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仰望星空的苏格兰高地瞭望塔/Icosis Architects第1张图片

Icosis Architects create stargazing lookout tower in the Scottish highlands


Icosis Architects事务所在苏格兰建造了一幢身披落叶松木覆层的圆柱形瞭望塔,架空升高的瞭望台是欣赏风景如画的沼泽地区和浩瀚夜空的绝佳地点。

This cylindrical, larch-clad observation tower was designed by Icosis Architects to provide an elevated vantage point over picturesque bogland and night skies in Scotland .

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TheForsinard Lookout Tower is located at the Dubh Lochan peat bogs in Sutherland, which form part of the Flow Country – the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe.

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Edinburgh-based Icosis positioned the structure on the edge of a bog trail, where it gives visitors a bird's-eye view of the unique patterns formed by pools of water on the uneven ground.

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“这在泥炭地非常常见,大部分景象都大同小异,但在Flow Country却非常罕见。”

"A particular special feature of blanket bogs is the pool systems, which can create impressive pattered areas when seen from above," said the architects.
"This is one of the classic views of the peatlands, with which the general public may be familiar, but which is rarely accessible in the Flow Country."

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The architects paid particular attention to where the structures sits within the pattern of bog pools, how it appears from different angles, and the optimum height for viewing the landscape.

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"The exact location was carefully chosen with regard to its impact on the landscape," they added.
Located far from light pollution, the clear skies over the bog make it a popular stargazing location.

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The tower's timber and steel structure is clad inside and out in battens of untreated Scottish larch supplied by the Forestry Commission – a government-funded organisation promoting responsible forestry in England and Scotland.
Inside, slabs of local Caithness stone pave the ground floor, while grooved larch boarding provides a non-slip surface for the upper viewing deck.

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To help minimise disturbance to the site, the structure is built on slender pilotis. Construction materials were delivered by helicopter to avoid the impact of working with machinery on the boggy land.

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它目前入围了英国皇家注册建筑师(RIA)奖,共同入围的项目还有Collective Architecture事务所的格拉斯哥女子图书馆更新扩建项目以及BTE Architecture事务所的罗蒙湖观景台设计。

The structure was commissioned by The Peatlands Partnership.
It is currently shortlisted for a Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) award, alongside an engraved extension to the Glasgow Women's Library by Collective Architecture and a wedge-shaped viewing point over Loch Lomond by BTE Architecture.

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由Keppie设计能够容纳30张病床的儿童之家和Studio Weave工作室的锌板覆层艺术工作室也是2016年RIAS Awards的23个入围项目。

A 30-bedroom retreat for the families of sick children by Keppie and a zinc-armoured art studio by Studio Weave are also included on the 23-strong shortlist for the 2016 RIAS Awards.





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