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建筑设计:Santiago Parramon,RTA工作室
地点: Awaza,土库曼巴希,土库曼斯坦
景观设计:Santiago Parramon,RTA工作室
室内设计:Santiago Parramon,RTA工作室
基地面积:185,083 m2















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Architecture Design: Santiago Parramón, RTA-Office
Location: Awaza, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan
Collaborator: DOME Partners Istanbul
Landscape Design: Santiago Parramon, RTA-Office
Interior Design: Santiago Parramon, RTA-Office
Client: Turkmenistan government
Gross Site Area: 185,083 m2
Total Construction Area: 35,000m2
Completion Date: Architectural Concept Design – February 2012

Turkmenistan’s government recently commissioned RTA-Office to design a major Congress Hall and Convention center in the Awaza Touristic Region Masterplan. Standing in the area designated as Lot 19, their design aims to become a global calling for the promotion of regional and cultural tourism, through the content of its program and unique architecture. The proposal includes five buildings and a central hall unified with a pergola with a unique roof structure. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Through its elements, the project will give to the area an injection of life, creativity and innovation, as well as to become a place for meeting and exchange of information in a larger scale. Our project is manifested as generator of the process of development of the new public and cultural regional destination area. For this reason we have chosen the strategy to design a building with a strong character and appearance.

The entrance is by the north east part of the site plan area, leads to the main pedestrian entrance under the first building volume. The project presents a parking lot for 300 vehicles. The five volumes of the buildings become from the analysis, understanding and develop of the shape of the Turkmenistan traditional architecture. Their massive and iconic shape not only represents ancient architecture monuments such as the ”Ruins of Ancient Merv”, it also responds to a climate requirement to balance the temperature differences between interior and exterior spaces.

Also each volume have an interior patio, providing an exceptional thermal and lighting conditioning, large umbraculums, that in a natural form sift the intensity of the sunlight that will bathe the large wall surfaces. It creates spaces that shelter individuals from direct light and introduce gentle breezes. The unique golden interior and exterior surfaces colors respond as well to the “Turkmenistan Kipchak mosque” as a unique architectural reference.

Each one of the buildings has a particular dimension and height according to the program. The interior spaces of the buildings are public programs developing areas differentiated by functions and users, including conference rooms, meeting halls, exhibitions areas, and auditorium for 1800 people and administrative offices.

The intersections of these five volumes are unified by a great hall with a spectacular shaped roof in a central space. This particular structure responds not just a geometric formula like a schedule sequence but also a systematized construction by the repetition of the same pattern. It also provides lighting and ventilation to the interior spaces through its folded horizontal roof surface. It develops program as open spaces exhibitions areas and resting areas.

The project uses marble and structure of reinforced concrete; we emphasize the use of marble to ensure high resistance and long life, and the use of reinforced concrete to reduce the transportation impacts due to the technologies expertise of local technicians. The strong, material expression is obtained by using only one material, white marble, specially chosen for this building’s façade because of its elegant and suggestive texture. In contrast, the façade presents perforations, giving the building fenestration from above and along the walls for natural light and selected views of the surroundings, especially to the sea and coast.

The open and continuously fluid space provides a perceptive and dynamic environment that becomes a place of entertainment and development of cultural activities for the city. Dictated by this plan is a structure with unique volumes, shaped as a unitary whole. The body of refined and winding lines carefully balances the harmonious integration of architecture, landscape and innovation.




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