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MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第1张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第2张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第3张图片


从花道中汲取灵感,运用纯一的设计手法,以简洁而系统的设计语言,还原出MO茉 Jasmine餐厅的“茉意蕴”。

The scent of jasmine ranked as the first fragance in the world.
LDH DESIGN draws inspiration from ikebana and captures the the essence of "Jasmine" by emlpoying a pure and refined design approach.Through a concise and systematic design language, a space that encapsulates the beauty and ambiance of jasmine is created.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第4张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第5张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第6张图片


The art wall in deep green acts as a frame, while the glistening glass bricks serve as the content, functioning both as a screen and an entrance. The hues harmonize with the interplay of transparent light and shadows, creating an ethereal and intriguing interior space that entices people to step inside.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第7张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第8张图片



Jasmine understands my mind, sending its fragrance from the veranda.
The deep green color extends from the entrance into the interior of the restaurant. The textured marble in shades of dark green, combined with warm lighting, creates an atmosphere where tranquil notes whisper in the air, allowing the mind to escape from the hustle and bustle. The lighting at the bar shines like a jadeite, perfectly complementing the sutle ambiance of light luxury.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第9张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第10张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第11张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第12张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第13张图片



Rabindranath Tagore once said, "The flower sweetens the air with its perfume, yet its last service is to offer itself to thee."
The information perceived by humans often originates from the awakening of our five senses. When multiple senses simultaneoflood into the brain, a three-dimensional and immersive spatial realm instantly emerges. LDH Design places its focus on multiple aspects, including the spatial impression, the experiential journey within the space, and the overall comfort experienced during moments of relaxation.It creates an environment where one feels as if surrounded by the scent of flowers, leading to a sense of comfort, relaxation, and joy.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第14张图片


The interior space design follows the length and depth of the original structure, placing private dining rooms with stronger privacy at both ends of the space. The lounge area and kitchen are positioned together in the center. A long corridor, like a vine, connects different functional scenes, allowing each area to be independent yet interconnected.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第15张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第16张图片


The poet Julian once said, “The moon rest upon the lychee tree, while people wander amidst the fragrance of Jasmine.” LDH design further enhances the chiaroscuro within the space through the variation of forms and colors in the overhead space, intensifying the visual interest as one moves through the area.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第17张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第18张图片


The cleverly cut sloping roof expresses the traditional architecture in a modern way.The changes in light and shadow brings by the illuminated thin film on the slope not only resembles the skylight in childhood memory but also symbolize the fragrance of jasmine, adding visual interest at every step. Thus, the elegant atmosphere accompanies customers wherever they go.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第19张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第20张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第21张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第22张图片


The color of fully bloomed jasmine is as pure as snow. Upon the fluttering curtains, the shadow of jasmine interwined with moonlight, creating a charming scene. Ancient people highly praised the graceful and enchanting silhouette of jasmine. While the LDH design combine the lighting and materials to create an ordinary but a high-class living atmosphere.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第23张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第24张图片


The warm fireplace attracts the gaze, adding just the right amount of warmth to the serene space. In addition to its fundamental role of dividing the space, the flickering lights naturally bring people closer together, creating a sense of relaxation and happiness.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第25张图片


The color scheme of the tables, chairs, and flooring in shades of gray-blue bring out a great fluidity in the elegant atmosphere. Soft lighting gently illuminates the entire area, providing a sense of privacy and security for those engaged in conversations and gatherings.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第26张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第27张图片


The strategically placed lights on the ceiling not only illuminate the framework and structure of the space but also highlight the dining tables themselves. This creates a pleasant dining atmosphere and directs the focus back to the delicious food on the table,which reflects the flower language of jasmine, the true and sincere love.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第28张图片

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第29张图片


The colors, forms, and materials of the space are all carefully chosen to create an atmosphere and establish the spatial impression. The space itself has the power to guide, inspire, and heal individuals. From the tangible to the intangible, from the "space of jasmine" to the "essence of jasmine," Design for the space is a continuous process of refinement, understanding, and elevation. By embracing simplicity and cultivating the sense of poetry, we are able to return to the essence of design and allow users to savor the beauty of the present.

MO茉 Jasmine-玲珑清芬,萦怀雅意第30张图片





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