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Casa Empordà



From the architect. This project combines our fascination of 50’s and 60’s furniture by Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand with the typical rural architecture of the Empordà (in Catalonia). Creating a country house, a rural palace of the early twentieth century, the project works as a home-gallery with open spaces that allow exhibit works of art and classical furniture from the private collection of the owner to be showcased.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第2张图片
© Fernando Alda


Using materials and aesthetics that contrast and harmoniously coexist with traditional architecture, we have created several openings by way of windows, designed to establish greater dialogue between the outside and in – this is the key to understanding this project.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第3张图片
© Fernando Alda


A wavy canopy shelters the outdoor porch of the house, providing shade and a connection between old and new construction, whilst at the same time serving as a space for guests. This pergola gives access to both buildings and features a large table for alfresco dining on summer days.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第4张图片
© Fernando Alda


Focusing on eliminating unnecessary elements, the flooring has been created using white microcemento except for the annexed building where the Studio flooring uses wood unifying with the stucco of the walls.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第5张图片
© Fernando Alda


A monochromatic white color scheme has been used throughout the interior. White serves to emphasize the impressive pieces of furniture and art, with the house also used as a gallery. In the large main hall, works of art selected specifically by the owner are displayed for viewing.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第6张图片
© Fernando Alda


The study incorporates materials including iron and blued steel, contrasting with the more organic elements of housing such as the old stone and whitewashed walls. This beautiful affect has been integrated into the openings of the exterior, kitchen furniture, new dressing room, bedroom and main bathroom.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第7张图片
© Fernando Alda


On the ground floor of the main building there is a living room-gallery, kitchen and several rest areas. Upstairs there are two guest bedrooms that can be accessed through a distributor with a facing that serves as a dressing room / cloakroom. As a separate structure on this floor there is the main bedroom, reached through a Calacatta marble bathroom. Flanked by closet doors made of natural wood, there is a small working studio that can be accessed from here.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第8张图片
© Fernando Alda


Several steps lead to the main bedroom with sheet iron headboard featured to create an almost monastic bedroom with original rustic flooring kept in place. The room has access to a large terrace.

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第9张图片
© Fernando Alda

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第10张图片
© Fernando Alda

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第11张图片
Floor Plan/楼层平面图

卡萨住宅/ Rife Design第12张图片
Floor Plan/楼层平面图

建筑设计: Rife Design
项目位置: 西班牙,希罗纳,Carrer de l'Empordà,
设计: Francesc Rifé
项目时间: 2015年
摄影: Fernando Alda

Architects: Rife Design
Location: Carrer de l'Empordà, 17005 Girona, Girona, Spain
Design: Francesc Rifé
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Fernando Alda





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