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Beaux Arts Ball 2012: Tender第1张图片

Beaux Arts Ball 2012: Tender
24 Sep 2012 by Karen Cilento
2012年9月26日Karen Cilento报
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This past weekend, we were invited to attend The Architectural League’s Beaux Arts Ball 2012: Tender at One Hanson Place.  Despite the unforgiving weather forecast, hundreds came to share in an evening of great company set within the beautiful 1929 Halsey, McCormack & Helmer’s landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank.   In typical architectural fashion, the former main banking hall was a complete sea of chic black outfits (okay, okay, there were a few dashes of color), underneath a silver pillow-like floating installation designed by SOFTlab.
上周末,我们被邀请去参加了建筑团队在汉默森宫举办的Beaux Arts Ball 2012: Tender 。尽管天气预报很糟糕,上百人前来分享这个大公司在美丽的1929哈尔西,McCormack & Helmer’s的地标性建筑Williamsburgh储蓄银行里装扮的夜晚。在当前典型的建筑时尚理念中,之前的主要银行大厅是由SOFTlab设计的银色枕状悬浮装置之下,有许多时尚黑色装备(好吧,好吧,还是有一些颜色的)。
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Prior to being converted into an event space, the bank was a staple in Brooklyn’s financial world and stood as the tallest building in the borough (it has recently been surpassed by GKV Architect’s Brooklyner).  The building plays host to amazing metal work by American sculptor, Rene Chambellan, embellished with basreliefs telling the tales of a late night burglar, and scattered mythological figurines, such as the head of Mercury, god of commerce.  Detailed mosaic work makes the 60+ ft vaulted ceilings sparkle with a variety of turquoise and vibrant ultramarine tiles sharing the Zodiac constellations set against a star-filled sky.
在这家银行被改变成一个活动空间,银行曾是布鲁克林金融世界里的标版,也是该行政区最高的建筑(它最近被GKV设计的Brooklyner超过了)。该建筑是由美国雕塑家Rene Chambellan创作的金属作品。用以浮雕装饰,讲述了一个深夜盗贼和诸如水星、商业之神的零星的神话形象的故事。细节的镶嵌工作使得60多英尺的拱形天花板闪耀着各种星光、并且代表黄道十二星座的活力十足的青砖置于缀满星星的天空设计之中。

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The atmosphere created by SOFTlab, plus the graphic work of Natasha Jen from Pentagram, the acoustical work of David Rife from Arup, and music by Justin Carter, crafted an environment where the beauty of the historic and the finishing touches of the contemporary could both be enjoyed.
SOFTlab创作的氛围加上Natasha Jen的五角星形状的生动作品、David Rife从Arup得来的声学作品,以及Justin Carter的音乐,创造了历史之美与当代收笔之作可以同时欣赏的环境。

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We loved the small details of the planing, such as the operable teller windows which served as extensions of the bar and the bank lamps which proved a warm yellow glow.   A sure crowd pleaser was the opportunity to check out the bank’s massive vault after selecting a time marked ticket which dangled from the netting overhead.

The evening served as testament to just how connected the architecture world is within New York; for, no matter how crowded the hall became, a familiar face was quick to spot and new acquaintances were easily made, all while enjoying the modern ambiance created by the designers.

Special thanks to The Architectural League for letting us share in this event!  We had a great time, and are looking forward to next year’s.




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