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Architects reveal ideas for 15 million refurbishment of Grenfell Tower estate


Adjaye Associates等建筑师为伦敦兰开斯特西部庄园(Lancaster West Estate)的改建提出了概念方案,那里是格伦费尔塔楼火灾的发生地点。

Cullinan工作室、 Maccreanor Lavington、Murray John Architects、Levitt Bernstein以及Penoyre & Prasad也针对兰开斯特西部居民协会(Lancaster West Residents Association)所提出的报告进行了构思,探索该区域的未来发展。



Architects including Adjaye Associates have presented ideas for the refurbishment of the Lancaster West Estate in London, site of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
Cullinan Studio, Maccreanor Lavington, Murray John Architects, Levitt Bernstein and Penoyre & Prasad also contributed concepts to the report produced by Lancaster West Residents Association, exploring the future of the estate.
The report doesn't include Grenfell Tower, which was destroyed by fire on 14 June 2017. But it does contains a book of ideas for each of the estate's blocks, along with a overarching report that looks at improving the public walkways and communal areas.
The solutions suggested by architects were informed by a series of workshops and ideas days, where residents of the estate were invited to raise problems and suggest potential improvements.


在Ajayay Associates的建议书中,建筑师建议在长凳和花坛上作出改进/Benches and raised flower beds have been suggested as improvements at Camelford Court, in an ideas book overseen by Adjaye Associates



"These books are the next steps in our work with architects and the council to design the future of the estate," said the Lancaster West Residents Association in the report.
"This work gives us a major voice on the future of our own homes. After the tragedy last June, this is fundamental step for residents to begin the process of rebuilding their lives."


建筑师对Camelford委员会建议增加公共区域,以及更换维修不善的厨房和浴室/Other proposals for Camelford Court include adding open-plan areas, and replacing poorly maintained kitchens and bathrooms



Kensington和 Chelsea委员会已经通过了一个由居民自主领导的项目,即不拆除居民的房屋,且充分考虑他们对于家园建设的需求与想法。因为委员会曾因忽略了当地居民的真实需求,导致改造项目影响到了居民的安危,从而受到了批评。

A report leaked earlier this month concluded that "deficiencies" introduced during renovation work fuelled the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 71 people. The tower and the area immediately around it will remain a crime scene until the summer, as the police investigation continues.
Of the £28 million promised by the British government to aide the recovery effort, £15 million has been set aside for the regeneration of the wider estate, which was built in the 1970s and is home to 1,000 households.
Kensington and Chelsea council has promised a resident-led project, with no demolition of people's homes and residents' ideas for improvements taken into account. The council had previously faced criticism for ignoring concerns by Grenfell Tower residents that refurbishment work had made it unsafe.


Adjaye Associates还指出了建议书中关于重建工程需要解决的问题,其中包括个别公寓的无障碍设施布局不合理、以及通风与潮湿的问题。



Issues to address in the refurbishment project, as identified in the report, include poor accessibility and layout in individual flats, as well as problems with ventilation and damp.
Wider issues affecting the estate as a whole are also identified. These include flooding in the streets, a deficit of safety and security measures across the estate, and a lack of green spaces.
The architects responded with concepts tailored to specific parts of the estate, which has been separated into nine areas for the purpose of the refurbishment.


MccreanorLavington建议 Treadgold住宅的户外空间可作为公共绿地/MccreanorLavington suggests that the outdoor spaces by Treadgold House could be turned into a public garden

还有对于街道的美化,包括增加花坛和长椅的数量,为一层临街住户提供相对隐私的空间,同时也能营造出更舒适的室外环境。 另外,建筑师希望在由TalbotGrove住宅所围绕的绿化空间中设置一座小型展馆,从而为社区提供更多的基础设施。






A proposal for re-landscaping of a pedestrianised street for Camelford Court includes raised flowerbeds and benches that could give ground floor flats privacy and produce a more pleasant environment. Another suggestion is for a small pavilion set in the green space surrounded by Talbot Grove House that could provide extra community facilities.
Ideas mooted for redesigning the entrances to some of the blocks suggested removing dark corners by opening them up to the street,  adding private gardens to some of the flats and adding key-fob secured gates. In the interim, the report suggested adding CCTV and extra lighting to heighten security before major works go ahead.
Internally, the layout of the flats could be re-worked to introduce open-plan living and dining areas, as well installing new kitchens and bathrooms, and general redecorating.
Double-glazed windows would help with the damp and ventilation problems, although the report admitted that bigger problems with leaking pipes would be harder to fix. Overcrowding is also listed as an issue, although the architects suggest that extensions could be made at rooftop and basement level.
In the next part of the process, residents will be asked to select which designers they want to carry out the proposed plans.

Images sourced from Book of Ideas via Lancaster West Residents Association.





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