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Editor/ Kong Dezhen

Futureland Group▪MOC Exhibition Center, Suzhou



Suzhou is a cultural city with history of more than 2500 years. It not only creates rich material wealth-being for the Chinese nation, but also writes a brilliant chapter about the excellent traditional culture. Suzhou has the reputation of the most majestic scenery in the southeast China, also its architecture is featured as “Elegance and Grace”.
MOC Exhibition Center is located in the east of Suzhou North Railway Station, which is an open base, south to Nantiancheng Road, east to Chengyang Road and north of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. It covers an area of 1.17 hectares with 6030㎡ floorage .




Nearly billions of passengers flow through Suzhou North Railway Station every year. When the high-speed train slows down before entering the station, this exhibition center could be visible at a glance! The advantage of site location determines its uniqueness. Each visible facade of architecture is very important. We carried out researches in two ways; one is the garden type, some enclosed elements are applied in space constraints to achieve orderly space change. Obviously, it is difficult for garden-style to achieve the meaning carried by the building, so we adapted another way that setting a point to make it a whole without scatter, let it become a city landmark and visual focus!



We aimed to design a simple and powerful shape for the building and hope this square can reveal the profound meaning of "confidence" for the owners, the government and all those who work for the high-speed rail new town project. The outer curtain wall is composed of vertical components, which has the elegant and dynamic effect and is implied "the Curtain Rises".






The height of the building is particularly important, so we set the height of the building in line with those on the high-speed rail. With height fixed, length and width will be determined to be 46 meters in proportion to the column span and other factors. The outer appearance is made up of aluminium square rods. The standard segments comprised of the outer appearance size and spacing corresponds strictly to the column net. Each rod is divided into five equal parts and its inner side is treated with dark lines and its end side is treated with curling to make the building more flexible and soft.



As for landscape, we emphasize on the application of the waterscape to ensure the full reflection by setting the road leading to the main entrance of the building on the side. The elegant curved profile of the building is inverted in the water, which is very charming. The image of the outer appearance is conceived from a musical instrument called Marimba. The building is solidified music. We hope that this small building can play the splendid music against the water sky.
















场地平面图/Site Plan


一层平面图/First Floor Plan


二层平面图/second plan


顶层平面图/Roof Plan


前视图/Front View


侧视图/Side View



项目名称  |  新城控股•MOC芯城汇展示中心
项目地点  |  苏州市南天成路高铁苏州北站东侧
业主单位  |  新城控股集团股份有限公司
建筑设计  | 上海日清建筑设计有限公司
室内设计  |  G-ART集艾设计
主任建筑师  |  程虎
室内设计师  | 黄全
建筑团队  |  孔德针  金志浩
占地面积  |  11700㎡
建筑面积  |  6030㎡
设计时间  |  2016.12 - 2017.06
竣工时间  |  2017.11.
建筑摄影 丨 苏圣亮  张骑麟

Project Name | Futureland Group▪MOC Exhibition Center, Suzhou
Address | East of Suzhou North Railway Station, Nantiancheng Road, Suzhou
Client | Futureland Group
Architecture | Lacime Architects
Interior design | G-Art Design
General Architect | Cheng Hu
Interior General Architect | Huang quan
Design Team | Kong Dezhen, Jin Zhihao
Occupied Area |  11700㎡
Building Area  |  6030㎡
Design Time | 2016.12 - 2017.06
Completion | 2017.11
Photography 丨Su Shengliang, Zhang Qilin  





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