In order to understand how the idea for the award was conceived it is necessary to step back a few months, when Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi came to find me in my studio in Paris. We began talking; I have always appreciated the free spirited personality of Luigi, and his cheerful informality. For many years we have shared an admiration for young people, especially those that are architects. Young and architects, a winning combination. It was because of this that we thought about establishing a prize intended for Italian architects under 40 that have realized a project”.
伦佐·皮亚诺基金会收到的来自于意大利各地的将近70份作品被核实完后,最后只由一个人来评奖,那就是在建筑领域最杰出的建筑师之一: 佐伦·皮亚诺。在基金会总部所在地热那亚的颁奖典礼上,佐伦·皮亚诺这样说道:“为了让大家知道这个奖是怎么形成的,有必要说道几个月前,当Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi早我巴黎的工作室找到我的时候,我们开始了讨论;我一直都欣赏Luigi自由奔放的个性,和他的开朗不拘礼节。我们两个这些年来一直很佩服年轻人,尤其是建筑师。年轻和建筑师,一个制胜的结合。正是由于如此,我们才想到为意大利40岁以下、已经做过实际工程的建筑师设立一个奖项”

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第3张图片
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi commented on the unique nature of the prize, in both the initial selection of the twelve best projects (by a jury of young people chosen from those initially arrived) and later in the selection of the winner (by Renzo Piano), based on their ability to focus on the role of the younger generations in the profession, “A prize awarded directly by the best Italian designer is a source of pride and satisfaction. I say satisfaction because the award was given to the architects by a person and not a committee; pride because it was bestowed to them by a renowned architect which can be helpful in the endless vicissitudes of the profession”.
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi叙述了这个奖的特殊性,可以从两方面来说,首先是由最初的青年评审团选出12个最好的工程,然后再由伦佐·皮亚诺基于参赛者专业能力选出第一名。“直接由意大利最好的设计师来颁奖,这是一种荣耀和满足。我说满足,不仅是因为这个奖是有一个个人选出而不是由组织选出。荣耀是因为这个奖项由一个有名望的建筑师来颁奖,这对于以后的职业发展起伏都有帮助”

Domus Technica, the new Immmergas Center for Advanced Training for the Immergas Company was completed in 2010 in the city of Brescello (Reggio Emilia). Immergas has extended its research and production fields to new generation technologies in regards to the exploitation of renewable resources (solar thermal, photovoltaic, and heat pumps). The project was conceived as a “laboratory” containing teaching rooms and showrooms where technicians and professionals are trained and updated in both the installation and implementation of these technologies as well as emerging processes related to this type of research.
Domus Technica,Immmergas公司的Immmergas高级培训新大楼2010年在Brescello完工。Immergas已经把它的研究和产品领域扩展到下一代技术,它是关于可再生能源的开发(太阳能,光伏,地泵)。该项目被设计成一个“实验室”,它包括教室,展示厅。技术人员和专家,在技术安装和技术应用以及相关的开发领域,进行培训并更新知识。
Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第4张图片

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第5张图片

First and second plan
The building is divided into two levels. The main one, on the ground floor, contains a spacious atrium that opens to the surrounding landscape, four showrooms (dedicated to high power, new technologies, solar power and photovoltaic systems) and a central technological showroom (space dedicated to ‘energy storage’, set in the centre as the heart of the machine “Domus Technica”). On the top level, a meeting hall opens towards a terrace; the “artificial landscape” constructed with alternating paved surfaces, green surfaces and tilted glazed surfaces that support the solar and photovoltaic panels. The upper body of the building sits on a “heavy base” that roots it to the ground. It performs like a translucent compact volume inspired by the industrial vocations of the region. At the same time it tries to renew the area’s appearance by creating a more refined an evocative image of what is considered a “technical place”. The effects of the facade, created by light and weather conditions based on the time of day or the seasons, change the character of the U glass finish which appears to have a transparent and diaphanous nature at times or viceversa, a solid and monochromatic nature at others. In the evenings, a lighting system is powered entirely by the energy produced from the photovoltaic panels and transforms the building into a body of light.
建筑可以分为2层。主要楼层,即首层平面,它包括一个宽大的中庭,四个展示厅(分别是高效能源,新技术,太阳能和光伏系统)和一个中央技术展示厅(以供能源储存,它位于“Domus Technica”的中心)。在顶层,一个会议厅开向露台。“人造景观”,由交替铺设铺的路面,绿化的表皮和一个支撑太阳能板和光伏板的玻璃表面组成。建筑的上部主体一下是一个根植于地下的“重型基础”。它就像是受该区域的工业使命起来而产生的一个透明的压缩体块。同时,它试着通过创造一个更加能激起人们想到“技术之地”景象,来更新区域的外观。随着时间和季节变化的光线和天气状况营造了建筑的外立面效果,通过改变了u型玻璃的特性,让它有时呈现出透明和半透性,有时又呈现实心和单色。在晚上,灯光系统的能源全部来自于光伏板产生的能量,灯光使得建筑就像是一个发光体。

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第6张图片
The building, designed as a “Class A” certified structure, is self-sufficient. The equipment installed in the four ground floor showrooms produce, using various technologies, primary cold and hot fluids that have been completely recovered, stored and reutilized to meet the energy requirements of the building as well as those of the pre-existing office structure.

