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Dezeen's top 10 US architecture projects of 2018


美国编辑Dan Howarth回顾总结了美国的有趣的建筑项目,在过去的一年里,美国出现了很多新的建筑项目,例如扎哈·哈迪德建筑事务所的纽约公寓,亚马逊的西雅图种满植物的填充球,以及令人惊讶的麦当劳芝加哥餐厅。

The past 12 months saw the completion of Zaha Hadid's condos in New York, Amazon's plant-filled Spheres in Seattle, and a surprising McDonald's restaurant in Chicago. US editor Dan Howarth continues our review of 2018 with these and more of America's most interesting architecture from this year.


520 West 28th公寓/扎哈·哈迪德建筑事务所

令人期待已久的扎哈·哈迪德建筑事务所在纽约唯一的建筑项目——520 West 28th公寓已完工,这座公寓包括39座私人住宅,它们被包裹在弯曲的钢带和玻璃之中。


520 West 28th by Zaha Hadid Architects
The eagerly awaited 520 West 28th – late architect Zaha Hadid's only building in New York City – includes 39 private residences wrapped in sinuous bands of steel and glazing with curved corners.
Straddling the popular High Line park in Chelsea, the 11-storey block also includes a swimming pool and an IMAX theatre, and a penthouse that is on the market for $50 million.





Wrightwood 659 by Tadao Ando
Japanese architect Tadao Ando turned an old brick building in Chicago into an architecture-focused exhibition centre, using plenty of his signature, minimalist concrete surfaces and a dramatic staircase.
The four-storey structure, completed in the city's Lincoln Park neighbourhood, is now home to the Wrightwood 659 gallery dedicated to exhibitions of architecture and socially engaged art.





Peconic House by Mapos
This holiday home overlooking Long Island's Peconic Bay is disguised by a grassy roof and untreated wood cladding that allow it to blend into the hillside.
New York City firm Mapos completed the 4,000-square-foot (372-square-metre) family residence in 2016, but it became one of our most popular stories of the year when we published in August.


The Spheres/NBBJ


The Spheres项目使用了620吨安装有镶嵌玻璃板的钢材制成,这些钢材相互连接,形成一个球体,为内部的“云雾森林”创造一片温度可控的环境。

The Spheres by NBBJ
Retail giant Amazon's Seattle headquarters gained a trio of huge plant-filled domes, which provide work areas for employees and green space for the public.
The Spheres are constructed from 620 tons of steel filled-in with tessellated glass panels, form connected orbs that create a temperature-controlled environment for the "cloud forests" inside.


Sackett山庄/Deborah Berke Partners事务所

这座位于康涅狄格州农村的低矮住宅出自纽约Deborah Berke Partners事务所之手,建筑外覆盖着与周围森林融为一体的黑色壁板。


Sackett Hill House by Deborah Berke Partners
This low-slung residence in rural Connecticut, completed by New York firm Deborah Berke Partners, is clad in black siding to blend into the surrounding forest.
The Sackett Hill House sits on an expansive property that enjoys distant landscape views, and is approached via a long winding driveway from which it gradual appears from between the trees.


麦当劳芝加哥餐厅-Ross Barney Architects事务所

快餐连锁麦当劳拆除了他们在芝加哥标志性的摇滚餐厅,取而代之的是Ross Barney Architects事务所的一座与任何一家麦当劳餐厅截然不同的新建筑。


McDonald's Chicago Flagship by Ross Barney Architects
Fast-food chain McDonald's replaced its iconic Rock N Roll restaurant in Chicago with a building by Ross Barney Architects that is "unlike any in the company's portfolio".
The steel and timber structure boasts a number of sustainable elements, including a canopy of solar panels, and was compared to tech giant Apple's stores by several news outlets.


Off-Grid Guest住宅/Anacapa Architecture和Willson Design工作室



Off-Grid Guest House by Anacapa Architecture and Willson Design
As its name suggests, this concrete-and-glass dwelling for a coastal property in California boasts a bevy of sustainable features that minimise the building's impact on the environment.
Nestled into a sloped site within a wildlife preserve, the guest house offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and generates all of its own energy.


格兰斯通博物馆扩建场馆/Thomas Phifer Partners事务所

Thomas Phifer and Partners建筑事务所在一片宁静的池塘周围布置了混凝土盒子展馆,以此作为马里兰州的格兰斯通博物馆扩建项目的一部分。


The Pavilions at Glenstone Museum by Thomas Phifer Partners
Concrete boxes housing galleries are laid out around a tranquil pond as part of this minimalist museum extension in Maryland, which architecture firm Thomas Phifer and Partners embedded in the rolling landscape.
The Pavilions add 50,000 square feet (4,645 square metres) of indoor exhibition space to the Glenstone Museum, a private institution with an impressive collection of post-war art.


美国Animo 南洛杉矶高中/Brooks + Scarpa建筑事务所

Brooks + Scarpa建筑事务所在洛杉矶一所高中被大火烧毁后参与了重建设计,该事务所使用明黄色的铝合金作为建筑的饰面。

这座学校坐落于Westmont-West Athens社区,这里是是洛杉矶犯罪率最高的地方之一,因此,该工作室设计的建筑物具备“视觉开放,但完全安全”的属性。

Animo South Los Angeles High School by Brooks + Scarpa
Architecture firm Brooks + Scarpa reconstructed a high school in Los Angeles after it was destroyed by a fire, choosing a bright yellow finish for its aluminium facades.
The school is located in the Westmont-West Athens neighbourhood, which has one of the highest crime rates in LA county, so the studio designed the building to be "visually open but entirely secured".





Silvernails House by Amalgam Studio
Architecture firm Amalgam Studio created this long, linear holiday home for an elevated site in the Hudson Valley, with pine-clad walls and a gabled roof punctuated with skylights.
The building's design takes cues from traditional barns that dot the area, resulting in airy rooms and ceilings with exposed timber beams.




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