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Appreciation towards Bojing Qu for providing the following description:


This design is based on a simple problem-solving methodology to create rotate living capsules to make full use of surfaces of the space for young people in shanghai. As the urban sprawl becomes serious in the megacity – Shanghai, thousands of young people flooded into this big city every year. It becomes urgent for them to survive here with limited space and expensive cost. Consequently, the idea of “rotating apartment” is conceived to produce a lighting gauge steel capsule living system that could be fast produced and assembled in the site. Individually, each capsule is made up of two main parts, one is rotating component that involves the main daily living functions such as living room, bed room, dining room and others, the other is the fixing part that mainly contains the subsidiary functions such as kitchen, toilet and storage room. This system challenges the minimum living dimension of human being and multiples the available space simple by rotating it. Each capsule is hanged on the main core tower which provides vertical circulations, and towers are connected each other with corridors linked with capsules. These rotating apartment towers are located on the old site of 2010 Expo in shanghai, it can grow during years to meet the growing population of users. Meanwhile,the open public space also provides commercial and service functions for young people in the lower floors. In future, this rotating youth apartment’s community will absolutely create a unique and unprecedented way of life which greatly saves the space and money for young people.

设计信息:设计师:屈泊静场地:中国上海学校:米兰理工大学指导老师:Oliviero Godi 教授 和 Diego Terna 教授特别感谢:吴若晨、贺倩、朱丹

Project information:Designer:Bojing QuSite: Shanghai, ChinaSchool: Politecnico di MilanoTutors: Professor Oliviero Godi,Professor Diego TernaSpecial thanks to Architects: Ruochen Wu ,Qian He,Dan Zhu

↑ Axonometric view of one community社区的轴测图

↑ High price of renting of apartment in shanghai leads to studying of rotation space高房租产生了对旋转空间的研究

↑ Rotating solution for units group在一个单元集合中解决旋转的问题

↑ The service (toilet/kitchen/storage) spaces can be fixed, while the sleep/entertainment/ work spaces can be rotated辅助功能空间 (厕所、厨房、储藏室)是固定的,而主要功能空间(卧室、娱乐、工作)室可以旋转的

↑ exploded axonometric view of a capsule 一个胶囊单体的分解轴测图

↑ foldable furniture for a rotating capsule  一个旋转胶囊的折叠家具设计

↑ foldable furniture for a rotating capsule一个旋转胶囊的折叠家具设计

↑ Rotating Knob for controlling of rotation控制旋转的旋钮设计

↑ daily life in one capsule for a girl at 8:00一个女孩早上8点的生活

↑daily life in one capsule for a girl at 10:00一个女孩早上10点的生活

↑ daily life in one capsule for a girl at 12:00一个女孩早上12点的生活

↑ daily life in one capsule for a girl at 13:00一个女孩下午1点的生活

↑ daily life in one capsule for a girl at 19:00一个女孩晚上7点的生活

↑ daily life in one capsule for a girl at 21:00一个女孩晚上9点的生活

↑ plan perspective view A-AA-A平面透视图

↑ plan perspective view B-BB-B平面透视图

↑ Section perspective view C-CC-C剖面透视图

↑ plan perspective view D-DD-D剖面透视图

↑ Tower Plan and Construction Plan核心筒平面图和结构图

↑ exploded axonometric view of one building一个建筑的分解轴测图

↑ Perspective View 透视图

↑ Masterplan总平面

↑ Ground Floor Plan底层平面

↑ A-A section A-A剖面

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