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老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第1张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture


From the architect. The classic barn form of the Sebastopol Barn House is the result of an historic timber frame structure dismantled in upstate New York, cleaned, cataloged and refurbished in Texas, and planned for relocation in the wine country of Northern California.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第2张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第3张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture


The interior enclosed living spaces within the barn form are carefully designed to preserve the massive open space of the frame, weaving in and out of the existing timbers as a simple background of folding white planes, highlighting the special wood and joinery, and gathering the mysterious light, shadow, and spatial tracery of the floating beams and columns.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第4张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture


All new elements of the architecture are constructed of simple materials, painted white, so that only the barn frame itself is highlighted. The pure form of the barn exterior is counterpoised with a low concrete wing cut into the hillside, locking the barn into its meadow landscape with simply formed outdoor courtyard living spaces formed by the two wings.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第5张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第6张图片


To preserve the panoramic views from the site, a variety of openings was created through large windows and sliding doors, framing the views from the house, looking outward into the landscape. The openings also illuminate the large interior volume of the barn house with strategically modulated natural daylight. The three long light tunnels in the middle of the house, with operable skylights above, are a central architectural feature, bringing natural rays of sunlight into the house, lighting the timber tracery of the high structure, and creating a stack ventilation effect to provide natural cooling.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第7张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第8张图片


The low concrete wing provides a shaded main entrance to the house, with additional space for a separate studio apartment unit, garage, utility room, mechanical room, and a gallery space connecting the concrete wing to the main barn house. To emphasize the contrast between the two, old, high, large barn exterior and the modern, low, long concrete wings, vertical high lines are used as the main features on the barn façade, while long horizontal lines for the concrete façade.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第9张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture


With the moderate climate, the high volume, thick insulation and thermal mass, operable skylights and carefully placed, cross-ventilating windows, the house is able to maintain comfortable interior conditions without a mechanical cooling system. Heat is provided with radiant hydronic heating coils in the exposed concrete floor slabs. The house is system ready for the installation of PV panels on the concrete entry wing, with generating area sufficient to fully power the house.

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第10张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第11张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第12张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第13张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第14张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第15张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第16张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第17张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第18张图片

老木头与混凝土的碰撞--Sebastopol的谷仓精品屋/ Anderson Anderson Arc....第19张图片
©  Anderson Anderson Architecture

建筑事务所:Anderson Anderson Architecture
地理位置:美国  加利福尼亚州  Sebastopol
主建筑师:Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson
面积:3732.0 平方英尺
摄影:Courtesy of Anderson Anderson Architecture
项目经理:Johnson Tang
设计团队成员:Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson, Johnson Tang, Yevgeniy Ossipov, Gennifer Muñoz, Yingying Xue, Jia Wu, Chris Campbell
Architects: Anderson Anderson Architecture
Location: Sebastopol, CA, USA
Architects In Charge: Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson
Area: 3732.0 ft2
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Anderson Anderson Architecture
Project Manager: Johnson Tang
Design Team: Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson, Johnson Tang, Yevgeniy Ossipov, Gennifer Muñoz, Yingying Xue, Jia Wu, Chris Campbell





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