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Purcell refurbishes Bristol's brutalist Clifton Cathedral


布里斯托的二级建筑克利夫顿大教堂(Clifton Cathedral)由英国建筑公司Purcell进行了翻新设计,约花费300万英镑。

粗野主义风格的SS. Peter和Paulwas罗马天主教大教堂,由Percy Thomas Partnership的Ron Weeks设计,并得到梵蒂冈政府的支持,于1973年完成。

Bristol's Grade II*-listed Clifton Cathedral has undergone a £3 million renovation, carried out by British architecture firm Purcell.
The brutalist style Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of SS. Peter and Paulwas designed by Ron Weeks of the Percy Thomas Partnership, with input from the Vatican, and completed in 1973.




A congregation of up to 1,000 can assemble around its high altar, and the narthex contains two stained glass windows made from 8,000 individual pieces of glass. It was given listed status in 2000.
Although it was praised at the time for its minimalist design and unusual hexagonal plan of the sanctuary, Clifton Cathedral was never fully watertight and 45 years of leaks had caused considerable damage.




Purcell began the £3.1 million repair process in 2015, with the Cathedral remaining in use throughout the entire process – hosting eight masses a week along with baptisms, weddings and funerals.
Up on the pitched roof, 86 tons of lead were replaced. Internally, the funding conditions specified that Purcell had to open up parts of the building that had previously been unaccessible, including the gallery over the baptistry and opening up a sealed-off staircase.


为了表达经典的粗野主义美学,Percy Thomas Partnership最初采用了粗粒俄罗斯红木板。Purcell在修复建筑时特意保留了这个特殊元素。

Purcell布里斯托尔办公室的合伙人Clifford Martin说:“我们的信念是建筑物能够防水、安全、开放,而且保持严谨的质量,成为粗野主义的杰出代表。”



Part of the classic Brutalist aesthetic is the cathedral's concrete form, which Percy Thomas Partnership had originally board-marked with planks of coarse-grained Russian Redwood. Purcell took care to retain this particular element when repairing the water damage.
"Our conviction was for the building to become watertight, and safe and open for use, but also not to lose any of its rigour and quality as a superb exponent of the late Brutalist era," said Clifford Martin, a partner at Purcell's Bristol office.
"The works have been undertaken with the intention to both repair and protect the building, and to magnify and celebrate its original design and detail," he added.
"The Cathedral, in common with many buildings of its type and era, was built in difficult times. Our aim for the repairs projects was, at all times, to consider what the intent for its design and execution had been in order to remain true to the building's principles."



全新的屋顶经过略微修改,解决了漏水问题,Purcell与Lead Sheet Association密切合作,创造出与建筑历史审美相匹配的持久作品。


The new roof has been slightly modified from the original design to address the leaks, but Purcell worked closely with the Lead Sheet Association to create long-lasting work that matched the building's historic aesthetic.
To find the source of the leaks in Clifton Cathedral's concrete cladding Purcell had to delve into the archives and examine the original drawings.





The architects studied how the cladding had originally been constructed and how the joints behind each panels had been made.
They were then able to repair areas where pieces had flaked or chipped off using Corennie granite chippings that matched the original materials used.
Water and draughts had also been coming in through the wire mesh glass where panes had slipped from their frames, so a new system of self-cleaning, thermally-broken glass was installed.




The original lighting plan for the place of worship was never been fully realised, so Purcell replaced the lights with fully dimmable, ultra-bright LEDs with assistance of consultancy Lighting Design and Technology.
Consultants Method were bought in to upgrade the heating system, and the entire building was re-wired to make it safe. The Cathedral is now a dry, warm and well lit space for worshippers and visitors to enjoy.



John Puttick Associates刚刚完成了对普雷斯顿二级保护建筑粗野主义巴士站的改造,DSDHA近期也公布了二级保护项目经济学家广场的一阶项目,该广场最初由Smithsons设计。

Richard Seifert的二级保护项目Centre Point也得以修复,由Conran及其合伙人将其改造成豪华公寓。

摄影:Phil Boorman

This year has seen a number of Britain's important pieces of listed architecture undergo essential refurbishment and modernisation works.
John Puttick Associates has just completed its renovation of Preston's iconic Grade II-listed Brutalist bus station, and DSDHA has unveiled the first phase of its refit of the Grade II*-listed Smithsons-designed Economist Plaza.
Richard Seifert's Grade II-listed Centre Point has also been restored and converted from offices into luxury flats by Conran and Partners.
Photography by Phil Boorman.









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