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项目名称:Sultangazi Market Hall &Carpark
设计事务所:SuyabatmazDemirel Architects Murat ArifSuyabatmaz, HakanDemirel
项目团队:EdaYazkurt, Orhun ülgen, Gökçe Ersel, Elif. Mehmet Gören, Gizem Bayar
委托方:Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Project Credits:
Project Name: Sultangazi Market Hall &Carpark
Architect: SuyabatmazDemirel Architects Murat ArifSuyabatmaz, HakanDemirel
Project Team: EdaYazkurt, Orhunülgen, GökçeErsel, Elif. Mehmet Gören, Gizem Bayar
Client: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Location: Istanbul – turkey
Size: 14.600 m2

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The project positions itself in Sultangazi, Istanbul which is a developing neighborhood within the scope of urban regeneration. Site is surrounded by condense residential blocks and it is owned by the municipality. In this area which has a critical value due to its environment and functions, proposed designed is expected to include a temporary market place that will operate as a car park when there is no market activity and a closed structure, about 2000 square meters, accommodating social, educational, administrational functions. In Turkey, almost every district of every city has the routine of having a market place. These market places take place on specific days. Stallholders set up their stalls in a location on a specific day and then during the rest of the week they move to other locations. This circulation happens every week as a routine. When the stalls are gone, instead of leaving this space empty and useless, the local municipalities operate these areas mostly as car parks where some of them utilize other activities, such as workshops and exhibitions. Thus, functional sustainability is yielded by operating these various activities.

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One of the most crucial facts which is shaping the design process and cannot be ignored is the block density around. These kind of market places have always been an element of social cohesion in the neighbourhood, a landmark, a park, a leisure development or sometimes almost secret and visible only to its inhabitants. This condition of density is one of the facts of the project, so that the building and its immediate surroundings actually become a clear point of reference in this corner of the city. In conclusion, such features as spatial development, functionality and practicability were taken into consideration during the design process. The main purpose of the project is to maximize the accessibility to the area and to create spaces that can establish active relations with the streets. The building program requires a dense utilization, which leads a structure rising from the ground; nevertheless this fact creates a negative effect on the usage of a marketplace. On the other hand, the building needs a controlled access while being used as a car park. The building is connected to the street directly with the entrances which limits access to the desired security level. At the same time, the vehicle ramps inside the building were set with an incline of 8% for the convenience of the marketplace visitors.

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Due to the fast and dense development, there is a serious lack of qualified social facilities. As the community cannot fulfil their needs in terms of health, education and leisure, this neighbourhood is driven to be a place where people can only accommodate themselves. Besides; the surrounding gets depreciated regarding these factors and community becomes more suffered. The design aims to invert this situation by containing various social facilities that can serve permanently. On the other hand; surrounding buildings were built without any concern of earthquake risk and this new construction aims to create an assembly area for the folks. Apart from all these, as the dense housing happens without any planning the neighbourhood does not have efficient green areas. As a solution for this situation, the building is designed with terraced structure so that at top level people can spend their time in social facilities such as the cafe, green area and observation terrace.

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