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第7张图片
On May 24, 2011 Domus Technica has already been awarded the National Prize for Architecture ANCE IN/ARCH IV edition as a work designed by young architects (under 40). A recognition that, in the long tradition of IN/ARCH Prizes which was launched in 1962,promotes “the value of the constructed structure as the convergence of multiple factors: from the customer to the entrepreneur, the component manufacturer and finally the designer”.
2011年5月24号,Domus Technica作为40岁以下建筑师的作品荣获了国家建筑ANCE IN/ARCH IV 奖。IN/ARCH奖自1962年起就开始设立,它促进了一个观念,即“建成建筑的价值汇聚了多方面的因素:从顾客到企业家,到零件制造商最后到设计者”

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第8张图片
THE FIRM: IOTTI + PAVARANI ARCHITETTI. The practice was founded in 2001 from the professional partnership of Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani. It has had a high success rate in architectural competitions, especially those that deal with the confrontation between architecture and landscape. From the year 2000 to the present the firm’s efforts have been rewarded with eleven first prizes, three second prizes, a third prize, and two honorable mentions. The majority of the winning projects have already been built, whilst the remaining ones are in diverse phases of the design process. Amongst these projects are the masterplan for a residential and service complex of 20 hectares in Riga (Latvia), the masterplan for an area of 60 hectares in Nuremberg (Germany), the plan for the residential neighborhood in Ferrara (Italy), and the waterfront project of Selinunte (Italy).In 2004 they won the first prize in a Europe-wide two phase competition for the new stadium in Siena; a project which was able to merge the infrastructure of the sport’s complex with the picturesque and delicate landscape of the Tuscan hills. The project was also recently awarded the MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Award 2011, in their “Retail and Leisure” category. In 2003 the studio received an honorable mention for their Peace and Freedom Monument in Correggio, Italy as part of the prize Medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana (Golden Medal for Italian Architecture) by the Triennale di Milano. In 2006 they were invited to participate in the 10. Architecture Biennale in Venice in the La città Nuova. Italia-y-2026 exhibition curated by Franco Purini for the Italian Pavilion. In 2011 they were awarded the National Prize in Architecture ANCE IN/ARCH IV edition and the RENZO PIANO FOUNDATION AWARD for architects under 40 for their Domus Technica Immergas project.
IOTTI + PAVARANI建筑事务所由Paolo Iotti和Marco Pavarani在2001年合作建立。它在建筑竞赛中有着很高的获奖率,尤其是对于一些要处理建筑与环境之间问题的竞赛。从2000年到现在,公司已经获得过11次一等奖,3次二等奖,1次三等奖和2次荣誉奖。大多数获奖的项目已经在建,有一些还在各个设计阶段。在这些项目中有Riga20万平方米的居住和服务综合体,有德国Nuremberg的60公顷用地,有意大利Ferrara的居住区和意大利Selinunte的海滨项目。在2004年,Siena的新体育馆全欧洲范围的2个阶段竞赛中获得了第一名。这是一个需要把运动中心和Tuscan优美的风景融合在一起的项目。这个项目最近又获得了2011MIPIM在“Retail and Leisure”类的大奖。在2003年,事务所因为它们在意大利Correggio的和平自由纪念馆项目获得了由Triennale di Milano 主办的Medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana(意大利建筑金奖)奖的提名奖。在2006年,他们受邀参加在La città Nuova举办的第十届威尼斯建筑双年展的Italia-y-2026展馆,展馆由Franco Purini设计。在2011年,又获得了ANCE IN/ARCH IV的国家级,并且凭借 Domus Technica Immergas项目,获得了伦佐·皮亚诺基金会针对40岁以下建筑师的一等奖。

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第9张图片
Structure: Studio Gasparini-Gualerzi-Teneggi (Sara Trussardi)
Services: Studio Termotecnici Associati (Marco Manghi)
Electrical: Tecnoprogetti (Ferruccio Mirandola)
Construction supervision (on behalf of the client): Guido Simonazzi
Construction: Impref srl – Frignani srl
Facades: Facadesign
Interior Finishes: Claudio Bassoli srl
External Works: Bacchi spa
Thermo-Mechanical System: Torreggiani & C. spa
Electrical Systems: Automazioni Bigliardi srl
Furnishings: Eurostands spa
Lighting: iGuzzini
结构:Gasparini-Gualerzi-Teneggi (Sara Trussardi)事务所
服务:Termotecnici Associati (Marco Manghi)事务所
电力:Tecnoprogetti (Ferruccio Mirandola)
建筑监理:Guido Simonazzi
构造:Impref srl – Frignani srl
室内:Claudio Bassoli srl
室外:Bacchi spa
热机械系统:Torreggiani & C. spa
电力系统:Automazioni Bigliardi srl
家具:Eurostands spa

Immmergas高级培训中心/建筑师:Iotti + Pavarani第10张图片




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