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有木有对即将到来的设计委员会的验收会议感到烦躁不安?还是对你所喜爱的作品被枪毙隐隐作痛?然而,你不是一个人。即使是世界上最好的建筑师也不得不面对被拒绝的事实。最近,巴黎议会投票否决了赫尔佐格和德梅隆工作室的Tour Triangle,这个设计本可能成为40多年来巴黎第一个新的摩天大楼。

Fretting that upcoming approval meeting with the Design Commission? Still smarting from the fact that a beloved design got shot down? Well, you're not alone. Even the best architects in the world have had to deal with rejection. Most recently, Paris gave walking papers to Herzog & de Meuronwhen the city council voted against the firm's Tour Triangle, which would have been the first new skyscraper in Paris in four decades.

Image courtesy Herzog + de Meuron



In 2010, the City of Lights lifted its longstanding building height restriction, but Paris is clearly not ready for the 600-foot-high tower that was to go up in the city's southwestern section. Supporters have launched a petition, granting the project new life, but its future is unclear.

Here are more of our favorite rejected buildings by top architects .

Image courtesy Peter Zumthor

       在巴登- 符腾堡州的一个小镇,德国委托现象学之王来计新的城门,通过这些再生项目努力保持周边村庄的活力。卒姆托带来了一个奇形怪状的作品,一个球形加上两条大长腿上。它被称为“玻璃底裤”或“玻璃臼齿”,当地居民对此表示了强烈愤慨。

Peter Zumthor, New City Gate for Isny, Germany
This tiny town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany commissioned the king of phenomenology to design a new city gate, in an effort to keep up with surrounding villages that had energized their downtowns through regeneration projects. Zumthor delivered a strange object — a sphere-like shape on two slender legs. It was called "glass underpants" and "the glass molar," and the residents were outraged

Frank Gehry, World Trade Center Arts Complex

       经历了10年的延迟,董事会终于决定“炒”了弗兰克•盖里,并寻找另外的建筑师。盖里对《纽约时代》周刊回复表示他听说这里要从零开始,并且艺术中心的董事长Maggie Boepple “一点都不懂我在做什么或我是怎么做的。这没关系。这是一个全新的团队。他们应该做他们想做的。我不会做我不想做的。”

Frank Gehry, World Trade Center Arts Complex
After a 10-year delay, the board finally decided to "fire" Frank Gehry, in lieu of finding another architect. Gehry responded to the New York Times that he had heard “zero at ground zero," and that the arts center's president Maggie Boepple "doesn't have a clue as to what I do or how I do it. It's fine. It's a new group. They should do what they want. I don't want to go where I'm not wanted."

BjarkeIngels Group (BIG)

BjarkeIngels Group (BIG)

BIG作品:金博尔艺术中心 2度被拒
       BIG 最初向犹他州帕克城提交了一项笨手笨脚而毫无新意的原木屋式的提案。但是被拒了,然后他们又重新规划设计。这一次他们创造了一个抬起角的保守的混凝土盒子,是典型的BIG模型。但是也同样遭拒,原因是当地议会认为这个提案没有“美观地,视觉地,历史地”和城市联系在一起。

BIG, Kimball Art Center x 2
BIG initially submitted a ham-handed, cliched log cabin-style proposal for the Park City, Utah center. It was rejected, so they went back to the drawing board and tried again. This time the team made a restrained concrete box with the corner lifted, a typical BIG form. It was also turned down because according to the local city council, it did not relate to the town “aesthetically, visually or historically.”

大都会建筑事务所 (OMA)

       OMA和投资者ACE south beach赢得了迈阿密资助的设计竞赛。随后市政府因为“过于巨大雄伟”而废弃了他们的方案。“为了使项目快速、准时、在预算内完成,不幸的是我们必须做出艰难的挑战性的决定。”迈阿密滩市长Philip Levine说,“对一些人来说是沮丧的,但对其他人来说是新的开始。”

OMA, Miami Convention Center
Miami sponsored a competition that OMA and developer ACE South Beach won. The city then scrapped the plan because it was too big and ambitious. “For the purposes of getting this project done fast, on time, on budget, it’s unfortunate that we’ll have to make a very tough, challenging decision,” said Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, “To some people, it’s a little disheartening. To other people, it’s a very fresh start.”

阿伯丁城市花园项目Image courtesy Aberdeen City Garden Project

Diller, Scofidio + Renfro, Granite Web作品

Diller, Scofidio + Renfro, Granite Web
This project to develop Aberdeen, Scotland's gardens got a "no go" from the the newly elected city council after the majority Labour Party representatives decided it was a vanity project. The vote followed a public referendum that came out 45,301 to 41,175 against the new development.

Image courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects


ZahaHadid, NeuesStadt-Casino
Hadid won a competition to design the concert hall, but the public gets final say on these matters in Switzerland. When the votes were tallied, the word was 62.6 percent against the building, which would have been a signature Zaha swoop.

Image courtesy Steven Holl Architects

史蒂文•霍尔作品:Maggie's Centre

Steven Holl, Maggie's Centre
Not all rejections end with a rejection. This Maggie's Centre Cancer recovery facility did not pass muster in 2013 amid concerns that the design was inappropriate for its context, with the City of London Planning Committee voting 11 to 8 to kill the project. But in July of this year, a second vote led to the project's reinstatement: It eked by with a vote of 11 to 10. Still, the news was not entirely good for Holl. One member of the commission called the building "nothing short of a carbuncle."





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