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GND Landscape | New Hope · Elite Mansion
Poetic Image, Splendid Mansion
New Hope · Elite Mansion is located in the core zone of Southern Chengdu, with complete facilities in the financial city and a thousand mu of ecological resources. Together with GND Landscape, New Hope Real Estate constructed a high-end mansion residence in Chengdu—New Hope · Elite Mansion, hoping to restore the dignified residing experience of the 5,000-year-old history. As an epoch-making work, it ushers in an entirely new lifestyle for the financial city.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第1张图片

六庭 · 十景


Design Concept
Six Courtyards · Ten Scenes
When constructing the landscape for New Hope · Elite Mansion, GND Landscape took reference from the spatial landscape of traditional Chinese gardens and extracted and integrated the local region’s spatial layout to create a distinctive new Chinese-style garden view space.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第2张图片



The central axis serves as a clue that connects the entire site. Strolling leisurely on this site, you can find a scroll of the heavenly world unfold slowly in front of you.
Meanwhile, the mansion perfect combines Chengdu’s culture and the site’s unique personality. Modeling on ten scenic spots of Chengdu, the designer created ten scenes for the Elite Mansion, including the Riverbank Welcomes Guests, Pavilion amid Winding Streams, Water-surrounded Garden, Rain Sound Pavilion, Bamboo Courtyard, Mountain View Garden, Fish Watching Platform, Baicao Pavilion, Returning Pavilion, and Hello, New World. As one walks in, elegant scenery and a poetic image unfold slowly, presenting a customized mansion etiquette space exclusive to Chengdu.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第3张图片

入户 · 起韵


Scenery Presentation
Entrance · Start the rhyme
An intense Chinese-style flavor extends to the Guest Welcoming Lobby along with bubbling water, presenting a dignified sense of ceremony to residents.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第4张图片

△Extracted concept: the Riverbank Welcomes Guests


The scenery at the entrance is arranged symmetrically along the central axis. On both sides are two lines of decorative pillars that stand on the ascending platform and water scene, perfectly interpreting the auspicious wish for having a meteoritic rise and treasures that fill the family.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第5张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第6张图片

游园 · 忘尘


A Tour in the Garden · Forget the Earthly World
Bamboo Courtyard
The artistic water curtain walls around the sunken courtyard are connected with the courtyard and the upper spatial scene. A flock of cranes dances gracefully and flexibly, portraying a natural scroll along with the garden and the land that extends forward. The virtual and real scenery are perfectly combined and change with each step, attempting to present multi-layered sensory experiences for visitors in the limited space. After walking inside, one seems to have entered another world.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第7张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第8张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第9张图片



Pavilion amid Winding Streams
Extracting the graceful scenery from Dujiangyan, the top of the Ten Scenic Sites in Chengdu, an entire piece of natural granite is processed to create a layered water view. Clear water flows in the crooked stream, stirring ripples that extend outwardly. Watching this scene, residents seem to be surrounded by the natural landscape.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第10张图片

△Extracted concept: pure water on ancient dyke

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第11张图片



Rain Sound Pavilion
Traveling back to the world a thousand years ago, we depicted the Rain Sound Pavilion that carries previous interest of Chengdu with modern design techniques. Sitting in the pavilion, we seem to be chatting with the ancient poet Du Fu. The poetic image extends beyond the doorsill and passes the window to chase the breeze. Drizzles scatter on the carpet of flowers and echo the rustle of bamboo leaves. Located in this fairyland, one cannot help but stop to experience its charm. The simple world from ancient times eventually becomes a paradise on earth in the contemporary era.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第12张图片

△Extracted concept: Appreciate the rain in the Humble Cottage

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第13张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第14张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第15张图片


The water scene of the Water-surrounded Garden and the garden view add radiance to each other, appearing to be a lofty landscape scroll amid buildings. As one walks inside, the feeling of standing aloof arises in one’s heart, though one resides in the thatched cottage.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第16张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第17张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第18张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第19张图片



