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国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第1张图片

建筑师:Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
负责人:安东尼奥•克鲁兹(Antonio Cruz),安东尼奥•奥尔蒂斯(Antonio Ortiz)
项目建筑师:穆里尔•豪氏威马( Muriel Huisman),托马斯•奥夫曼(Thomas Offermans)
项目团队:Tirma Reventos, Oscar Garcla de la Camara, Marije Ter Steege, Alicia Lopez, Juan Luis Mayen, Clara Hernandez, Ana Vila, Victoria Bernlcola, Jan Kolle, Sara Gutierrez, Marta Pelegrln, Iko Mennenga, Joaquin Perez, Lourdes Gutierrez, Carlos Arevalo
摄影:Pedro Pegenaute, Myra May, Courtesy of Rijksmuseum, Jannes Linders
•        荷兰,阿姆斯特丹,Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos,博物馆和图书馆重修类
Architects: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Principals: Antonio Cruz, Antonio Ortiz
Project Architects: Muriel Huisman, Thomas Offermans
Project Team: Tirma Reventos, Oscar Garcla de la Camara, Marije Ter Steege, Alicia Lopez, Juan Luis Mayen, Clara Hernandez, Ana Vila, Victoria Bernlcola, Jan Kolle, Sara Gutierrez, Marta Pelegrln, Iko Mennenga, Joaquin Perez, Lourdes Gutierrez, Carlos Arealo
Area: 30,000 sqm
Year: 2000
Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute, Myra May, Courtesy of Rijksmuseum, Jannes Linders
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国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第2张图片

按照欧洲的招标过程,西班牙建筑师Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos of Seville被政府首席建筑师乔科嫩(Jo Coenen)所负责的委员会选中,负责国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的改建项目。Cruz y Ortiz提议尽可能少改动原来建筑本身。该公司已经重新构建了博物馆原建筑师Pierre Cuypers所设计的清晰布局,将后增建的部分分离出来,以确保其再次成为一个连贯的整体。最终,将十九世纪的建筑改成了一座二十一世纪宽敞明亮的博物馆。新的国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)特色突出,包括:一个令人印象深刻的新入口区;一座新的亚洲馆;一个新的室外展览空间和花园;包括新的用餐区、一间商店、一座重建的博物馆和礼堂在内的国家最先进的设施;重建的教育设施,新的服务入口,用于环保收藏的独立的建筑;气候控制和安全功能,这十分符合当今的需求。
Following a European tender process, Spanish architects Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos of Seville were chosen by a committee chaired by the chief government architect Jo Coenen to lead the transformation of the Rijksmuseum. Cruz y Ortiz proposed minimal alterations to the building itself. The firm has recreated the clear layout conceived by the museum’s original architect, Pierre Cuypers, stripping the building of its later additions to ensure that it is once again a coherent whole. The result transforms the 19th century building into a bright and spacious 21st century museum. The new Rijksmuseum features an impressive new entrance area; a new Asian Pavilion; a new outdoor exhibition space and garden; state-of-the-art facilities including new dining spaces, a shop, a restored library and auditorium; renewed education facilities, a new service entrance, a separate building for the conservation of the collection; and climate-control and security features, which are in line with today’s requirements.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第3张图片

同样恢复其昔日辉煌的还有高高的天花板和19世纪后期宽敞的画廊。为了按照计划尽可能的复建原建筑,原来墙壁和天花板上的纪念装饰物还将用于改建后的荣誉画廊(Gallery of Honour)、大礼堂(the Grand Hall)、夜巡画廊(the Night Watch Gallery)和楼梯间画廊。Cuypers的特点就是在图书馆最完好的保存了原设计和装饰品。法国室内建筑师Jean-Michel Wilmotte因其卢浮宫的作品赢得了国际赞誉,受邀设计改建的国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的室内设计。他已设计了画廊所有的展出元素,包括:陈列柜、底座、照明和家具。这与复建的十九世纪的博物馆画廊相得益彰。通过咨询Cruz y Ortiz, Wilmotte还确定了室内内饰品的配色方案,这也受Cuypers建筑色调的启发。
Also restored to their former glory are the high-ceilinged, spacious, late 19th century galleries. In keeping with the plan to restore the building where possible, the original monumental ornaments that decorated the walls and ceilings will be returned to the Gallery of Honour, the Grand Hall, the Night Watch Gallery and the stairwells. Cuypers‘ hallmark is best preserved in the library where the original design and ornaments have largely been maintained. The French interior architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, whose work for the Louvre has earned him international acclaim, was invited to devise the interior design for the transformed Rijksmuseum. He has created all display elements for the galleries that complement the restored 19th century museum, including the display cases, plinths, lighting and furniture. In consultation with Cruz y Ortiz, Wilmotte has also determined the interior colour scheme, which has been inspired by Pierre Cuypers’ palette for the building.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第4张图片

