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来自建筑事务所的描述:这座位于南非约翰斯内堡的住宅是一位国际商务人士的家,这座建筑完美地表达了客户对于非洲艺术的热情。该项目由当地Cimato Moroldo建筑事务所设计,其室内空间的设计则来源于开普敦当地的ARRCC室内工作室,其中有着许多由OKHA设计工作室操刀的现代家具和艺术品,ARRCC工作室的负责人Mark Rielly说道:“这座建筑有着许多功能,以便能够适应家人度假、朋友聚会,同时也会有一些正式的接待空间。” Mark及其团队通过简洁的策略与空间来完成了这些要求,不同的功能区域都彼此连接。

Text description provided by the architects. The Johannesburg home of an international businessman has been perfectly expressed to suit his passion for African art and his love of entertaining. Designed by local architecture firm Cimato Moroldo Architects, its interiors were brought to life by leading Cape Town-based interior studio ARRCC, with contemporary furniture and objets d’art by design studio OKHA. Says ARRCC director Mark Rielly, ‘This house had to be as multi‐functional as possible, so that it could adapt to family holidays, feasts with friends, and more formal moments when hosting executive guests.’ Mark and his team achieved this by maintaining an uncluttered thread throughout the five‐bedroom home, while linking spaces that could be used simultaneously.





The double‐volume entrance, reached by way of a concrete bridge placed over a welcoming water feature, is encased in dark grey walls on the exterior, providing a cocoon‐like enclosure to lead one into the glass‐fronted doorway. Once inside, the stark contrast of white surfaces and light‐filled spaces offers a switch in perception. ‘The move from dark walls to expansive, open spaces created an indoor environment that allowed us to give breathing space to the owner’s impressive art collection and introduce very specific furniture pieces that have their own voice within this space,’ Mark explains. ‘The home is almost gallery‐like, while still maintaining the casual comfort of a living environment.’


入口大厅设置有简约的几何形态木质屏风,使用者在这里可以看到外部的起居区域,地面层设置有餐厅、酒吧、家庭影院、休息区、家庭活动室和厨房。在入口处,人们还可以欣赏到花园与院落,木质屏风既独立,又连接着开放式住宅。Mark解释说:“这里的设计灵感来源于日本建筑师隈研吾的作品,同时应用了自然、简约、大胆、优雅的空间设计理念。”铜覆层太阳能镜面由OKHA的Adam Court设计,优雅地位于这一空间里,这参考了连接宇宙空间的视觉语言。

The simple, graphic wooden screen that runs along the entrance hall, offers a peek into the living areas beyond, with the ground floor holding the dining room, bar, cinema, formal lounge, family room and kitchen. Pops of greenery from the garden and patio beyond can be appreciated from this entrance, the screen being both a separation and a link to the open‐plan home. ‘It was inspired by the work of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma,’ explains Mark of the screen, ‘and adheres to the interior’s philosophy of natural, simple, bold elegance.’ The brass‐clad Solar Mirror designed by Adam Court of OKHA greets one in this space. Its reference to the cosmos that connects the universe adds to the welcoming visual language.



餐厅里有着铜制PH Artichoke灯具,该灯具由Poul Henningsen专为Louis Poulsen而设计,它呼应了餐桌上的红木Mojo烛台,吸引着人们的视线。在镜子前侧放置了一些雕刻的物件,这些便是客户收藏的部分非洲艺术品,它们给就餐区域带来了各种各样的特征。David Weeks悬挂式移动吊灯位于双体量空间之中,酒吧的个性也通过这座吊灯而得以表达在这里,具有肌理感的灰色水景墙体就好像是个大背景,将外部深色墙体元素带入室内。

The dining room creates instant attraction with its copper PH Artichoke lamps by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, reflecting mahogany Mojo candlesticks on the dining table. These, along with the carved tribal-figures standing in front of the faceted mirror, form part of the owner’s African art collection, curated here in such a way that they bring personality to the dining area. The bar displays its persona through a David Weeks hanging mobile chandelier presiding over the double‐volume space, where a highly textured grey crystallite wall acts as a delineator, and brings an element of the dark exterior walls into the home.


