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Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第1张图片

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Architects: Jean De Lessard
Location: Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Canada
Architect In Charge: Jean De Lessard
Client: Kinoya
Area: 1,500 sq ft
Year: 2012
Photographs: M David Giral
地点:加拿大 蒙特利尔 圣•丹尼斯街
摄影:M David Giral

Since the recent opening of Japanese bistro Kinoya on Saint-Denis Street, the Irasshaimase salutes have not stopped in this izakaya, the Japanese answer to the tapas bar. Modern yet imbued with tradition, this little gem of Japanese cuisine deserved for its jewel case nothing but an unusually inventive design. Created by the talented designer Jean de Lessard, who had carte blanche for this project, the volumes and shapes of great simplicity are making this space shine with a total casual chic.

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第2张图片

Although the interior stone and brick covering had to be kept, the metamorphosis is radical in this once darken place. “Any trace of the previous Italian restaurant with its huge pizza ovens has disappeared. One can now enjoy the show of performing Japanese chefs in their open kitchen ”, explains Jean de Lessard.

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第3张图片

Changes to the existing circulation axis, as well as the creation of new viewpoints
with different ambiances have given the space an amazing sense of dynamism and fluidity.


Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第4张图片

The designer has given a humoristic twist to the traditional “tatami” room which is at the heart of the project. It breaks the “cafeteria style” effect which is due to the high ceilings and the rectangular shape of the place and forces us to question our perception of space. The long sculptural strip made of yellow birch wraps itself around, as would a furoshiki, to form a “box” that the designer has positioned slightly off the mark. The reason for this becomes apparent when one moves along inside the bistro bar. “Jean thinks of the smallest detail, he is a great designer and a perfectionist who is passionate about design!”, rejoices Ivy Dong, one of the owners. In this clean space, however, not a single detail is superfluous.
设计师对传统的“榻榻米”房间赋予了一种幽默性的转变,这是这个计划的核心。它打破了“自助餐形式”的效果,这是由于这个房价中高高的天花板和矩形的形状,迫使我们不得不质疑我们的空间感。由黄桦木制成的长长的雕塑带缠绕在房间周围,像一个包袱一样,形成了一个设计者已经定位好的、稍微有点偏离标志的“盒子”。当人们沿着它进入到小吃酒吧内部的时候,它的原因就变得很明显了。“让考虑到了最小的细节,他是一个伟大的设计师,同时他也是一个对设计充满热情的完美主义者。”小酒馆的主人之一,Ivy Dong, 欣喜的说道。然而,在这片干净的空间里,没有一个细节是多余的。

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第5张图片

The gigantic flowers that run on the floor, walls and ceiling lead us into a world of fantasy and poetry. Such excessive demonstration is often seen in a manga universe. Here, the huge plum blossoms, peonies and stylized chrysanthemums have become contemporary representatives of thekamon (the heraldic insignia of ancient samurai clans). These identical patterns are also found on a tiny paper kimono displayed on the wall, the first of a series of ten works of art, which shapes and colors are a daring challenge to one another. This quintessential signature has become a part of the identity of Kinoya, so much that the aesthetic floral graphic is also displayed on the menu card.

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第6张图片

The warmth and golden quality of wood, the delicate and sharp shades of pink against a masculine glossy black; the softness of materials in a more classic shade of grey all blend in with finesse, because for Jean de Lessard: “I wanted to create a place which would be sexy but not fake, a place where both men and women would feel good.” Still, humour is never far away evokes the playfully clad-in-skirt bar stools created by the designer. Soft and indirect lighting is used to create different moods, as well as the play of chiaroscuro and of pitching “full” against “empty” through various architectural elements, such as the wood partition at the bar that the designer has detached from the wall.

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第7张图片

If Kinoya was designed to be in the image of its trendy clients, it also reflects the personality of its young creative and dynamic owners faithfully. “We have so much fun working here“, says Ivy Dong, and as for the chef Devin Chen, he concludes: “In my restaurant, I always feel as if I am wearing the yukata and that we are gathered on the tatami, my friends and I, for food and drinks and to have a good time! ”Domo arigato gozaimasu!
如果说Kinoya的设计目的是代表了时尚客人的形象,这也真实的反映出了它充满活力和创造力的年轻业主的个性。“我们在这工作是如此的开心”Ivy Dong说,而且正如它的主厨陈温德总结的那样,“在我的餐厅中,我总是感觉好像我正在穿着浴衣,和我的朋友聚集在榻榻米上,吃着美味的食物,喝着可口的饮料,度过了一段愉快的时间!”Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第8张图片

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第9张图片

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第10张图片

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第11张图片

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第12张图片

Bistro Japonais Kinoya / Jean De Lessard第13张图片




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