Cruz y Ortiz已经创建了一个令人印象深刻的新入口区。她十分适合一座领先的国际博物馆的需求。通过拆除20世纪50年代和20世纪60年代所建的画廊,博物馆的两个内庭院已经打开。掩埋了底层地板下面的两个中庭,并将它们通过原建筑通道下的地下区域连接起来,从而构建了一个2250平方米包含两部分的中庭。通道可通往中庭,沿途装有玻璃幕墙,路人可以由此欣赏庭院的美景。中庭装有大型的玻璃屋顶和白色抛光葡萄牙石材地板。地板可反射自然光,使得宽敞的庭院富有清新明亮之感。周围博物馆建筑温暖的砖外墙俯瞰着庭院,其中穿插着窗户和壁龛。光线充足的中庭位于博物馆的中心区域,游客甚至无票也可参观。入口区域设有一个咖啡厅、售票厅和一个衣帽间。
Cruz y Ortiz have created an impressive new entrance area suitable for the needs of a leading international museum. The museum’s two inner courtyards have now been opened up, with the removal of galleries that were added in the 1950s and 1960s. A two-part, 2,250 square-metre Atrium has been created by sinking the floor of the two courtyards below ground level and connecting them via an underground zone beneath the original passageway through the building. The Atrium can be accessed from the passageway, which features glass walls through which passersby can admire the view of the courtyards. The Atrium features large glass-covered roofs and pale polished Portuguese stone floors that reflect the natural light, making the voluminous courtyard spaces feel airy and bright. Overlooking the courtyards are the warm brick façades of the surrounding museum buildings, interspersed with windows and niches. The light-filled Atrium is a welcoming space in the heart of the museum, and can be accessed by all visitors even without a ticket. Located within the entrance area are a cafe, the ticketing booth and a cloakroom.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第5张图片

Cruz y Ortiz设计的独立的亚洲馆位于国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的南部,面对着花园中的外光画法博物馆而立,四面环水。其不规则形状的两层楼结构外墙采用白色葡萄牙石材和玻璃墙,有许多倾斜的墙壁和不寻常的视线,正对着国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的红砖墙伫立着。展馆通过地下通道与主楼相连接。亚洲馆用于展出公元前2000年到公元2000年间,来自中国、日本、印度尼西亚、印度、越南和泰国的物品和艺术作品。该馆藏有丰富的亚洲艺术品,在其670平方米的空间和谐地展出365件展品。
Designed by Cruz y Ortiz, the free-standing Asian Pavilion is situated facing the Museumplein in the garden to the south of the Rijksmuseum, and is surrounded by water. The irregular-shaped, two-storey structure stands out against the red brick walls of the Rijksmuseum, with its walls faced in pale Portuguese stone and glass. It is characterised by many sloping walls and unusual sightlines. The pavilion is linked to the main building via an underground passageway. The Asian Pavilion has been created to showcase objects and works of art from China and Japan, Indonesia and India, Vietnam and Thailand, dating from 2000 BC to 2000 AD. The museum’s rich collection of Asian art is harmoniously presented in the 670 square-metre space, with a total of 365 objects on display.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第6张图片

在花园对面,Cuypers别墅和拉丝学校(Teekenschool)之间,Cruz y Ortiz设计了另一栋新的小建筑——新的服务入口,可由此通过地下通道访问博物馆。国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的改造包括供游人开放的室外公共空间,该空间的打造要采用14500平方米的历史悠久的花园形式。基于1901年Pierre Cuypers的设计,花园的新布局由荷兰景观建筑事务所Copijn Landschaps architecten打造。花园采用几个原来正式的园林风格,恢复的雕像和古建筑的碎片。一个喷泉、池塘、温室和儿童乐园将很快加到这个“露天博物馆”( “outdoor museum”)之中。亨利•摩尔展览将于2013年6月21日在花园里开放,将首先承办每年夏天举行的年度系列国际雕塑展。
On the opposite side of the garden, between the Cuypers Villa and the Teekenschool (Drawing School), Cruz y Ortiz have placed another small new building – the new service entrance, offering access to the museum via an underground passage. The transformation of the Rijksmuseum has included the opening up of a large, outdoor public space for visitors, in the form of a 14,500 squaremetre historic garden. Based on a 1901 design by Pierre Cuypers, the garden’s new layout was created by the Dutch landscape architecture firm Copijn Landschapsarchitecten. The garden features several of the original formal garden styles, as well as restored statues and fragments of ancient buildings. A fountain, pond, greenhouse, and children’s garden will soon be added to this “outdoor museum”. A Henry Moore exhibition will open in the garden on 21 June 2013, the first in an annual series of international sculpture exhibitions to be held each summer.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第7张图片

