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砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第1张图片

David Nossiter Architects transforms brick barn in Suffolk into spacious home


在Suffolk,原仓库之前的砖墙和高木桁架的天花板被保留并裸露在外面,这个仓库已经由David Nossiter建筑事务所转换成一座现代住宅。

Church Hill仓库位于英国Suffolk和Essex两个郡之间的边界,是Assington厅附近的家庭农场建筑群中的建筑之一。

The original brick walls and a high timber-trussed ceiling are left exposed inside this former barn in Suffolk, which has been converted into a contemporary home by David Nossiter Architects.
Church Hill Barn is located on the border between the English counties of Suffolk and Essex, and is one of a cluster of buildings that formed the home farm of the nearby Assington Hall.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第2张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第3张图片


The hall was destroyed by fire in the 1950s and the farm buildings gradually fell into a state of disrepair before being purchased by the clients.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第4张图片


The building's cruciform plan was originally devised by a pioneer of experimental farming methods to provide shelter for a range of farming activities under a single roof, and as a result is heritage-listed.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第5张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第6张图片

伦敦的David Nossiter建筑事务所专注于保存资料,给仓库增添其显著的特点,同时引入新的特点,如现代的玻璃和保温系统的改善。


London studio David Nossiter Architects focused on preserving the materials that lend the barn its distinctive character, while introducing new features such as contemporary glazing and improved insulation.
A key aspect of the modernisation involved refurbishing the building's roof in such a way that the eight-metre-high trussed ceilings could remain on show without compromising the project's ecological credentials.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第7张图片


"In order to allow the existing structure to be viewed internally but still conform to modern standards of thermal performance, the roof is a warm roof construction," explained the architects, "meaning that all of the insulation is located on the exterior of the roof above a new timber deck."

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第8张图片



To maintain the building's familiar time-worn appearance, slates and timber salvaged from other outbuildings that were too damaged to be restored were used when resurfacing the roof.
Insulating the barn's external walls was also crucial to improving heat retention. This was achieved by adding panels of sheep's wool insulation clad with horizontal larch boards.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第9张图片


A biomass boiler used to heat the interior is supported by a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system, which helps to circulate warm air that rises to the top of the high-ceilinged spaces.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第10张图片



Original openings in the barn's facades are filled with glazing set back inside boxy wooden frames, including a set of sliding doors that connect the dining space with a terrace.
The hipped gable porches at the centre of the building now accommodate large glazed sliding doors that provide a view straight through from the entrance courtyard to the fields at the rear.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第11张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第12张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第13张图片


The interior has been kept largely open plan to enhance the building's impressive scale. Additions including the kitchen units, bedrooms and bathrooms are constructed from birch-faced plywood.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第14张图片


"It was decided early on during the design process to keep the spaces as open plan as possible," said the architects. "Where necessary, partitions and screens are designed as over-scaled freestanding furniture."

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第15张图片



A smooth concrete floor employed throughout the spaces creates a consistent surface interrupted only by 10-millimetre seams that are positioned in alignment with the main spatial features.
The concrete has a polished finish that reflects some of the daylight entering through the windows and three large skylights set into the roof.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第16张图片


Existing switch boxes are used to operate the new lighting systems, which are integrated into and directed to illuminate the structure. In new parts of the interior, the lights are built into the joinery to achieve a similar effect.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第17张图片

在英国乡村的另一座具有相同厚重的木桁架结构、裸露砖砌体和通高厨房的破旧仓库则被Snook Architects转换成现代住宅。

摄影:Steve Lancefield

Another dilapidated barn in the English countryside was converted into a modern home with similarly chunky wooden trusses, exposed brickwork and a double-height kitchen by Snook Architects.
Photography is by Steve Lancefield.

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第18张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第19张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第20张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第21张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第22张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第23张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第24张图片

砖结构仓库向宽敞住宅的改变/ David Nossiter Architects第25张图片





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