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Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第1张图片

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture

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Seoul-based firm HAEAHN architecture has shared with us images of its recently completed crematorium project, Seoul Memorial Park. The structure, located in the hills outside of Seoul, South Korea, was HAEAHN architecture's winning competition entry in 2009 and finally completed in 2012.

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture: view from south (Photo: Park Youngchae)
由HAEAHN建筑设计的首尔纪念公园:从南面看(照片 Park Youngchae)
Project Description from the Architects:
Secluded by mountain hills from a bustling highway gateway, Seoul Memorial Park rests in a serene valley area of the Woo-Myun Mountain on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea.? Seoul Memorial Park is a crematorium constructed in harmony with the natural terrain of the site, which previously lent calming scenic views to meditative passing-by hikers, and is now converted to a sanctuary for solemn rituals concluding life’s journeys.

在山丘和繁忙的高速公路的掩护下,首尔纪念公园位于韩国首尔郊外牛眠山的宁静山谷中。 首尔纪念公园是一座与自然地形和谐融合的火葬场。在这之前,宁静宜人的景色让路过的旅行者沉静,而现在他成为了一个神圣庄严地,举行结束生命旅程仪式的场所。

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第2张图片

Courtyard view (Photo: Park Youngchae)
庭院视角(照片:Park Youngchae)
Canvas for Land Art
To overcome the unwelcomed response from the community, this crematorium was sought to be a “non-erected” building.? Instead, Seoul Memorial Park emerges as a form of “land art” sculpted into the existing topography with a flowing array of architectural forms and motifs.? Concaved at the center of the Park, lies a courtyard encompassed by a series of ritual spaces devoted to separate functions.? These spatial layers bordering the courtyard resonate from a distance with the surrounding mountain trails and ridges.? The 2-storey high crematorium facility configured in the curvilinear belt along the courtyard has roof structures linked in the way flower petals pinwheel one another, punctuated by a reflective pool at the very heart of the courtyard.

为了克服社会上负面的反应,这座火葬场寻求非直立的造型。相反,首尔纪念公园塑造一种地面艺术的形式,以流畅的建筑整列与意识整个地刻入了地形之中。公园中心是凹陷的,一系列被分隔开专供仪式使用的空间包围着庭院。这些连接庭院空间层次在远处与周围的山路,山脊产生了共鸣。 两层楼高的火葬场以曲线方式如花瓣穿插的方式一样沿着庭院最后与屋顶连接。花瓣风车穿插在反射池中,这是庭院的心脏部位。

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第3张图片

Arrival driveway (Photo: Park Youngchae)
抵达的行车道(照片:Park Youngchae)
Comfort in the Final Journey?
Families in bereavement take the final journey of parting as they encircle the courtyard along a path reminiscent of spiritual spaces with vaulted ceilings and indirect lighting. Towards the cremation alcove, the ceiling rises drastically as a clearstory above a triforum. Upon completion of the path, a meandering garden comforts the bereft.? As the water from the mountain flows? down and gives life to the garden, one might be reminded of the transfiguration of sorrows in praise of the harmony in nature.? The garden shimmers with sunlight, whispers with snowfalls, and dances with spring rains. Season by season, tranquility is discovered and the spirit is renewed.? Just as nature was dissolved into a building to rest in the valley, Seoul Memorial Park was embodied in a piece of land art to celebrate life and transfigure sorrows.

失去亲人的家庭带着悲痛的心情来送家人最后一程,他们围绕着庭院的小径,联想起精神空间拱形的屋顶和间接的灯光。屋顶在往壁龛的路上急剧升高,就像三拱式拱廊上方的天窗。 步骤完成之后,蜿蜒的花园安慰失去亲人的痛苦。 水从山上一直留下,给予了花园生命。人们可能会将悲伤转变为赞美自然的和谐。 花园随着阳光闪耀,随着降雪低于,随着春雨起舞。一季又一季,发现了宁静,回复了精神。正如大自然融于建筑在山谷中休憩,首尔纪念公园体现了大地的艺术,从而庆贺生命,转换美化悲伤。

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第4张图片

Procession path viewed from the lobby (Photo: Park Youngchae)
从大堂看队列的路径(照片:Park Youngchae)

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第5张图片

Reflective pond in the courtyard (Photo: Park Youngchae)
庭院的反射池(照片:Park Youngchae)

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第6张图片

Farewell room (Photo: Park Youngchae)
遗体告别室(照片:Park Youngchae)

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第7张图片

Cremation hall (Photo: Park Youngchae)
火葬厅(照片:Park Youngchae)

Seoul Memorial Park by HAEAHN architecture 首尔纪念公园第8张图片

Overall view (Image: HAEAHN architecture)

Project Details:
Project: Seoul Memorial ParkDate of Completion: 2012Site Area: 36,000 m2Gross Floor Area: 18,000 m2Client: Seoul Municipal Facilities Management CorporationArchitects: HAEAHN architecture

建成日期: 2012
地块面积: 36,000平方米
毛占地面积: 18,000平方米
建筑师:HAEAHN architecture




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