工作室大楼(Atelier Building)是荷兰文化遗产保护和管理的一个场地。该地有需要复建和保护的科学实践、研究和教育中心。该建筑于2007年开放,容纳了国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)和阿姆斯特丹大学(University of Amsterdam)的各个部门。工作室大楼(Atelier Building)是国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)修建的一部分,由政府建筑署(Government Buildings Agency)开发,国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)和教育厅(Ministry of Education)、文化和科学部(Culture and Science)委托,也是Cruz y Ortiz最先完成的部分。
工作室大楼表面积9000多平方米,合并了Pierre Cuypers设计的原建筑和新建筑。原建筑曾名以安全研究所(Safety Institute)为大家熟知。建筑师已经构建了一个容易辨认的轮廓,从而形成建筑的特色,其中国家博物馆及其周围建筑的外墙采用红砖墙。建筑的功能设计也是主要考虑的因素。其特别的“穹顶” 屋顶结构、釉面北侧立面和侧壁上直角、三角形的窗户可以确保只有北侧的光可以照射进室内,避免阳光直射。所有的工作室、走廊、门和电梯都比普通的要更宽更高,以便大型艺术品的搬运。
The Atelier Building is a venue for the preservation and management of Dutch cultural heritage, housing a centre for restoration and conservation, scientific practice, research and education. It opened in 2007, and accommodates departments from both the Rijksmuseum and the University of Amsterdam. Developed by the Government Buildings Agency and commissioned by the Rijksmuseum and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), the Atelier Building is the first structure by Cruz y Ortiz to be completed as part of the Rijksmuseum renovation.
Covering a surface area of more than 9,000 square-metres, the Atelier Building merges a new structure with an existing building designed by Pierre Cuypers, known as the Safety Institute. The building’s brick façade complements that of the Rijksmuseum and its surrounding buildings, yet the architects have created an easily recognisable silhouette to help identify the building. Functionality was the main consideration in the building’s design. The unusual ‘zigzagging’ roof structure, the glazed northern elevation, and angled, triangular-shaped windows of the side-wall ensure that only northern light is admitted, to avoid direct sunlight. All the studios, hallways, doors and lifts are higher and wider than usual, facilitating easy passage for large works of art.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第8张图片

South Elevation 南部立体图
国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)的多学科教育中心将坐落于历史悠久的绘画学校——拉丝学校(Teekenschool)。修建恢复了其原来的功能,用于学习和丰富博物馆体验。博物馆体验可以为所有年龄的艺术爱好者提供参与的机会,尤其涉及专门涉及的国家博物馆收藏项目。拉丝学校(Teekenschool)成立于1892年,最早以绘图学校而著名,是格里特里特维尔德学院(Gerrit Rietveld Academy)的前身。该建筑的概念和设计由建筑师Pierre Cuypers完成。Pierre Cuypers将其建成有助于提高国家艺术教育的地方。
The Rijksmuseum’s multidisciplinary education centre will be situated in the historic Teekenschool (Drawing School). The renovation has restored the school building to its original function as a space for learning, enriching the museum experience by providing opportunities for art enthusiasts of all ages to take part in specially created programmes revolving around the Rijksmuseum collection. Established in 1892, the Teekenschool owes its name to its original function as a drawing school, a forerunner of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The concept and design of the building was developed by architect Pierre Cuypers, who envisioned it as a place that would help to improve national art education.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第9张图片

East-West Section 东西截面图
修建的建筑将是荷兰最综合的博物馆教育中心。该中心的三个现代化的工作室由“以行习观”( ‘learning to look by doing’)的主题相连接,将承办各种不同的活动。在国家博物馆改建的十年间,Philips Wing与国家博物馆和杰作仍面向公众开放。Philips Wing将于3月装修并闭馆。Cruz y Ortiz将领衔设计,而该空间将被改建为临时展区。
The restored building will be the most comprehensive museum education centre in the Netherlands. Connected by the theme of ‘learning to look by doing’, the centre’s three modern studios will accommodate a varied range of activities. During the ten-year transformation of the Rijksmuseum, the Philips Wing has remained open to the public, with the exhibition Rijksmuseum, The Masterpieces. The Philips Wing will close for renovation in March. Cruz y Ortiz will lead the design, and the space will be converted into a new home for temporary exhibitions.

国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第10张图片

First Floor Plan 一层平面图
国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第11张图片

Second Floor Plan 二层平面图
国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第12张图片

Third Floor Plan 三层平面图
国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第13张图片

Ground Floor Plan 底层平面图
国家博物馆(Rijksmuseum)/ Cruzy Ortiz Arquitectos/Rijksmuseum / C......第14张图片

Situation 情境图

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