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21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第1张图片

瑞典“Tiger of Sweden”商标的更新
Tiger of Sweden's brand identity updated for the 21st century


在安特卫普(Antwerp,比利时)和伦敦都设有办公室的A New Archive设计工作室为瑞典最古老的服装公司设计了一款新的商标。伴随着该公司创意总监Christoffer Lundman的上任,该公司进行了一系列的改革,而品牌商标的改革就是其中的一部分。

Antwerp- and London-based design studio A New Archive has unveiled a new logo and word mark for Sweden's oldest tailoring company, as part of a brand overhaul following the arrival of creative director Christoffer Lundman.

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第2张图片

西装标签上使用的新商标是在20世纪20年代所设计的商标的基础上进行设计的/The new tiger is an update of the deign used on the labels of its suits in the 1920s

在A New Archive设计工作室的帮助下,为瑞典“Tiger of Sweden”设计了一只行走中的老虎作为插图,以取代公司以前的商标——一只黑色的老虎轮廓。



With the help of A New Archive, Tiger of Sweden has designed an illustration of a walking tiger to replace the company's former logo – a silhouette of a tiger's face in a black square.
The brand has also updated the old serif logotype with a new word mark that will be sat above the tiger, with the company's founding date placed below.
Lundman described the update as "necessary."

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第3张图片

“Tiger of Sweden”在其第一套西装上的标志/Tiger of Sweden's new branding includes the logo found on its first range of suits

Lundman和A New Archive工作室借鉴了“Tiger of Sweden”在瑞士档案馆之中的商标,该商标在1926年用于最初开始生产的西装商标上。


The tiger illustration draws on one that Lundman and A New Archive found in Tiger of Sweden's archives, on the labels for the original range of suits produced in 1926.
The brand identity was revealed on 14 August and is the first change to the 115 year-old label's logo in 25 years.

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第4张图片

“Tiger of Sweden”品牌将在西装商标上使用/The Tiger of Sweden branding will be used on suit labels

Lundman的一位朋友向其介绍了A New Archive工作室,他告诉Dezeen的记者:“他们的作品优美且简介,给我留下了深刻的印象。这款设计没有体现出过多的人为改造,反而给人以时尚的感觉。”


Lundman was introduced to the design studio by a close friend. "I was struck by the beauty and clarity of their work. It is precise and well-measured without feeling overworked or contrived. It is very modern," he told Dezeen.
The creative director gave A New Archive a list of libraries, cafes, metro stops and museums in Stockholm to visit as landmarks that "illustrate not only the city but also Sweden as a whole, as a society."

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第5张图片

该商标将用于整个品牌,包括其商店的标志/The logo will be used across the brand, including shop signs

该公司在一份声明中谈到:“今天,我们翻查了公司的点点滴滴,从总部到商店,看看我们如何更好地传达21世纪的“Tiger of Sweden”的含义。



"We have looked at every millimetre of the company today, from the headquarters to the stores, to see how we can communicate better what Tiger of Sweden means in the 21st century," the company said in a statement.
"The new visual identity is about defining that new mood, which is inspired by the heritage and a century’s worth of values and outward-looking attitude."
The rebrand "highlights the company's heritage as a quintessentially Scandinavian brand, reflecting the founders' strong belief in equality and democracy – the brand was the first to produce ready-to-wear tailoring in Sweden, making the suit accessible to men from every walk of life," the statement continued.

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第6张图片

该品牌的三个商标可以一起使用,也可以单独使用/The three elements of the brand can be used together or separately

Lundman首次将该品牌的男装、女装和牛仔布整合在一起,“Tiger of Sweden”的新商标在公司的改革之中到来。

Lundman曾是Burberry的设计总监,8月他发布了一个与Peter Saville共同设计的新徽标和字母,以纪念里Riccardo Tisco接任Burberry的新创意总监。

Lundman has aligned the brand's offering across menswear, womenswear and denim for the first time, and the new identity arrives alongside this shake up.
He was previously design director at Burberry, who this month delivered a new logo and monogram designed with Peter Saville, to mark Riccardo Tisco's take over as creative director.

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第7张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第8张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第9张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第10张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第11张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第12张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第13张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第14张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第15张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第16张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第17张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第18张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第19张图片

21世纪瑞典品牌“Tiger of Sweden”的新形象第20张图片




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