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Pro-enlightenment unbounded nature, shaped mountain and sea context. The project is located in Fenghua, Ningbo, near the Tengtou eco-tourism scenic spot, surrounded by water and mountains, rich in oxygen and forests, infiltrating the body and mind, with profound ecological value and cultural heritage. The rich geo-water system ecological environment leads to diversified recreation space, where the historical context is watched and the flowing water listens to the tranquil life.

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城市中的生活是什么样的?是快节奏的日程,是繁忙的工作,还是一场场喧嚣的夜晚 。森林里的家园是什么样的?是艺术化的空间,天然的氧吧,和舒适的环境。而家的意义就在于,它是一个你可以隔绝喧嚣回归心灵的栖息地。那么回到家的“第二十五个小时”,可以期待下,我们会怎样度过?

在上宸府项目中我们更注重挖掘“望森听澜 自然生活” 的真谛,取自地缘生态环境的先天优势,在业主居住的舒适性与实用性间平衡取舍,有天光云影的韵律亦有多元化的社区生活。此外我们遵循建筑几何秩序,解构空间法则,营造开朗简约的森境空间氛围,为那些久居城市钢筋水泥森林中的艺术创新者,营造一处可以望山见水的山海至境。

In the Shangchenfu project, we pay more attention to digging the true meaning of "looking at the forest and listening to the natural life", taking advantage of the inherent advantages of the geo-ecological environment, balancing the choice between the comfort and practicality of the owner's living, with the rhythm of the sky and the clouds and the diversified community life. In addition, we follow the geometric order of architecture, deconstruct the space law, create a cheerful and simple forest space atmosphere, and create a mountain and sea environment for those artistic creators who have lived in the reinforced concrete forest of the city for a long time, and bring inspiration to the creators who have not lived in it for a long time.

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The main facade of the entrance landscape is adjacent to the main building, so on the basis of continuing the lightweight design of the main building facade, with a large area of grass slope plants, the landscape wall is combined to form a "geometric framing" theme landscape space.

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In the landscape atrium space, after multiple design deduction and post-management cost estimation, we combined the design inspiration of geo-water system to create the theme space of "Guanlan Listening to the Forest". The fresh and bright holiday atmosphere complements the music of listening to the spring through the forest, and the tune is adjusted to form the sound of the river, which is comfortable, natural and stretching.

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In the details of the swimming pool, we also elaborately build a "surging". The tiles of the swimming pool are paved with mosaics that set off the light blue and dark blue of the elegant faction, interwoven with Mori language and sunshine to form a dream island that seems to be suspended in the air. Under the refraction of sunlight and water surface, the blue in the water projects a gradient blue wave with great visual enjoyment. Here, you can enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself.

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The central garden in the high-rise area is sunny, and here we continue the design language of broken line, combining with the plant green island to weaken the spatial boundary, open and concise. Plants with different textures and colors, with square lines with strong memory points, are romantic and soft against the light, creating a comfortable and natural floating island in the garden.

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The light oxygen veranda located in the layered green plants creates a holiday experience, and the landscape and strip shrubs are embedded in it, which enriches the interest and level of the whole space and builds a romantic and comfortable forest life. A bright and simple tonal chair and bar are placed in the veranda, with light-colored soft clothes, and a relatively stretched viewing and negotiation area is built. Shadows dancing on the veranda, sunshine in the afternoon, two or three friends escape the complexity of the city, heal their mood with green plants everywhere, and look for the long-awaited relaxation and freedom.

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根据建筑的空间布局,宅间设置景观大中庭,打造业主的专属活动空间,景观廊架可以满足日常的休憩和邻里交流。造型绿植让中庭景观风格由森意向舒居过渡,以植物软景围塑空间层次,感受阳光穿梭其中的自然光影之美 ,业主情绪也完成了从慵懒松弛向自然活力的转换。

According to the spatial layout of the building, a landscape atrium is set in the house to create the owner's exclusive activity space, and the landscape veranda can meet the daily rest and neighborhood communication. Modeling green plants make the atrium landscape style transition from forest to comfortable residence, surround the space level with soft plants, feel the beauty of natural light and shadow in which the sun shuttles, and the owner's mood has also changed from lazy relaxation to natural vitality.

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Stepped trails integrated into the "forest" are not only convenient for traffic, but also create a visual experience of scattered landscapes. The touch of quality, the natural floating of breeze, the clean and concise sunshade, and the sparkling blue color like water and sky ... These combinations make people stay in the center of the city, but they seem to be far away from the heat and noise, giving people a unique and quiet feeling.

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The group of houses under the forest is specially designed as a space integrated with the landscape. The semi-sheltered landscape wall not only makes the garden more vibrant, but also encourages the interaction between residents and the landscape. The streamlined and concise materials also add exquisite temperament to the site. We will use natural materials with texture and texture that match the spatial temperament to truly reflect the texture and shape of the materials themselves. The rounded form of plants eases the relationship between hard paving, and the outdoor platform provides a rest space close to nature, giving people a feeling of calm and relaxation.

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Through the mutual infiltration of functional site space and green space, the exterior and interior of the site are integrated, the sense of alienation is removed, the public attribute is enhanced, and a weightless paradise flowing on the green space system is created. Clear paving lines are combined into reasonable fitness zones, and the super-large lawn design can make people relax and relax, rhythm and scale, geometry and poetry create the spirit of the scene, and deduce the lingering scenery.

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In the "children's interest in the forest" space, we take the innocent perspective of children as the design carrier to create a home elephant theme park. It is an age-old social platform for neighborhood life, providing a playground for children to play wildly and a public space for neighborhood communication. In addition, it can also become a landmark scene, which is integrated with the IP of the venue home elephant, improving the recognition of the venue, and not limiting the gameplay and moving lines. Children can play their imaginations here and freely create ways of playing.

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The faster you live, the busier you chase
The more people want to relax inside
The more I want to pursue the artistic home
immersed in nature
Seek seclusion in the forest,
return to nature Listen to the rings
in the forest and wash away the dust
All the answers lie in the unbounded
symbiosis between Lan and Sen.

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