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带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第1张图片

Big and Tiny is a co-working space with childcare in California


西班牙Zooco Estudio设计事务所设计了这座位于Santa Monica的托幼合作空间,其中设置有儿童游乐区,员工们在工作的时候可以让孩子们在这里玩耍。

该项目的开发公司名为“Big and Tiny”,是美国第一个内置托幼功能的合作场所。该公司由一位女性企业家创办,她是一位母亲,希望能够帮助父母将职业生活和个人生活融合在一起。

A kids' play area is included in this co-working space in Santa Monica designed by Spanish firm Zooco Estudio, so its members can bring their children to work.
Big and Tiny is among the first co-working facilities in the US to offer onsite childcare. The company was founded by an entrepreneur who is a mother with the aim to empower parents by helping them integrate their personal and professional lives.

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第2张图片



The facility occupies a 2,100-square-foot (195-square-metre) storefront space in the coastal Californian city. Designed with both adults and kids in mind, it is intended to foster "productivity, creativity and community".
It features a high ceiling with a series of wood-bow trusses, which Zooco Estudio used as an organisational device. Three separate areas were established – a cafe-cum-shop, a kids' play area and a work zone.

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第3张图片




The trusses also informed the design of plywood partitions and certain pieces of decor.
"Using the original truss ceiling as an example of a universal geometric language, we created a repetitive modular and constructive system that reminds us of a puzzle," said Zooco Estudio in a project description.
"This adaptable system creates appealing elevations in all the three areas."

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第4张图片



The front zone contains a coffee bar and a boutique with kid-themed merchandise. Visitors can sit at round wooden tables and pastel-hued chairs.
Hanging on the walls are triangular and semi-circular iron racks. The front area also features tile-clad blocks that are used to form shelving and a display counter.

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"The modular and movable cubes are made out of 10-by-10 ceramic tiles in pink and blue, which is the brand's colour palette," the team said.
"This offers the flexibility to configure the space according to different needs."
Situated behind the cafe and shop is the children's area, called Tinyland, which aims to offer "purposefully selected sustainable toys to stimulate imaginative play".
A playground consists of wooden structures such as a ball pit, a slide and a small stage. The room also has a studio space where kids can work on art projects and take classes. Concrete flooring is covered with an eco-foam material.

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第6张图片

后侧区域包含有成人合作空间。其中有来自Normann Copenhagen的斯堪的纳维亚风格办公家具系统,以及隔音公用电话亭。

Big and Tiny公司的会员资格(包括儿童保育)起价为305美元(241英镑)/每月,两个小时的使用费用是49美元(39英镑)。

The rear zone houses the co-working area for adults. The room has Scandinavian-style office furniture from Normann Copenhagen, along with a soundproof phone booth from Room.
Membership to Big and Tiny, which includes childcare, starts at $305 (£241) per month. The charge for a two-hour drop-in is $49 (£39).

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第7张图片

Zooco Estudio事务所在马德里和桑坦德都设有办事处,它由建筑师Miguel Crespo Picot、Javier Guzmán Benito、Sixto Martín Martínez共同创立。该事务所的其他项目还包括由花岗岩建造而成的建筑综合体,在Verín市形成艺术中心。

Zooco Estudio – which has offices in Spanish cities Madrid and Santander – was founded by architects Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito and Sixto Martín Martínez. Other projects by the studio include a complex of granite-clad buildings that form an art centre in the city of Verín.

带娃上班,工作家庭两不误丨Big and Tiny托幼合作空间第8张图片



摄影:Aaron & Jon Photographers

Co-working spaces have been on the rise in recent years as working lifestyles become increasingly digital and nomadic.
As the industry becomes more competitive, many are offering tailored experiences. Examples include a women-only workspace and a members' club geared towards celebrities and famous professionals.
Photography is by Aaron & Jon Photographers.

团队:Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez
合作方:Teresa Castillo, María Larriba, Jorge Alonso

Project credits:
Team: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez
Collaborators: Teresa Castillo, María Larriba, Jorge Alonso




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