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© Jouin Manku

       走进斯特拉斯堡酒店餐厅,你会发现这里的楼梯被纠结的木条盘绕着。这是法国工作室Jouin Manku对这个曾经的马术学院进行翻修后,对内部空间进行了重新设计后。
       Jouin Manku工作室的Patrick Jouin 和 Sanjit Manku对这座前身是皇家畜牧场的18世纪建筑进行翻修后,现在是拥有55个房间的斯特拉斯堡酒店和彼此相连的餐厅。

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© Jouin Manku


Wooden strips coil around staircase at Strasbourg hotel by Jouin Manku

A spiral of wooden strips surrounds a staircase in the restaurant of this Strasbourg hotel, designed inside a former equestrian academy by Paris studio Jouin Manku.
Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of Jouin Manku overhauled the eighteenth-century building that previously functioned as the royal stud to create the 55-room Les Haras de Strasbourg hotel and adjoining restaurant.
"The interior design for the hotel and brasserie is characterised by its authenticity and modernity," said the designers. "A particular idea of luxury and comfort inspired by the equestrian world, restrained and subtle."
Oak elements encircle the curving staircase linking the two floors of the brasserie, forming handrails on one side and a balustrade round the top of the void.
The staircase sits between a circular bar and open kitchen at the entrance level, where informal seating and a few dining table are located.
The timber elements extend from the spiral across a wine rack along the back wall.
Upstairs, guests dine beneath the original wooden roof supported by chunky beams and columns.
Private booths are created within pods and large curved seats covered in saddle leather, while long tables extend down the length of the space to accommodate larger parties.
Stonework around the windows has been left exposed and the walls are finished with rough plaster.
The wood structure is also highlighted in the simple bedrooms, which are painted white and decorated with leather details on the headboards and furniture.
Horse graphics in the reception hint at the building's original use.
They have deliberately chosen to limit the range of materials used; solid wood, natural full hide leather and blackened or brushed metal to transpose the original life of this emblematic Strasbourg building into something resolutely contemporary and simple, whose architectural details attest to the studio's creativity.

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