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建筑师Sash Scott和Tamsin Hanke利用回收的宜家Industriell和Verberod长椅为原材料设计了独立的Hachi蜜蜂屋/Architects Sash Scott and Tamsin Hanke created the freestanding Hachi bee house from Industriell and Verberod benches

IKEA upcycles furniture into colourful Wildhomes for Wildlife



Weave建筑设计工作室和设计师Adam Nathaniel Furman是野生动物之家项目的创作者,该项目将二手宜家产品重新利用,并设计成为昆虫塔、蝙蝠屋和鸟箱。

IKEA worked with UK artists and designers to create this series of animal habitats, repurposed from the company's used furniture.
Architects Studio Weave and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman are among the creatives to have contributed installations to the Wildhomes for Wildlife project, which has seen IKEA products transformed into insect towers, bat shelters and bird boxes.


色彩丰富的Dom鸟舍由Supermundane设计,由宜家Industriell搁架单元制成/Dom by Supermundane is a colourful birdhouse made from IKEA's Industriell shelving units


“宜家格林威治店开业后,可以让我们的邻居更好地打造美好的家园。”宜家官方人员说, “包括身边毛茸茸的空中邻居。”

The project was masterminded by IKEA's creative partner, the advertising agency Mother, to promote the opening of IKEA Greenwich — its "most sustainable store", according to the Swedish company.
"Now all of our new neighbours can enjoy an amazing home," said IKEA. "Even our furry, feathered and flying friends."


Weave建筑设计事务所设计了具有独特美感的Fladdermösshus蝙蝠屋/Fladdermösshus by Studio Weave is an alternative bat house with a very different aesthetic

这系列的设计展现了大胆的孟菲斯风格的形状和颜色,比如Furman设计的Bughattan是一个图腾柱状的带孔洞形塔,可以让蜜蜂停下来休息。 Furman利用回收的宜家Eckbacken和Hammarp台面而创造了它。


Bold Memphis-style shapes and colours recur among the designs, including Furman's Bughattan, a totem pole-like tower with holes cut into it that invite bees and wasps to stop and rest. Furman created it from IKEA Eckbacken and Hammarp worktops.
Other bright creations come from graphic artist Supermundane. His Dom bird house and Pipi bat house are both colourful collages cut from Industriell shelving units


Honey I’m Home!由艺术家Hattie Newman设计,利用宜家Burvik餐桌来制作蜜蜂巢穴/Honey I'm Home! by artist Hattie Newman is a home for bees built from IKEA's Burvik side tables


建筑师Je Ahn是Weave建筑设计事务所的联合创始人,他设计了一个更为严谨的Fladdermösshus蝙蝠屋。树枝上挂着钟乳石,结构由宜家Kvistbro金属桌子制成,漆成黑色,营造出温暖感。

Pipi has roughened surfaces on the inside to help the bats get a good grip for roosting, while Dom has a nesting box that can only be accessed by small birds like blue tits.
Architect Je Ahn, the co-founder of Studio Weave, contributed a more austere bat house design in the form of Fladdermösshus. Hanging stalactite-like from tree boughs, the structures are made from Kvistbro metal tables and are painted black to create extra warmth.


由Beep Studio设计的MånstråleHouse是一个用旧Stråla灯架制成的鸟巢/Månstråle House by designers Beep Studio is a nesting pod for birds made from old Stråla lamp stands

参与这个项目的其他建筑师有Sash Scott和Tamsin Hanke,他们用宜家Industriell和Verberod工作台设计了独立的Hachi House,这是“一个吸引眼球的女王蜂屋”。

Beep工作室设计的MånstråleHouse有着有机的外观形态,Stråla灯架重新用于鸟类的巢穴,而艺术家Hattie Newman设计的Honey I's Home!则更像一个“巴西式”蜜蜂村,原料来自宜家Burvik边桌。

Other participating architects were Sash Scott and Tamsin Hanke, who created the freestanding Hachi House, "an eye-catching bee house fit for a queen", from Industriell and Verberod benches.
Månstråle House by designers Beep Studio is a more organic-looking design with old Stråla lamp stands repurposed into nesting pods for birds, while Honey I'm Home! by artist Hattie Newman is a "Brazilian-style" bee village that was once Burvik side tables.


Supermundane还设计了Pipi蝙蝠屋,具有五彩缤纷的美感/Supermundane also completed the Pipi bat house with a brightly coloured aesthetic

格林威治商店的建筑废料也是设计师Iain Talbot的原料,它们与宜家椅子相结合,其中装满了Thanet沙,吸引昆虫进入巢穴。


Leftover cladding from the Greenwich store also makes it into one of the installations, The Bug Bed by designer Iain Talbot, where it is combined with old IKEA chairs and filled with Thanet Sand to attract insects to nest.
IKEA and Mother have worked together since 2010, creating the "Wonderful Everyday" campaign as well as a recent rubbish-clearing boat.


Iain Talbot设计Bug Bud是昆虫“酒店”,由格林威治商店的建筑废料制成/The Bug Bud by Iain Talbot is an insect "hotel" made from cladding from the Greenwich store



For its latest store in Greenwich, which opened on 7 February, IKEA has continued the sustainability push it has become known for in recent years, with green technologies such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, geothermal heating and 100 per cent LED lighting.
It also offers a community garden, bike courier services and lifestyle workshops.


Adam Nathaniel Furman设计的Bughattan是一座蜜蜂塔/Bughattan by Adam Nathaniel Furman invites bees and wasps to rest

然而,Dezeen网站副主编Tom Ravenscroft评论了格林威治宜家的可持续性证书,其建设需要在开业仅17年后拆除另一座绿色建筑,即Sainsbury的格林威治。

However, Dezeen deputy editor Tom Ravenscroft has criticised the store's sustainable credentials, since its construction required the demolition of another green building, the Sainsbury's Greenwich, just 17 years after its opening.




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