在正式休息区,OKHA干净纯粹的家具构成了舒适优雅的环境,体现了奢华的非洲气息。两个大型帆布艺术品将房间联系起来,充分表达了线条与形式。南非Penny Siopis设计的的彩色三联画充满了诗意的神秘感受,给正式区域带来了动态氛围,另外,Serge Alain Nitegeka的作品则更加大胆,且具有几何吸引力,Mark说:“这两件作品让房间充满活力。”

In the formal lounge, OKHA’s clean‐line, pure‐form furniture pieces create an environment of easy‐living elegance that epitomises African luxury. Two large‐canvas artworks hold the room together, accenting its lines and forms. Charged with poetic mystery, the subtly coloured triptych by South African Penny Siopis offers an element of movement in the otherwise formal space, while the stronger lines in the work by Burundi‐born Serge Alain Nitegeka offer a dynamically bold and overtly graphic attraction. ‘The tension between these two works enlivens the room,’ says Mark.



家庭活动室的布局看似随意,但也是经过了精心考虑,其中放置了OKHA的定制咖啡桌,桌子有着喷砂大理石台面和粉末图层不锈钢桌腿,共同构成虽然独立但且具有联系的圆形球体,房间中沙发呼应了流线边缘。每一件家具都呼应了整体的柔和色调,同时自身都具有高端细腻的特征,设计工作室的主要负责人Adam Court认为,这表达了对于传统工艺与材料的尊重。厨房相邻家庭放而排布,有着单色的功能性设计策略,内部只设置了所需的设备,并且将其他元素都巧妙地隐藏了起来。

More casual in its function, the family room is nevertheless carefully considered, with coffee tables custom designed by OKHA. Powder‐coated steel legs with acid‐etched and sand‐blasted marble tops come together as two separate yet connected circular spheres that allow the contoured sofa to mimic their fluid edges. Maintaining the muted colour palette of the home, each item of furniture is expressed as an artwork of high quality refinement – a nod to OKHA’s respect for traditional craftsmanship and material, says the design studio's director, Adam Court. The kitchen adjacent to this family room is replete with monochromatic, functional design, with only the necessary equipment insight, as all peripheral elements are cleverly tucked away through careful design considerations.




The garden, deck and splash pool offer an entirely alternative living environment, with dining, lounging and barbecuing needs all catered for through the clever layout of tables, sofas and deck chairs. ‘By creating entertainment pods outdoors, we’ve cosied up the deck, allowing the owner to entertain friends and family in a very unique way,’ Mark explains.



楼梯充分地表达了室内空间的曲线感,Marcel Wanders设计的大型站立式灯具和Asha Zero设计的拼贴艺术作品放置在通向卧室的通道之中。卧室套间有着个性化的属实感受,其中的色调各不相同。在主卧套间里,Conrad Botes的画作给灰色的空间带来了明亮的氛围。Mark说:“这座住宅不仅仅能够充分地休闲娱乐,还能够让客户完全放松、享受生活。”

The upstairs landing further conveys the artistic bend of this interior, a Big Shadow standing lamp by Marcel Wanders for Cappellini and collage artwork by Asha Zero filling the volume that leads to the bedrooms. These en‐suite bedrooms offer individualised comfort, each one furnished with a different accent colour. In the master suite, a painting by Conrad Botes brings brightness to the predominantly grey room. Textures of wood, marble, wool and ceramic further enliven the bedroom. ‘Besides being a space for entertaining, this is a house in which to lie back, relax and just enjoy being home,’ says Mark.





建筑设计:Cimato Moroldo Architects
摄影:Elsa Young
制造商:Louis Poulsen
文本:Tracy Lynn Chemaly

Architects: Cimato Moroldo Architects
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Category: Houses Interiors
Photographs: Elsa Young
Manufacturers: Louis Poulsen
Interior Design: ARRCC
Interior Décor: OKHA
Text by: Tracy Lynn Chemaly




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