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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第1张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa

建筑设计:APT arquitectura – Lilian Rebollo Uribe, Edgar Saúl Bahena Cruz
项目描述:Edgar Saúl Bahena Cruz
建筑施工:APT arquitectura, Vicente Barragán Hernández
摄影:Louis Gordoa
Project Credits:
Architectural design: APT arquitectura – Lilian Rebollo Uribe, Edgar Saúl Bahena Cruz
Renders: Edgar Saúl Bahena Cruz
Construction: APT arquitectura, Vicente Barragán Hernández
Photography: Louis Gordoa

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第2张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa


An elevated concrete tunnel provides the entrance to this house in Cuernavaca, Mexico, created by local architecture studio APT in a converted colonial-style annex.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第3张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa


The Mexican studio was tasked with restoring a series of 70-year-old out buildings in the grounds of a larger house, to provide a home for a young historian.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第4张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第5张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第6张图片

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第7张图片

原来的建筑中,一系列小房间围绕在一楼露台周围,显得有些拥挤。所以设计师将墙壁拆除,最大化地利用内部空间,改建成一个开放式的家居环境,还有一个胶合板檐篷遮蔽下的中央庭院,并给这座房子起了一个好听的名字叫做Leyva 506。

Originally a series of small rooms for domestic staff surrounding a first-floor terrace, the building's walls were torn down by the architects to maximise space, creating an open-plan home named Leyva 506 with a central courtyard sheltered beneath two plywood canopies.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第8张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第9张图片
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APT's biggest intervention was to add a concrete walkway that bursts through the original stone facade. A door underneath leads up into this space, creating a grand entrance to the residence. The new walkway spans the southern edge of the property, creating a viewing deck overlooking the gardens to the west of the building. To accentuate the length of the corridor, the architects also added a strip of lighting running along the skirting of the wall.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第10张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第11张图片
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The removal of existing partitions allowed the architects to open the interior up to the elements. A set of steel folding doors separate the kitchen and living space from a central patio and have been painted red – the original colour of the wall opposite.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第12张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第13张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第14张图片
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The east side of the site was repurposed to create a multi-use work space for the client, screened behind a low glazed partition. Bespoke shelving and storage was fitted around the original windows to house a library, and to include hidden desks and flexible work spaces for the client.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第15张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa


The remaining spaces provide a bedroom and bathroom on the north side of the living area.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第16张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第17张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa


APT used simple materials in order to be sensitive to the heritage of the property. Brick walls were white washed, while untreated plywood was used for the ceiling and furniture to add warmth to the conversion. Another plywood canopy was installed at the rear of the property. Clerestory windows just below ventilate the apartment and bring natural light in from the east.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第18张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa

关于地板,设计师使用了彩砖元素,装饰成以黄色为主色调的内部空间。Rebollo 讲到:“我们使用的是压缩马赛克效果——该色调是在西班牙殖民时期引到墨西哥的。” 她接着说,“在谈到墨西哥风格时,当地工匠在原来的体系中做了一个神奇的变化:他们不使用模具和瓷砖绘制,而是全部由手工制作完成,这就创作出了独特的、有机的、相当棒的手工制品。”

For the floor, the architects used colourful tiles that add yellow tones to the interior. "We used pressed mosaics – a tile that was introduced to Mexico at the time of the Spanish colonisation," said Rebollo. "In the state of Morelos, local craftsmen made a variation to the original system that does not use a mould and the drawing of the tiles is made by hand, which makes it a unique, organic and handmade piece," she said.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第19张图片
                        © Louis Gordoa


Strips of polished concrete separate these tiled surfaces from the outdoor areas, while a mixture of antique and contemporary furniture finishes the space.

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第20张图片
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混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第21张图片

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第22张图片

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第23张图片

混凝土隧道里古老的石墙延伸/ APT第24张图片





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