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Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第1张图片

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© Narjes Ziaolmolki
Architects: Kourosh Rafiey
Location: Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Iran
Client: Farshad Aghazadeh
Project area: 450 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Narjes Ziaolmolki
建筑师:Kourosh Rafiey
位置:伊朗 德黑兰Pardis技术公园
客户:Farshad Aghazadeh
摄影师:Narjes Ziaolmolki
Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第2张图片

This Project is a Surgery room calibration, which is located in Pardis Technology Park, 20 km from North-East of Tehran. It is a 450 sqm building in a 500 sqm land. The policy for creating the park was a township with architectural values. Therefore, a list of well-known architects was presented to the clients who intended to construct a project in their property.
There are a series of issues involved in every architectural project. Here I have tried to address some of them such as nature, function, space, region, plans, and technique.

Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第3张图片

The program of the building is a surgery room calibration and its office. The site is located in the centre of the medical department of the town. The ground floor is allocated for laboratory, warehouse, and parking lots and all administrative spaces are located in first floor. The access to the first floor and ground floor was separated by a long ramp since the laboratory is meant to be a safe and isolated area and is better to have a private entrance. Besides that, the ramp also provides an easy access to first floor, making the occupants feel like this is ground floor but with a better view and light.
In my opinion a better understanding of space is always achieved when either the user is in motion or the design has dynamic spaces.
The building is influenced by the so called ramp which is in a zigzag manner; and a sense of constant travel is repeated in its form. The result is a dynamic form with pulsing internal spaces which is also in coordination with the building’s function. In other words, if we assume that a surgery room is the beating heart of a hospital, this project will be the beating heart of the medical department of this site.

Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第4张图片

The main characteristic of the local buildings is their pitched roof. The same style has been used for this project. However, to avoid the roofs looking so separated from the building below, the overall roof cover was extended over the walls to achieve a unified form that is very active and dynamic.

Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第5张图片

Since advanced building techniques are not practiced in this region, I decided to use prefabricated construction methods for most parts of the building especially the structure.
In total, as it is seen my attempt has been putting together some of the main design aspects to achieve a project that represent a dynamic and energetic space which is also harmonic with the context and has a proper relationship with its function.


Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第6张图片

first floor plan
In my opinion, every building needs to be a natural object as well as being a building. I do not believe in designing a building that is an exact copy of a rock or a tree which is nowadays a tendency between some architects. On the other side, most of the common and ordinary buildings in our cities do not have any relationship with the nature. Therefore I tried to come up with a solution in between. As a result, the produced form is not as natural as a rock or a tree, it has a proper harmony with mountains in the context though. Actually, in nature forms have not so specific shape and I tried to have such a form in my project with deformation of common cubic forms.

Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第7张图片

second floor
Amaj Darman Project / Kourosh Rafiey第8张图片

section A
In planning, I tried to distribute spaces so that the fluency and fluidity can be observed from inside and out. In this regards, if a person starts to move from the beginning of the ramp towards the building, a while after entering from an unexpected and unnoticeable entrance, they may not be able to figure out where they are. This may remind us the Mobius strip or klien bottle in which there is no border between inside and outside.

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