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Tokyo's new Hotel Okura will recreate iconic rooms from the original


上世纪60年代詹姆斯•邦德(James Bond)的电影《雷霆谷》(You Only live two times)中有一个现代主义风格的酒店正在被重建,明年就会在东京重新开业。

尽管全球都在努力拯救原有的东京大仓酒店(Hotel Okura Tokyo),但三年前它还是被拆除了,重建后的大仓酒店将规模更大并且更防震。


A modernist hotel that featured in 1960s James Bond film You Only live Twice is being rebuilt to be more earthquake-proof, reopening in Tokyo next year.
Despite a global campaign to save the the Hotel Okura Tokyo, it was demolished three years ago to make way for a bigger and more shock-proof design.
It has now been announced that the new 508-room hotel will reopen as The Okura Tokyo in September 2019.


兰花酒吧也将在新酒店中被复制/The Orchid Bar will also be reproduced in the new hotel

日本建筑师Yoshio Taniguchi正在设计新酒店的一些主要区域,包括大堂,这是他的父亲Yoshiro Taniguchi在1962年为原大仓酒店(Okura)设计的酒店大堂的升级版。

伊恩•弗莱明(Ian Fleming)的邦德小说出版于酒店开业两年后,他让英国间谍入住了大仓酒店(Okura)。1973年,这部由肖恩•康纳利(Sean Connery)饰演007的电影被拍成电影,当时,酒店大堂里也出现了这样的场景。

Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi is designing some of the main guest areas in the new hotel, including the lobby, which will be an updated version of the lobby his father Yoshiro Taniguchi designed in 1962 for the original Hotel Okura.
Ian Fleming's Bond novel was published two years after the hotel opened, and the author had the British spy stay at the Okura. When it was turned into a film starring Sean Connery as 007 in 1973, the hotel's lobby starred as one of the sets.


新酒店将整合原有酒店保存的灯具/The new hotel will incorporate fixtures saved from the original hotel

“我父亲设计的最初的大堂非常受欢迎,”Yoshio Taniguchi在酒店发布的声明中说。“因此,我感到有一种特殊的责任,那就是设计出与众不同的日本设计,同样能在未来几年激发客人的灵感。”

从20世纪60年代的大厅里保留下来的装饰,如独特的六角形灯笼和显示全球时区的世界地图,以及漆过的桌子和上世纪中叶的椅子,被设计成像梅花花瓣一样的排列。日本陶艺家Kenkichi Tomimoto的丝织壁毯将在新大堂被“原封不动地复制”,shoji的纸窗也将被他们的日式叶型格子图案复制。

"The original lobby designed by my father was extremely popular," Yoshio Taniguchi said in a statement issued by the hotel.
"So I felt a special responsibility to create distinctive Japanese designs that would similarly inspire guests for years to come."
Decor saved from that 1960s lobby, such as the distinctive hexagonal lanterns and the world map that displayed global time zones will be reinstated, along with the lacquered tables and midcentury chairs that are designed to be arranged like the petals of plum tree blossoms.
Japanese ceramicist Kenkichi Tomimoto's woven silk wall tapestry will be "faithfully reproduced" in the new lobby, as will the shoji paper windows with their Asanoha-mon leaf-pattern latticework.


20世纪60年代的现代主义建筑已被拆除,重新修建的是两个玻璃塔楼/The 1960s modernist building has been demolished to make way for two glass towers


在五楼,Yoshio Taniguchi将重现那座空气中光线较暗的兰花酒吧,它曾是附近美国大使馆外交官的最爱。新的高级餐厅、宴会设施以及号称东京最大的宴会厅都将设置在这里。

From the outside, however, the hotel will look very different from its low-lying modernist predecessor. A glass skyscraper will rise 188-metres above Tokyo as the Okura Prestige Tower, with guest rooms starting on the 28th floor of the 41-storey building.
On the fifth floor Yoshio Taniguchi will recreate the atmospherically low-lit Orchid Bar, a former favourite of diplomats from the American Embassy nearby.
New fine dining restaurants, banquet facilities and what claims to be Tokyo's largest ballroom will be located here.


原酒店设计师之一的儿子Yoshio Taniguchi将设计包括新入口广场在内的部分/Yoshio Taniguchi, son of one of the architects who worked on the original hotel, will design elements including the new entrance square


新的入口被命名为“Okura广场”,也是由Yoshio Taniguchi设计的,包括一个大型水景。

大仓酒店连锁Toshihiro Ogita的总裁说:“让我们深爱的东京大仓酒店的停摆是令人遗憾的,但我完全相信,全球客人和游客会同样喜爱新的大仓酒店。”

今年早些时候,Schemata Architects重新装修了东京的一个上世纪70年代的胶囊旅馆,其睡仓本身就是现代细节与复古装饰的结合。

Next door the Okura Heritage Wing will be 75-metres high, and will house reproductions of the Yamazato Japanese restaurant and the Chosho-an tea ceremony room.
The new entrance, called the Okura Square, is also being designed by Yoshio Taniguchi and will include a large water feature.
"It was sad to put our much-adored Hotel Okura Tokyo to rest, but I am fully confident that The Okura Tokyo will be equally loved by our worldwide guests and visitors," said president of the Hotel Okura chain Toshihiro Ogita.
Earlier this year Schemata Architects restored a 1970s capsule hotel in Tokyo, combining contemporary details with retro items such as the sleeping pods themselves.











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