Flowery Courtyard
The Flowery Courtyard drew inspiration from Flower Worshipping Festival, a traditional temple fair held in Qingyang Palace. To represent the flourishing scene of blossoms in Chengdu during the Tang and Song Dynasties, we chose oriental cherries, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, and other trees with appreciation values. Eventually, we created a romantic space where wafts of sweet fragrance flow in the air and diverse flowers contend in beauty.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第20张图片


The wavy-shaped greening design is matched with a winding strip inlaid with dark and light pebbles, making the proprietors feel like standing in a flowery valley. The stone sculpture in the shape of an imperial jade seal symbolizes prosperity, perfecting setting off the courtyard’s classical atmosphere.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第21张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第22张图片



Heavenly Courtyard
A swarm of fish jumps out of the water, stirring ripples that captivate your heart. As you suddenly raise your head, you surprisingly find the swarm of fish has transformed into birds that fly into the sky. These artistic sculptures are made of copper and stainless steel, presenting a fascinating view for owners on the Fish viewing Platform.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第23张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第24张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第25张图片



Cloud Pavilion
We placed tiles by hand to imitate ocean waves and arranged greening plants in a wave shape to simulate the undulating mountain ranges. Though only miniature views, they present a majestic atmosphere through consistent and smooth lines, allowing proprietors to enjoy the beautiful landscape in daily life. Meanwhile, the Cloud Pavilion is also a site specially constructed for the elderly to have exercise and breathe in pure oxygen.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第26张图片

△ Extracted concept: luxuriant greenery on Mountain Qingcheng

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第27张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第28张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第29张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第30张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第31张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第32张图片


位于社区内部的“Hello新世界”,是新希望地产打造的全国首个主要服务于儿童的原创IP主题游乐场,以新希望地产IP形象New Sir作为主题形象进行设计。

Create Dreams for Children
Hello, New World, a site located in the community, is the first amusement park constructed by New Hope Real Estate in China. It is themed on an original IP and aims to serve children. This site is meticulously designed, with New Sir, the IP image of New Hope Real Estate, as its theme image.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第33张图片


Its rich plant configuration is matched with a dozen forms of amusement facilities, whose flexible modeling and vibrant colors trigger children’s senses including auditory, olfactory, and visual experiences.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第34张图片


With its detailed and enriched creativities, GND Landscape combines New Hope Real Estate’s humanistic thinking and the Oriental aesthetical spirit, casting them into every detail of the space. Not only does it have a dignified mansion personality, but also it carries fashionable and interesting charm that revokes people’s perception and pursuits of spiritual enjoyments.

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第35张图片

GND杰地景观 | 新希望 · 锦官府第36张图片

△Project Construction Process


New Hope Real Estate and GND Landscape jointly anticipate that every family and neighbor living in the Elite Mansion will enjoy more companion and resonance in this community in the near future. Here, they can listen to insects and birds chirping, touch nature, and feel the world.

项目地点:四川  成都
植物设计:曾凤玲、 陈静璇
策划/视效:iDEER LAB

Project Name: New Hope · Elite Mansion
Developer: New Hope Real Estate Chengdu Branch
Developer Team: Landscaping Center - Zhang Ji, Lu Zhaowei, Zou Min, Tang Jing, Zhong Tingfu, Zhou Yi
Chengdu Branch - Chen Cheng, Yao Jing, Gong Guirong, Liang Zhen, Huang Jian
Landscape design: GND Landscape
Design content: full-period landscape design for residential areas
Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Project area: 32,500 square meters
Design time: January 2018
Completion time: April 2021
Chief Designer: Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng
Concept design: Zhou Jiang, Zhu Yanlin, Mo Benying, Sun Diwang, Jiang Cunhua
Construction drawing design: Yang Shuguang, Chen Chen, Zhang Zuxi, Xie Yu, Lu Ming
Plant design: Zeng Fengling, Chen Jingxuan
Hydropower Design: Zhou Peng Construction
Schematic design: Shanghai Lianchuang Design Group Co., Ltd.
Garden construction: Shenzhen Meichengjing Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape sculpture: Chengdu Shangpin Sculpture Co., Ltd.
Landscape soft decoration: Chongqing Yanci Yinghua Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Amusement facilities: Baizhu Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Hongyang Advertising Co., Ltd.
Planning/Visual Effects: iDEER LAB
Project Photography: Riye Photography





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